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The Two Minute Drill

Football fans know all about the prevent defense. The saying goes that the only thing the prevent defense prevents is winning.

The other thing football fans know about trying to sit on a big lead is that very often offensive mastery you displayed while amassing a big lead vanish as the team attempts to run out the clock. Last year's New England Patriots were often derided by opposing fans for running up the scores in their victories on the way to an 18-0 record before loosing to the New York Giants in the Super Bowl. Bill Belichick knows all about the dangers of sitting on leads, and he deliberately stuck with his "pass early, pass often" offense in the face of occasional criticism and injured pride on the opposing bench to keep his team sharp and focused last season.

It's probably worth noting that while ads for Obama are nearly omnipresent, he's not been nearly as effective as he was in September and early October. McCain, on the other hand, has winnowed down the number of tangents his campaign was taking and focus on just a few key issues on the mind of the electorate, the economy, and Barrack Obama's tax and spend plans. Obama's team, from all appearances, seems to be attempting to cruise to victory - taking no chances, not wanting to make a mistake, and basically playing it safe.

McCain, perhaps due to circumstance or maybe by design has attempted to throw more "hail mary's" in the closing weeks. They haven't all been successful, but the successes are beginning to resonate in a way that only occurs when a strategy has time to grow from an idea into a meme.

For example, did you know that polling today show McCain more trusted than Obama on the economy? That's what Rasmussen said yesterday. It's fairly clear that the pounding on the "socialism" of Obama's tax plans, the "spread the wealth" quote, Joe the Plumber, etc. has shifted the electorate on this issue.

The better news for McCain is that you can't, as Obama will find out, just turn these things on and off; they need time to be planted and grow. For Obama it's too late to bring a new issue to the table and make it stick. He may be able to retread something, but he's essentially left with the message he's put out to this point. That's been good enough to this point, the real question is whether it can stand up against the steady erosion in his support and lead.

And by the way a group not associated with McCain, The National Republican Trust, will be running $6.5 million dollars of adds this weekend that rehash some of Obama's major negatives. The Reverend Wright spot specifically is one that has a chance to resonate because it's a retread reminder for voters, especially the 1 in 7 voters who pollsters say are still persuadable.

As Obama's machine attempt to hold onto the ball and run out the clock, the naturally comfortable as underdog McCain campaign is throwing bombs.

Tuesday we will find out scored often enough to take the lead in the final minutes of the game.


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We all know that this type ... (Below threshold)

We all know that this type of exercise was carried out by the Kerry/Edwards campaign back in 2004. They were also ahead in the polls the last week of the campaign. Hell the drive bys had them already have won the race by doing cooked eixt polls. We all know the outcome of that race. Even back then, the drive by media was in the tank for Kerry/Edward, but not as blatantly as they are for the Obama/Biden ticket.

In fact, this election is not only a referendum on the Obama/Biden ticket, it is also a referendum on the drive by media. When Obama goes down in flames on Tuesday, so will the drive by media go with them. That would not hurt my feelings at all.

Yea, my vote is for McCain ... (Below threshold)

Yea, my vote is for McCain but its more than that. It's a vote against the media -- I just can't wait to see what they do if McCain.

I think a McCain win is VERY possible -- It's all about voter turn out so volunteer and Get Out the Vote! Make sure everyone you know is voting (well at least anyone you know that's voting for M/P) and don't let anyone get discouraged by the polls. Remind people Obama is supposedly up 11 in Iowa and still finds it necessary to campaign there.

If this is the case, McCain... (Below threshold)

If this is the case, McCain in a landslide

David Jeffers








I'm voting for McCain becau... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

I'm voting for McCain because the Democrats were unable to put fourth a qualified candidate once again. I worry about many of McCain's initiatives, such as taxing health care benefits, doubling the per child tax exemption, and his carbon tax scheme. However, the Democrats are still going to control congress and they are going to be so pissed off that almost nothing is going to get done for the next four years unless it's truly a bipartisan issue. That's the good part. The bad part is that liberals will continue their anti-Bush offensive, but against McCain. By 2012 McCain will be too old and too politically damaged to win a second term, but likely he won't realize it. You can bet Hillary will be back and this time she would have proof that Obama can't win.

Usually on election night I just go to bed my normal time and watch the results the next day. If it looks like McCain is going to win then I'm loading up my shotgun and joining up with the neighborhood posse just in case some of Obama's thugs come looking to exact retribution. Given the biased polls, it's going to look like McCain ripped off the election somehow, so people had better prepare to defend themselves or be victims.

If Obama wins, then no need to worry on election night or the days after. Conservatives are by their nature law abiding and once McCain graciously concedes, it will all be over. I'll go to the gun shop and pick up a few more assault rifles and cases of ammo as an investment. This stuff will be worth it's weight in gold once liberals are back in charge.

loosing?Grade: B-<... (Below threshold)
The Professor:


Grade: B-

Wouldn't it be funny if McC... (Below threshold)

Wouldn't it be funny if McCain turned out to be the Repubs Harry Truman?






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