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Was he an Obama or McCain supporter?

Election delays Florida style.

A suicidal squirrel caused delays for early voters when it knocked out power for about 800 customers, including the Indian River County Library and Courthouse.

Elections officials say early voting was slowed - but not stopped - at the library on Thursday. Voters were still able to cast their ballots by flashlight.

Officials say a squirrel leaped from a tree onto a power line, causing a fire that tripped an electrical switch, knocking out a power line feeding a section of Vero Beach.

The dead squirrel was found lying on the ground.

Early voting continued as usual after power was restored. It was out for about an hour and a half.

I wonder if anyone will sue the squirrel's estate claiming they were disenfranchised. Don't you just love the Sunshine State?


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Comments (7)

Squirrel was probably an Ob... (Below threshold)

Squirrel was probably an Obama supporter.

No, clearly a Naderite.... (Below threshold)

No, clearly a Naderite.

Squirrel was an Obama suppo... (Below threshold)

Squirrel was an Obama supporter that was thrown onto the powerlines by evilRove.

Speaking of a man who has achieved mythic status...


Thanks for the laugh, Bill,... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the laugh, Bill, and hope you're feeling great today!
I think it was an Obama trained squirrel.
His voters will declare afterward that they couldn't see well enough to clearly mark the ballot, and, of course, proObama Republicans couldn't either.
Voila! Disenfranchisement for media fodder.

Please no one tell me the s... (Below threshold)

Please no one tell me the squirrel was looking for ACORN

Tommorrows NYT headline:</p... (Below threshold)
Brian The Adequate:

Tommorrows NYT headline:

McCain uses suicide squads to supress voters in Florida

He was slaughtered by a McC... (Below threshold)

He was slaughtered by a McCain voter before he could vote. Another newly registered ACORN voter bites the dust. Expect rabid PETA marches at the polling stations nation wide.






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