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Life in Florida XIV

More craziness from The Sunshine State

Publicity stunt. Election supervisor turns down request for nude polling place.

Blind as a bat. 4'10 220 lb prostitute wannabe arrested.

Did they take batteries also? Couple steals vibrator and glide lotion.

Disenfranchised. Audit shows only 27% of overseas military absentee ballots actually counted.

Helping hand. Paramedic accused of stealing $300 from patient.

That's not nice. 12-year-old boy charged with battery for allegedly urinating on classmate.


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"turns down request for nud... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

"turns down request for nude polling place."

Doesn't the bureaucracy sometimes just chap both sets of cheeks.

I want to be an official poll observer at this site. But, I will reserve to right to close my eyes, at times.






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