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Where's the cheese?

Less is more according to McDonald's.

McDonald's is planning to replace its Double CheeseBurger with a new sandwich called the McDouble.

The new cheeseburger will be a little less cheesy, with two beef patties but only one slice of cheese. Analysts estimate that the McStingy will cost about six cents less to make -- combined with the company's plan to raise the price to about the dollar mark, it could spell increased profitability for the chain.

"We want our customers to know they can depend on McDonald's to provide the everyday value and convenience they've come to expect, every time they visit our restaurants," said Greg Watson, vice president of marketing at McDonald's USA. "These recommended changes will ensure we continue to satisfy our customers' tastes and wallets."

Raised price for less product is better for customer's wallets? Nothing new really, I been seeing this in stores for some time. McDonald's is just a rare company that will admit what they are doing.

Hat tip- Don Surber


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If it led to a significant ... (Below threshold)

If it led to a significant lessening of calories, I'd be all for it. I don't eat there, but I deal with the results of obesity every day.

Bill,It's not that... (Below threshold)
superg Author Profile Page:


It's not that McDonald's is saying the McDouble is a better value than what it's replacing. Rather it's a better value than nothing at all. That's how they're "continuing to satisfy..." With higher food prices generally and a higher minimum wage nationally the double cheeseburger is simply uneconomic to sell. Rather than sell nothing, McDonald's is finding something that is economic to sell. That's innovation. That's capitalism. That's what companies do.

Around here, the double che... (Below threshold)

Around here, the double cheeseburger is going for $1.19. So they're going to take off a slice of cheese and price it at a dollar?

Shrug. Seems to me they'd be losing money on the deal.

Bill, be careful after your... (Below threshold)

Bill, be careful after your heart problems. I used to love McDonald's myself, and used to eat a whole bag of their cheeseburgers every day when I had my TV shop near a McDonald's,
but my heart problems got so serious and only improved dramatically after I got on an all vegan diet and never eat any meat, cheese, eggs, etc. Even my heart drugs such Nitroglycerin or calcium channel blockers, etc., just never worked even half as well as changing my diet.

My heart problems were once so serious that even a little pat of butter had me with severe angina and chest pains within two hours, and my erratic double heart beat even returned to normal with my all vegan diet.

The fact of the matter is some foods are just plain dangerous to some persons with heart problems and only narrow the blood flow to the heart or even risk a future stroke. You slowly get used to the vegan diet. Plenty of vegan foods taste great, although I know that animal products seem to have some higher level of satisfaction.

A few years ago McDonalds c... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

A few years ago McDonalds came out with the McLean a vegetrain burger it didnt go very well so they dropped it so i do hope this dose very good and tell the wheat germ inhaling heath freaks and especialy that idiot RALPH NADER to GO TAKE A HIKE

Paul Hooson - Or maybe if y... (Below threshold)

Paul Hooson - Or maybe if you had exercised a little self-control and eaten McDonald's in moderation, say one cheeseburger a week, then you could still be enjoying them. A bag of chesseburgers everyday? Anybody could have told you that was going to be bad for you.

AS for the new McDouble: I've been waiting for an increase in price or a decrease in value ever since the minimum wage was increased. Out here in Missouri, we can still buy the Double Cheeseburger for $1, but when their minimum wage costs increased to $6.50, I knew it was only a matter of time.

I ate McDonald's presurgey ... (Below threshold)

I ate McDonald's presurgey like 3 times a year. Haven't been to MCD since my operation. If I want a burger, there's a great new place four miles from the house, called Lindbergers. I get that at most once a week. They make real cheeseburgers.

really, who eats at that na... (Below threshold)

really, who eats at that nasty ____-hole anyway? There are so many better places you could go to eat.

Raised price for l... (Below threshold)
Raised price for less product is better for customer's wallets?

Yeah, those dumb "light" candy bars, too. All you get is less candy for the same price. What's the point?

The double cb was one of th... (Below threshold)

The double cb was one of the great values in fast food going (and Wendy's at least temporarily dropped it's "double stack" price to 99¢ in response I think). So if McD finds it necessary to make some adjustments to keep it economic to serve, so be it.
Besides, breakfast at the arches is the only reason to go there.

McDonalds is profitable onl... (Below threshold)

McDonalds is profitable only because it owns its own distribution chain and sells lots of soda. (Soda is profit.) But they have to cover the cost of minimum wage somehow, and inflation quick on its heels.

And with an Obama presidency, the reduction in oil costs we've been seeing will end as well.






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