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For your Sunday viewing satisfaction- True Lies

I turned on the television early this morning and saw that TNT has 'True Lies' with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis on. A good not great action movie, its a little far fetched for a genre that far fetched is the norm not the exception.

People who don't particularly like Florida may rejoice in the movie. Particularly the parts where the Miami skyline and 7-mile bridge were shown being destroyed.

IMHO the best part of the movie is the fight between Curtis and Tia Carrere in the beat seat of a limo as it careens out of control. Nasty, short but fast moving, and only slightly helped(Yeah right. Just say it Bill, you love Tia. Jamie is all right too) by it being a knockdown drag out fight between two very hot ladies.

I found a You tube video of the scene. Hope Wizbang readers enjoy it.


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I certainly agree that this... (Below threshold)

I certainly agree that this is not a great film, but is still real entertaining as are most Arnold Schwarzenegger action(not comedy) films. But incidentally, I find the sexy bedroom dance of Jamie Lee Curtis as one of my favorite moments in this film. Got my juices flowing.

TRUE LIES worked real well because it combined plenty of big budget action scenes with a few lighthearted moments and a little romance to even satisfy female viewers as well. Certainly good enough entertainment for popcorn eating in a relaxed living room.

I'm watching it right now. ... (Below threshold)

I'm watching it right now. I'm fond of the scene where Arnold is "trying out" the sports care while car salesman Bill Paxton blathers on about his female conquests. He begins to describe Arnold's wife(Curtis) like a country boy relaying a peep-show, and Arnold back-swings a punch into Paxton and breaks his nose into his skull out of rage, killing him. Well he's just imagining this and the camera cuts back to Paxton still laughing his as* off. Paxton is a very funny creepy salesman.

LaMedusa, indeed it is scen... (Below threshold)

LaMedusa, indeed it is scenes such as the one that you described that combined action with comedy that made this film such a box office success with both men and women. Paxton indeed had his creepo role real well honed here.

For my money, Paxton unfortunately reminds me of way too many swarmy salesmen that I've met in my own lifetime.

My late dad and mother both liked this show very much as well. They were both big movie fans. God bless 'em.

If you think about what thi... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

If you think about what this person wants to do for our national defense, our energy policy, our economic policy, and social-economic stability: it makes you want to cringe.

He is an OK person for Chicago-style politics, but this country does not need another Jimmy Carter in a Superman outfit.

Sorry, I meant to post that... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Sorry, I meant to post that comment on the preceding article. About BHO.
It was a long night....

Good show. This... (Below threshold)

Good show.

This clip though doesnt show the scary part for me ...the part where my heart takes a leap...what can be scene from the helicopter.

Bill, the girls fighting in... (Below threshold)

Bill, the girls fighting in the back seat is not the best part of the movie.

I think this is a great mov... (Below threshold)

I think this is a great movie, but it's one of those that I simply CAN NOT WATCH because I know what is coming.

Curtis's character is so... she wants the adventure so badly. I don't find the "funny" parts all that funny, because it's the sort of funny (except for the lipstick and similar gags) where you have to laugh so you don't cry. Or maybe I just identified a wee bit to much with her character. :-)






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