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My New Favorite Video of the Campaign

TOO CUTE! Just saw this at Ace of Spades and can't say it has overtaken Piper Palin's spit combing of Trig's hair at the convention, but it may have tied it.

UPDATE: Someone in the comments (name withheld to protect from embarrassment) compared Piper Palin spit combing Trig's hair to Paul Wolfowitz' hair grooming in Fahrenheit 911. That is so seriously sick that I had to repost the Piper video. Watch it people. It is pure love, and definitely not comparable to an old man with a slimy hair tonic coif. Have you guys not heard the jokes your entire life about the magic healing powers of mom spit? Piper was playing mommy, pure and simple. Nothing political about, just like the little Trick or Treater above playing Palin with a non-political "You betcha." No creepy brainwashed singing of praises to an all powerful leader who is going to change the world and stop the ocean's tides. Some things are just cute, pure and simple. It would have been cute if one of Obama's daughters did the same to a baby sibling. Some of you need to seriously lighten up and enjoy life.


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Comments (26)

I love that little girl! I'... (Below threshold)

I love that little girl! I'm voting for Piper in 2044. I actually got to shake Todd's hand and told him that I love Piper and to say hi to her. He looked at me and smiled and said "she's my boss"! Don't we all know it?

This is just ADORABLE!... (Below threshold)

This is just ADORABLE!

(And I'm jealous of Scoopa... LOL)

Wasn't Halloween on Friday?... (Below threshold)

Wasn't Halloween on Friday?

Very scary!

As adorable as this child i... (Below threshold)

As adorable as this child is, I wish parents would stop using their children for political purposes.

"Piper Palin's spit combing... (Below threshold)

"Piper Palin's spit combing of Trig's hair" -- Lorie Byrd

Damn, you conservatives are taught as children to put saliva in OTHER PEOPLE'S HAIR??? HOW DISGUSTING!!!

I am quickly reminded of being in a packed audience and hearing notable gasps of "Eeeeww!" upon watching Paul Wolfowitz (the corrupt Republican who got kicked out of the World Bank) doing the same thing with his own hair:


(from the movie, Fahrenheit 911: The Temperature at which Republicans Burn the Truth).

Herman,Children lo... (Below threshold)


Children love to copy their parents esp. little girls. This is cute because each of us with children know that it not political but family and most know that her being able to act like mom is endearing.
Piper more happy wright now than you can believe.

So let us just enjoy.

Forget the kids Herman, alo... (Below threshold)

Forget the kids Herman, alot of adult liberals I see around here in this city don't even groom themselves at all.

DaveD -Comb? Brus... (Below threshold)

DaveD -

Comb? Brush? Soap? Man, it's just another way the establishment controls you! Rebel against the system, man! There's nothin' wrong with the way you smell after a few weeks without a bath - you'll never even notice it! And lice are just nature's way of tickling you, man, they're GOOD for ya!

As adorable as this chil... (Below threshold)

As adorable as this child is, I wish parents would stop using their children for political purposes.

I completely agree with you Oyster. I can't stand it when I see little kids who are used like this.

Of course people on this site think it's just fine, because the kid is dressed up as Palin. If it was some kid being used to support Obama/Biden (which definitely happens, and is something that I disagree with just as much), the Wizbangers would be all over it.

Funny how politics can cloud judgment...

Sorry, RA. You are wrong a... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Sorry, RA. You are wrong about me, but right about how politics can cloud judgment -- evidently they have clouded yours to the point that you can't see the difference between creepy and cute.

Last night when I posted this I was thinking about how a little boy dressed like McCain or Obama or Biden would be cute too and was trying to think of cute catch phrases. If this kid was being brainwashed to recite some hope change mantra or sing songs of praise to the great leader McCain/Palin, I would find it creepy. This is a little girl dressed up for Halloween saying a a cute catch phrase that is absolutely devoid of politics. "You betcha" Yeah that is really indoctrination there. Geez guys. Get a grip. And a sense of humor. If Obama wins big like the polls suggest at least some of the sourpusses on the left might lighten up a bit. One can only hope. I'll believe it when I see it.

Anyone who could say "eeeww... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Anyone who could say "eeeww" to the Piper Palin video must not have had a mother? Ever heard about mom spit and how it can cure anything? I've heard comedians tell jokes about that for my entire life. That Piper Palin video is the most adorable thing I've seen in a while. It was pure love. When my husband and I watched the convention and saw it live, we both melted. And would have if it had been one of the Obama girls. Watch it again if you doubt it. I heard some in the media were repulsed by it, but they must have been childless because it was pure love, and to compare what Piper did to and old man with a slimy hair tonic do is beyond sick.

I'll dig up the video and post for those who missed it.

RA,Get a grip. Like ... (Below threshold)

Get a grip. Like Lorie said, it was Halloween. If you paid any attention at all the past couple of weeks, Sarah Palin was gonna be one of the most popular "costumes" this year.

LorieAgain, if the... (Below threshold)


Again, if the shoe was on the other foot, you would be the first to spit bile. It is mildly amusing, if your sense of humour lends itself to the saccharine, other than that it is just disturbing.

But once again, I love the impartiality!

Please keep the children ou... (Below threshold)

Please keep the children out of this!

And James, I am just loving... (Below threshold)

And James, I am just loving your impartiality. And I am glad you know my heart James. Sorry, but you are wrong too. About as wrong as wrong can be. I said if I saw a cute kid dressed like Obama or Biden or McCain I would have said the same thing and I was even talking to someone I showed the video to last night about cute catch phrases for them, but you don't believe me so why bother reading me?

If you find me full of bile and disturbing, then why on earth are you reading me? Life is short. Too damn short. Definitely too short to fill your mind with what you consider disturbing bile. That's why I don't read Kos or watch Michael Moore. Unfortunately I have to read at least some of my comments, and the thought that nasty people hang out here and would insult someone for posting a video of a cute kid is what is disturbing to me.

Man, woman, white, black, r... (Below threshold)

Man, woman, white, black, republican, democrat....no matter...I will NEVER, EVER, vote for a candidate that openly says Americans who cling to their religion are pitiful. Without our beliefs, which are our own (for now), we have nothing. How do you feel when you realize your parent is going to survive a heart attack? Or when a close one survives cancer? Or when you get in an accident and everyone is fine? Or even when you wake up able to walk and breath every day? You have a belief that you cling to, to each his own, but you have something that guides you and helps you through each difficult time. To Michelle Obama I say, "If your husband is elected President of this United States, for the FIRST time in MY LIFE, I will be ASHAMED of America."

For all the "I wish they'd ... (Below threshold)

For all the "I wish they'd stop using their kids for political purposes" comments...

If they did not bring the kids, then you'd want to know who's watching them instead of the parents and dissing them for not being good parents.

It's a no win with you liberals!

Come on! If a little boy d... (Below threshold)

Come on! If a little boy dressed like Obama or McCain for Halloween, I would think it was adorable. If there are videos out there like that, let's see 'em!

This is very cute! What is... (Below threshold)
pasr demo:

This is very cute! What is wrong with a young child to have a positive female role model as Sara Palin. Palin is a brilliant and entelligent member of her party, who has accomplished more in her short life than many of us. Maybe this society is so embedded in the bad rock stars role models that they can not discern right from wrong.

I think the little girl dre... (Below threshold)
just me:

I think the little girl dressed up is cute, and at her age I am sure she could have protested, if she chose to. And it isn't creepy in the same sense that the singing kids are creepy.

Shoot my family has jokingly referred to my 5'4" petite 15 year old daughter as a Palin wanna be, because she loves hunting and shooting (she is actually a better shot than my husband) and is known as "killer" on her high school soccer team (which is co-ed but competes in the boys division). She is also a very smart young lady and plays the flute in her high school band like Palin. If we had thought about it, she might have considered dressing up like Palin, but my daughter probably would have preferred the parka wearing, moose hunting version, so she would have had to leave the gun and knife at home.

She is so adorable. I re... (Below threshold)

She is so adorable. I remember seeing her in older footage where she is leaning up against something with her arms folded. Very drawing to her charisma. I wonder if she will go into politics when she is older.

Pure and guileless that chi... (Below threshold)

Pure and guileless that child is, unlike those who would find fault in her. The Palin family is All-American, as are the McCain family. The Obama family is..., well, what it is. Joe Biden is still telling lies that slander and libel the man killed in the auto accident in which Mrs. Biden and her child died. Biden tells it that the man was a drunk driver, when in fact he was sober and driving along minding his own business when a distracted Mrs. Biden ran a stop sign. The man's surviving family has suffered for years under the shadow this often-told and repeated-by-the-media lie. Talk about using your family members for personal advancement, Sarah Palin can't hold a candle to Obama/Biden.

I feel sorry for Herman. Cl... (Below threshold)

I feel sorry for Herman. Clearly he never had a mother or loved one to take care of him. No wonder he is so bitter, angry and flat out vile.

I've got to confess that th... (Below threshold)

I've got to confess that this election also has me acting out of character and it horrifies and disappoints me about myself. I'm asking God to forgive me for it and help me move forward, whatever this election's outcome. I know it won't happen overnight and that I'm His work in progress. However, in all of my angst, I've maintained that little children are wholely innocent. That includes Obama's little girls, whom I personally think are gorgeous, even though I don't care one whit about either of their parents. I look at them and say to myself, "Please don't turn them into little Marxist monsters." No, wives as far as I'm concerned are fair game since they act as "first lady," but the babies are most definitely off limits no matter which politician they belong to.

The liberals had better kee... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

The liberals had better keep their hands off the child

sxqodt lsjw... (Below threshold)

sxqodt lsjw






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