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Good news you won't hear anywhere else

Did you know US deaths in Iraq during October were at their lowest monthly total ever? From Stars and Stripes-

October's U.S. death toll in Iraq matched the lowest monthly total of the war, with 13 deaths -- seven in combat -- reported by the Defense Department.

The earlier low came in July of this year, as security improvements throughout the country translated into lowered violence targeted at U.S. troops.

The Pentagon figures for October mark the first time in the war that no U.S. combat deaths were reported in Iraq's capital, Baghdad. The two Baghdad deaths were reported as nonhostile.

Probably not. The media wouldn't want this to get too much play days before the Presidential election.

Hat tip- GI at ROK Drop


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I knew that. But then again... (Below threshold)

I knew that. But then again, I'm here in Iraq. We can't get the media to come out and cover any stories at all. Not enough bad news for them. They say that they are coming and never show up. A reporter from Stars and Stripes was here for a few weeks. I'll post some links.



<a href="http://www.stripes... (Below threshold)
Of course they won't report... (Below threshold)

Of course they won't report it. They are too busy touting how troop casualties in Afghanistan are up compared to Iraq.

Why are our news outlets so concerned with our troops making progress in their missions?

Rick13, thank you for your service and the information. I appreciate you making the world a safer place for my children to live in.

only 13 soldiers needlessly... (Below threshold)

only 13 soldiers needlessly died for bu$hs fraudulent war in iraq?

that IS good news......... but it should be ZERO

Thank you rick13Good... (Below threshold)

Thank you rick13
Good to hear US troop deaths are down.

Zero? Are you saying that ... (Below threshold)

Zero? Are you saying that there will be zombies military with the Democrats in control? That's is so cool.... IDIOT!!!

wow alex, you managed to to... (Below threshold)

wow alex, you managed to totally misunderstand a very simple concept. lemme guess, mccain voter??


Actually, on the 30th, CBS ... (Below threshold)

Actually, on the 30th, CBS reported that the U.S. had had no combat deaths in Baghdad up to that date in October.

pea[brain]3000 - "that ... (Below threshold)

pea[brain]3000 - "that IS good news......... but it should be ZERO"

Gee, peabrain only commented twice in this thread....

that IS good news......... but it should be ZERO!

Peabrain must not have much... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Peabrain must not have much knowledge of the military, or live anywhere near a military base, or know anyone in the military. I live in a state with Camp Lejeune, Seymore Johnson, Cherry Point, Ft. Bragg, Pope and New River all within about a 2 hour drive. We used to hear about deaths in military training accidents from time to time. Helicopters going down, etc. I haven't heard one of those reports in years because so many of the troops are deployed.

My point is that being in the military comes with danger even in peace time. My husband was on one "float" in which 13 Marines/sailors were killed. Some fell off of aircraft, some went overboard, some walked into propellers, some committed suicide. There was no big story about it. That stuff happens.

There have of course been many more killed and injured during the war, but that is why it is called war.

As for not hearing much about this good news from Iraq, don't worry. After the election I have a feeling the news will mysteriously get reported all of a sudden. Probably not until February or so though. Don't know why, but I just get the feeling that is how it's gonna work.






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