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How I'm Voting

Well, in about 24 hours, the polls will be opening, and this whole silliness that has been a national obsession for at least a couple of years will be over.

Until the next time.

Anyway, now that we're in the home stretch, I'm formally setting in my mind just which candidates will get my vote -- and, in many cases, which won't.

This is a historic election for me. For the first time in my life that I can remember, I'm going to vote a straight party ticket.

Ironically, this is also the first year that New Hampshire won't have straight-ticket voting available. So I'll be going down the list and voting for the Republican each and every time.

But I won't be registering as a Republican. I don't like being taken for granted, and don't like the thought of being affiliated with any political party.

At the top of the ticket, it should come as no great surprise that I'll be voting for John McCain and Sarah Palin. I've made my distrust and disapproval of Barack Obama and Joe Biden abundantly clear, and I will NOT be party to putting them in office. John McCain has never been my first choice (at one point, he was even tied with Obama around 4th in my list of preferences), but whether or not he's the best man for the job is irrelevant. It's a simple binary equation: are McCain and Palin better than Obama and Biden? It is my judgment that they are.

In the Senate race between incumbent John E. Sununu and former Governor Jeanne Shaheen (a rematch from 2002), I'm very tempted to dump Sununu. His father (former governor and chief of staff to the first President Bush) is one of the most arrogant pricks I've ever encountered. Hell, for years he embodied the "arrogant rich" wing of the New Hampshire GOP that helped keep me out of that party. (The other wing is the "arrogant stupid.") And I have a personal grievance against the Sununu children that dates back to high school. (Long story, somewhat stupid.)

But Sununu has been a pretty damned good senator. He was one of the few who foresaw the problems that eventually led to the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and he tried to save them -- but was thwarted by the concerted efforts of the Democrats in Congress. He also has been a fairly good supporter of President Bush, but disagreed and challenged him when he thought it was necessary. So I'm willing to give him a second term.

In the House, it's no question. Paul Hodes, the freshman Democrat, has been a complete and utter drone for Nancy Pelosi. His challenger, Jennifer Horn, is a former newspaper columnist and talk-show host who has some pretty good ideas. So she gets my vote.

For governor, I voted for Governor Lynch in 2006 and 2004. Not this time. He's overseen an explosive growth in state spending that sent the budget up over 16% in a single year, and given us our first deficit in lord knows how long. So I'm voting to kick him out on his ass.

Likewise, the Democrats took the legislature in 2006 and bulled through those spending hikes. I was mad at the Republicans in 2004 and 2006, because they had grown too complacent and smug (the "arrogant rich" and "arrogant stupid" had blended into an "arrogant, stupid, and sometimes rich" miasma of idiocy) and needed a "time-out" to learn their lessons. I dunno if they have, but I have learned mine.

I have no idea how any of these elections will turn out. As far as I'm concerned, all the races boil down to 50-50 -- either one candidate will win, or the other.

But when it all starts to come out tomorrow night, I will know that I voted as dictated by my heart, my head, and my conscience. And I urge everyone else to do the same.

Let the chips fall where they may.


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Comments (18)

Until next time... (Below threshold)
Brian The Adequate:

Until next time

Whether one is a hard core right winger, committed leftist, pragmatic moderate or poo flinging troll. I think most of us can agree on a simple proposition................

Any politician who states, implies or allows their supporters to discuss running for president in 2012 before April 1, 2011 should be flogged on the national mall

Jay I think your ballot is ... (Below threshold)
just me:

Jay I think your ballot is going to look a lot like mine. Although I like Sununu as a senator-for one thing he will vote with his principles against party line something I am convinced Shaheen will not do and Hodes has proven he can't.

It always seems to come dow... (Below threshold)

It always seems to come down to the lesser of the two evils. Imagine an election where both candidates are so good you can make up your mind who the vote for!!!! I too, will vote for McCain/Palin...they are far, far better then the other two. I agree with you about belonging to a party. I usually spilt my ticket. But this year it will be straight Republican...only because I think the democrats have sold out to the FAR left. I don't mind the left...everyone has good ideas at some point in time. But I abhor extremes.

In these darkest of days fo... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

In these darkest of days for conservatives there is some good news, one of McCains key advisers and idol to the right, the political genius Joe the Plumber has signed up with a PR firm in Nashville for a book or music project.

The PR firm also handles Grand Funk Railroad and Eddie Money.

It's a shame that Bush does... (Below threshold)

It's a shame that Bush doesn't have a fraction of the communication skills as Sununu. This whole mess of an election would have been avoided since Bush could not convince the public on anything he did. Not saying McCain would win but the Bush clone argument would not be playing and the election would be about issues.

Anyway... my vote is basically how yours is besides a different Congress district where Bradley has a better chance than Horn. Don't like that guy much either but he's better than the SF style liberal Porter.

Come Inauguration Day in Ja... (Below threshold)

Come Inauguration Day in January, New Hampshire will be sending but a single Republican to the U.S. Congress, Mr. Tea. Conservatives, you have often gleefully pointed out how unpopular Congress is. Well, tomorrow The American People are going to do something about that problem. They'll be replacing a substantial amount of Republican Senators and Representatives with Democrats. Excellent solution, right, conservatives?
Judgment Day is nigh, conservatives; it's about to hit you like a hard slap in the face.

I have to make one revision... (Below threshold)

I have to make one revision to the above piece: John H. Sununu is now the 2nd most arrogant prick I've ever encountered. Herman, you've dethroned the king.

And you're partially right about "Judgment Day." It's for America, and the guy with NO judgment whatsoever -- Barack Obama -- just might win the whole shebang. And then the whole nation will get that "hard slap in the face."


this whole silliness tha... (Below threshold)

this whole silliness that has been a national obsession for at least a couple of years will be over.

Until the next time.

Which should be roughly February 2009.

There have been a few times... (Below threshold)

There have been a few times I have disagreed with McCain. There have been others where I quite agreed. But never have I called his honor into question. On the other hand, I can't think of a time that I've agreed with Obama except for the times he's expressed two opposing opinions of the same issue and I agreed with one. The problem has always been wondering which opposing opinion *he* really agreed with.

I'll be voting with McCain. And I'll be voting again for Ander Crenshaw. Crenshaw hasn't been a dynamic or outspoken rep, but he's always been thoughtful and careful about his decisions and seriously takes into consideration the wishes of his constituents. I've spoken to him on numerous occasions and he's always demonstrated genuine concern about others' opinions. He's always made himself available to his constituents, rather than hiding as some do. Over the years I've gotten several invitations to lunches and gatherings for an opportunity to meet with him. I like that. Face time with your rep is important.
As far as Herman goes, one can only hope that, in the event that McCain wins, Herman is already bidding with Travelocity on air fare to Canada where he can cavort in chocolate streams and candy cane fields with Hyper.

And I love the way he constantly uses the term "conservatives" as an abusive or invective epithet. I believe he only does it to make himself feel better. It's childish and asinine.

Way to go Jay, I won't regi... (Below threshold)

Way to go Jay, I won't register Republican for the exact same reason you state.

But this election, it's got to be country first, R all the way. Something that is clear, the Marxist Democrats don't give a hoot about the country, like all dictatorial factions, it's all about them and power. Always ends the same, badly.

The part I like, your library card is safe. That's about the depth of critical thinking and reasoning for the average Dimocrat voter.

As I said last week, I vote... (Below threshold)

As I said last week, I voted early. I went to the poll three different times but the line was too long. I finally got there at 6:30a and I was 50th in line. I can say I live in a very strong conservative area. The base woke up, that is for sure. What it does in the long run we shall see tomorrow night. One thing that is glaring is the unchanged undecided voters. The number doesn't reduce as we approach election day. I voted R all the way. ww

Send THIS link to everyone ... (Below threshold)

Send THIS link to everyone you know...especially if they are in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virinia, West Virginia or Colorado


Obama, in HIS OWN WORDS, describing how he will GUT the coal industry!

Every word he said in those States I listed above has been a LIE as it relates to his supposed "support for coal".


Still haven't learned. You'... (Below threshold)

Still haven't learned. You'll take your neanderthal opinions and fears to the political grave with you. McCain is a piss-poor excuse for a candidate - not just due to his campaign.

His ideas are antiquated. He's completely sold out to the extreme right of the republican party - and, despite the protests from this pathetic website - that mindset is no longer acceptable to the majority of Americans. It barely was before.

The ultra-right will be justifiably sidelined after this election. Once you people began apologizing for Bush - who is without question the worst President this country has ever had - you became insignificant.

Hey Jay Tea, Just happened ... (Below threshold)

Hey Jay Tea, Just happened to be driving by as a sign was being pulled out of the ground in front of a business who support Republicans.But it happen today as well with the media and police right behind her. Employee saw a car pull up and put a Carol Shea-Porter sign in the ground and within minutes he pulled it out and there she is the witness it . Sounds like a sting to me to get more votes

"...I voted as dictated by ... (Below threshold)

"...I voted as dictated by my heart, my head, and my conscience."

Good, but how about we put head and conscience a little higher on the list?

At least you didn't say "feelings"!

They'll be replacing a s... (Below threshold)

They'll be replacing a substantial amount of Republican Senators and Representatives with Democrats.

Thus further lowering Congress' already abysmal approval rating.

"For governor, I voted for ... (Below threshold)

"For governor, I voted for Governor Lynch in 2006 and 2004. Not this time. He's overseen an explosive growth in state spending that sent the budget up over 16% in a single year, and given us our first deficit in lord knows how long. So I'm voting to kick him out on his ass."

Good grief, you mean to tell me you were dumb enough not to KNOW that Democrats DO THIS as a rule??? How stupid of you.

And it is no longer the 'rich' GOP -- it's the Dems who are the party of the rich.. both in campaigns and personal fortunes. Get a grip newbie! This is NH.

I, too, will take Senator ... (Below threshold)

I, too, will take Senator Sununu over Governor Shaheen. Sununu hasn't been bad at all. Shaheen isn't just a waste of air; she's ignorant and oblivious. (Of course, I'm considering campaigning against Senator Gregg, a POS who doesn't understand the Constitution.)

Rep. Shea-Porter is an embarrassment. I'm looking forward to voting against her, too.

Gov. Lynch increased spending 17.5% - for basically nothing - and doesn't have the guts to raise taxes to pay for it. Now we're in a huge financial crisis with big projects to pay for and no money coming in. I'll enjoy voting against him, too.

It would be really nice if the Democratic Party in NH could find some people to run for office who are actually capable of learning and aren't toxic to the state. Obviously, it's too much to hope for.

For the Presidential election, I'd like to vote for the person who will defend the Constitution. One guy doesn't understand the document, and the other doesn't respect it. Both seem to actively dislike the most important parts - the parts that protect individual rights by limiting government. We have a choice between Fascism-lite and Democratic Socialism. Senator McCain could do a great deal of harm, and the GOP will be blamed for everything. Senator Obama could also do a great deal of harm, and he could do for the DNC what President Bush has done for the GOP - kill it.

I vote: present.






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