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Is Kim Jong-il a ghost?

Either that or the photo is the product of some very poor work with photoshop. Note the lack of shadows.

I'll leave it to readers to judge the photo's authenticity. Those lamposts also seem out of place.

Hat tip- Robert Elgin at Marmot's Hole


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Comments (23)

He seems out of proportion ... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

He seems out of proportion in the photo... Kim's a small bugger, so unless his minions there are Liliputions, I say Photoshop.

Faked. Unsurprising. I wond... (Below threshold)

Faked. Unsurprising. I wonder how long they'll keep him alive with photoshop after he assumes room temperature.

No shadows? The whole concr... (Below threshold)
mcg Author Profile Page:

No shadows? The whole concrete platform is under a shadow.

Does Obama cast a shadow? ... (Below threshold)

Does Obama cast a shadow? Aren't all Dear Leaders otherworldly figures?

If Obama loses will he be swept up into the heavens to find another world to grace with wonderfulness?

Kim like Hussein O is a god... (Below threshold)

Kim like Hussein O is a god and only cast a shadow when he wants to.

Looks like the platform is ... (Below threshold)

Looks like the platform is under a diffused shadow like a tent or an awning with fill-flash. Fill-flash will give you that unnatural "pop" if overdone. The highlights on the shoes and glasses are all consistent from one direction as well.

Obama doesn't have a shadow... (Below threshold)

Obama doesn't have a shadow. He creates shadows with His glowing aura as no light is bright enough to overcome Him.

I work with photoshop and p... (Below threshold)

I work with photoshop and photography for a living, and see nothing wrong here. The whole platform they are standing on is under shadow so they wouldn't be casting any of their own. And if you look to the left behind the other men you can see the manicured greens of athletic fields, which are referenced in the description, making the presence of all the lights not so odd. This is a stretch to say the least.

I just want to know why Kim... (Below threshold)

I just want to know why Kim's picking that guys nose.

D-Hoggs,You defini... (Below threshold)


You definitely have a point, but I still don't think the lighting on the figures matches that on the ground (even for a fill flash). Check out the slight shadow beneath the 2nd black-outfit official from the right, which looks to be running towards the southeast, and that underneath Kim Jong-Il, which appears to be moving NORTH-east. It doesn't add up, imho.

I'm a rookie, of course, so don't take my word for it alone. Know of any good PS filters that will emphasize the lighting so we can get a better feel for it?

(Bill J, I had this story yesterday! Why the no linky? :) )

Respectfully yours,
Brian/snapped shot

Brian I see what you're say... (Below threshold)

Brian I see what you're saying, I still just don't see anything odd. In my opinion, the sun is high in the sky, when the sun is high up like that, you will cast a shadow in several directions, and we don't know what is up above them that is keeping them all in a shadow either. Anyway, in my opinion, from working with just this kind of thing on a daily basis, I'm just not seeing it. That coupled with the fact that it's such a mundane photo to begin with makes it a stretch in my book. The "outline" around all the men that may make it seem like they are floating off the page a bit, is pretty run of the mill with a shot like that where they are all in a shadow, wearing black, and it is very bright behind them...even more so when the photographer most likely adjusts the levels of the photo.

Are those Maui Jim's?... (Below threshold)

Are those Maui Jim's?

Thanks for the insight, D. ... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the insight, D. Guess that's why I left it as a question yesterday.. :)


Hey, I could be wrong! But ... (Below threshold)

Hey, I could be wrong! But like I said, just my opinion, I don't see anything fishy. And the light posts, as mentioned before, it's an athletics complex. I seriously doubt some photos hopper would say, "you know what this needs...some random ass light posts!" I mean there would just be no need for it and a waste of time to add them in. Just don't think it would happen. They wouldn't serve any purpose for the supposed narrative of proving he's alive.

Using a photo analysis tool... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Using a photo analysis tool, which has been taken off the market, it appears the shadows are consistent within the context of the photo. However, Kim is wearing striped pants and only the official at the far end (with Kim's finger up his nose) is wearing black. Looking at the dynamic range of the red, green, and blue colors, I would say the photo was originally taken on film and then converted to digital format. The dynamic range of film is greater than can be represented by the commonly used "True Color" standard for digital photos, which is why the apparent underexposure of the subjects (pun intended).

It must be fake, because we... (Below threshold)

It must be fake, because we all know there is NO ELECTRICITY in North Korea at night to power those lamp posts!


Kim Jong-il has super power... (Below threshold)

Kim Jong-il has super powers. I'm sure you remember the time we were told he had 11 holes in one the very first time he played golf.

This is a recent, un-photos... (Below threshold)

This is a recent, un-photoshopped photo of Kim Jong Il. I was able to detect the subtle alterations by comparing it to the altered version released to the press by the North Korean propaganda weasels.

Cop a laugh. Maybe he's dead.

This is a recent, un-photos... (Below threshold)

This is a recent, un-photoshopped photo of Kim Jong Il. I was able to detect the subtle alterations by comparing it to the altered version released to the press by the North Korean propaganda weasels.

Cop a laugh.

I work in Photoshop all day... (Below threshold)

I work in Photoshop all day everyday. This is a composite. No shadows a the feet (Shot in shadow, full sunlite, flash, no flash) they all would have cast some kind of shadow. No dept of field....Background to foreground is in perfect razor sharp focus. Overall kinda cheesy. I wouldn't give the person who did this a job.

I don't know if his glasses... (Below threshold)

I don't know if his glasses are Maui Jim's or not, but with nothing else casting a shadow where they are standing how does the frame of his glasses cast a shadow. You can see it following the contour of his face.

Seriously mcgeek? They are ... (Below threshold)

Seriously mcgeek? They are in the shade, there would not necessarily be any shadows cast, whether it is some kind of eave overhang or clouds above them.

All of the people in the sh... (Below threshold)

All of the people in the shot are what I call floaters. Shadows anchor people and object to a surface. Solid objects block light--it is that simple, even if it ambient light. If I were to take a guess lighting for the shot comes from behind the camera. (Highlights in the clothes). They should a be casting strong shadows in that case.






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