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ABC Calls Ohio For Obama

No link, and no one else is currently making the same projection, but ABC is projecting Obama winning Ohio. With Pennsylvania off the map, McCain has to win Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Indiana, Iowa, etc.

As George Stephanopoulos notes there isn't a path to 270 for McCain without Ohio.


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Kevin,Fox called O... (Below threshold)


Fox called Ohio for Obama. I blogged about it before you.

Thanks for bailing me out.


So the American people are ... (Below threshold)

So the American people are doing to themselves what the Cuban people did in 1959 and the Venezuelan people did later. A man wrote over a hundred years ago that when people thought they could vote themselve everything from the government they would vote themselves back into servatude. Go ahead and do it. There will be no one to pull you out of it like the U.S. did for Europe. I only have a few years left but will laugh until the day I die as your life becomes more miserable day after day. And it will happen. Look at the map tomorrow. The Americans who work and keep the country going will have voted for McCain and all of the welfare riding cities will have voted for Hussein. When the workers quit, who will pay the slackers welfare?

Scrapiron, you're nuts!<... (Below threshold)

Scrapiron, you're nuts! Do you really believe that people will quit working to spite Obama? That the entire country will be shut down because people in South Carolina who earn $250,001 per year are going to be upset that their tax rate is increasing a few percentage points?

Don't stop, it's hilarious. No, it's adorable!

Hypie -It's been p... (Below threshold)

Hypie -

It's been proven that higher tax rates produce less revenue. I don't expect that to change under Obama.

But it'll be 'fair', right? Isn't that all that matters?

No, it's been proven that i... (Below threshold)

No, it's been proven that in certain cases, higher taxes reduce revenue. That's not a necessary connection. Revenues went up under FDR and LBJ. They went up under Reagan. So it's just more complicated than "less taxes good, more taxes bad". I'm not an economist, and unless you are, you have only what I do: an opinion.

Bush's economic policies are regarded as having failed. So, why not try something else? What would you suggest, even lower taxes?

Scrappy:Comparing ... (Below threshold)


Comparing this election with the events that went down in Cuba in 1959 is ridiculous. There is no comparison between this democratic election and a violent revolution that overthrew the dictator Batista 49 years ago.

I know you can't stand Obama. Fine. But please at least try to maintain a connection with reality when you vent your opinions.

RA, you're clearly in leagu... (Below threshold)

RA, you're clearly in league with the Communistocrats. You will be first against the wall when General Scrapochet comes a-knocking! :)

Hyper:Scrapochet!!... (Below threshold)



Where can I get the "Don't ... (Below threshold)
K in RI:

Where can I get the "Don't blame me, I voted for McCain" bumpersticker? I have a friend who is a physician in Michigan who will be going to his boss tomorrowing for a paycut.

I will be wearing black tomorrow...this is a sad day for democracy, our military, and our wish to protect the unborn.

I give Israel about 2 weeks... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I give Israel about 2 weeks before it starts bombing Iran.

Hypie -Lower taxes... (Below threshold)

Hypie -

Lower taxes? Certainly - why not? Drop taxes on businesses, that means they have money to expand, which means jobs are created.

Drop personal taxes, that means people will have more oney to spend. I know I'm going to pay income taxes, and I know that the 'stimulus packages' we've been given will essentially be paid out of that money. So I'm giving the government roughly $800 to get $600 back after all costs are paid.

How is that NOT a loss for me?

Why couldn't I just keep the $800 in the first place?

I hope this STUPID country ... (Below threshold)

I hope this STUPID country gets what is coming to it; and I don't intend to become a Socialist. I will never listen to, look at, acknowledge this fake as long as I live. (or hopefully smell him either)

Judith,Oh calm dow... (Below threshold)


Oh calm down. We are not going to become some socialist nation. We have, and will continue to have, a mixed economy. We have never had a pure capitalist system, just so you know.

Ever heard of NAFTA, the EPA, the postal service, the NTSB, government run airports, etc? Ya, that's part of the system that we have had for a long time...and if we had some kind of straight capitalist system, we would not have those kinds of government-run entities.

And the Republicans certainly were not proposing to ditch our mixed economy.

There are some pretty big differences between McCain and Obama, to be sure. But to resort to calling Obama a "socialist" is just lazy. Don't buy into all the rhetoric that you hear on the radio and see on TV.

Why couldn't I just keep... (Below threshold)

Why couldn't I just keep the $800 in the first place?

Good question.

retired military: that's ri... (Below threshold)

retired military: that's ridiculous. Obama will use his mind control powers to project tranquility over the whole of the Near and Middle East, and all will be well. Haven't you been paying attention? :)

JLawson, I understand the principles behind supply-side economics, but there is no empirical data to back it up. The middle class is hurting after eight years of that sort of thinking. The middle class was better off under Bill Clinton than George W. Bush. As for the stimulus packages, they're a stupid idea in principle, so I'm not sure what that has to do with Obama. Both parties supported handing out cheques to people to "stimulate" the economy while plundering the treasury.

Judith: agreed. Victory smells horrible.

"JLawson, I understand t... (Below threshold)

"JLawson, I understand the principles behind supply-side economics, but there is no empirical data to back it up."

That's because you're not going back to the 1980s, when it was actually applied. It hasn't been in use since.






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