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And So It Begins. . . .

From Townhall, A Repeat of 2004 Philly Voter Chaos, Fraud:

GOP Election Board members have been tossed out of polling stations in more than half a dozen polling stations in Philadelphia because of their party status.

A liberal judge previously ruled that court-appointed Republican poll watchers could be removed from their boards by an on-site election judge, citing their "minority" status as cause.

It is the duty of election board workers to monitor and guard the integrity of the voting process.

Those on site as describing it as "pandemonium" and there may be video coming of the chaos.

You understand that, correct? Poll watchers can be tossed from watching the polling operations, a judge ruled, "citing their 'minority' status as cause"? Not racially, of course, but politically.

You understand this, correct? Surely you do not need me to explain the import of such a ruling - and the consequent actions - in a free society with multiple political parties.

Also See: McCain campaign sues over overseas military ballots.

Also See: Catholics probe $1 million aid directed to ACORN

Jay Tea adds: And in 2006, the Democrats in Philadelphia pulled the exact same stunt, and bragged about it.

UPDATE: At The Corner on National Review Online, Mark Steyn makes a similar observation first thing this morning in a post with the same title.

Re Dixville Notch, several readers point out that the town has 19 registered voters.

Yet 15 voted for Obama and 6 for McCain. Which adds up to...

You gotta admit that Acorn operation's pretty thorough.

Kudos to my Catholic Church for their dutiful assistance to the nuts beneath oak trees.

Kevin adds: You can see the Fox News report linked at Townhall here.


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Comments (28)

Typical. It's very easy to... (Below threshold)

Typical. It's very easy to think that the hopelessly corrupt city of Philadelphia would be hip-deep in this. Philadelphia is quite typical of large American cities drowning in corruption. Democrats in those cities have no shame. And if you see what passes for a justice system in those cities, you'll understand how judges can get away with rulings like this.

"Democracy fails when people learn that they can vote themselves rich."
The country is failing, and it's been failing for some time.

Dixville Notch, the first l... (Below threshold)

Dixville Notch, the first location to volunteer for a cutoff of electric power. Keep it in mind when your local power plant shuts down. If Hussein is elected all investment in mining operations and power plant construction should come to a halt. Mine and power plant owners aren't stupid so why would they invest in improvements or new equipment knowing they will lose their money?

And so it begins...<... (Below threshold)

And so it begins...

The 'we wuz robbed' narrative? That began weeks ago, sir.

Of course they were tossed ... (Below threshold)

Of course they were tossed out. Electioneering in or near a polling place is illegal. Even hanging around, with a McCain or Obama button on, is considered electioneering.

Kind of ludicrous to think GOP (or any party's) campaign operatives were there to "keep the election honest". Ha Ha! Get real.

They knew this. They know the rules. This was deliberate. Developing a BS narrative for when McCain loses.

Making the GOP follow the law isn't voter fraud. Although after all these years of lawlessness, it might feel like it to you.

Marko, please. Don't be any... (Below threshold)

Marko, please. Don't be any dumber than absolutely, completely necessary.

These weren't campaigners. They were duly-appointed poll watchers, there to observe that all election laws and rules are followed. Both parties send their observers.

In Philly, what's happening is the Democratic observers are being permitted to stay, while the Republicans are being kicked out.

Only an absolute IDIOT would not see the problem there.

Oh, that explains it...


Contra Marko, it's customar... (Below threshold)

Contra Marko, it's customary for both parties to send poll watchers to precincts, *precisely* to keep the polls honest. Each party has an excellent incentive to stop the other party from cheating, after all.

And Marko - it makes it SO ... (Below threshold)

And Marko - it makes it SO much easier to cheat if you can do it without the other party watching!

In the last four presidenti... (Below threshold)

In the last four presidential election Dixville Notch has had 26 - 28 votes registered. I wouldn't worry about only 19 registered voters. It may be in the town only, not outlying areas.

What is interesting is why the sudden decline to 21 votes? Why did it swing to the democratic candidate when they have always voted for the republican? And why did the voting in the primaries change from overwhelmingly republican to democrat in 2004 and 2008.


Engineer -If they ... (Below threshold)

Engineer -

If they only have 19 registered voters, and 21 votes are recorded - then where did the two extra votes come from?

Now, it could be the 19 number isn't correct. But only 17 people voted in the primaries, and they seem to take some pride in their status as first in the nation to vote.

19 registered voters. 21 votes cast. Nothing to see here - move along, move along...

One would think that there ... (Below threshold)

One would think that there might be even the slightest evidence of "fraud" before one starts slinging about accusations of "fraud". In this case one would appear to be wrong. I shall remember the precedent when it comes time to discuss allegations of Republican voter inimidation and voter suppression efforts, shall I/

New Math and horrible publi... (Below threshold)

New Math and horrible public schools make sense now.
Old math
My total is 19
15 + 6 = 21
21 -6 = 15
21 - 15 = 6
21 ≠ 19
21 -19 = 2
Which would lead one to ask where the extra votes come from.

However in the world of New Math and where J-O-B-S is 3 letters all things are possible.
15+ 6 = 19
If you ask questions (Joe where is Joe)
See this is the CHANGE we need. You can give 95% of the people a tax cut when on 60% pay taxes.
You can increase the military spending why doing a 25% cut. You can spend Billions on Civil Defense forces why bankrupting Coal, Steal and every heavy industry that depends on it. I am now so hopeful I could cry for joy.

yank in london, in most pla... (Below threshold)

yank in london, in most places 100% turnout is unheard of.

In Dixville Notch, it is the norm.

110% turnout, on the other hand, is more than sufficient evidence to cry "foul." It very well might be legitimate, but I'd very much want an explanation.


#10: Begging your pardon, y... (Below threshold)

#10: Begging your pardon, yank, but the evidences of fraud 1. started weeks ago with ACORN and others registering the same voters repeatedly, with the voluntary admission by at least one Obama supporter that she, a New York resident, voted in Florida, and with the discovery of some 13,000 dead people registered to vote in Cayahoga County, Ohio; 2. are already appearing today, such as in Philadelphia. Sorry, but the evidence does in fact precede the accusations.

As for precedent: 1. Gore took the elections to the courts in 2000, with such claims as the polling place doors opened outward (so that presumably only the Republican voters were smart enough to get in). This was, in my estimation, a major step away from accepting the will of the people by democratic process, and at the time I was greatly worried that it set the stage for the type of action here which we recently saw in Kenya. 2. In the aftermath of the "hanging chads", etc. in 2000, there was debate, investigation, and correction, with the Republican winner in power and his brother at the head of Florida where the controversy was centered. I predict (based on the precedent of the Daley machine in Chicago and the O'Connell machine in Albany, NY) that if Obama wins, all charges of voter fraud will disappear as suddenly and as completely as Jimmy Hoffa did.

"It very well might be legi... (Below threshold)

"It very well might be legitimate, but I'd very much want an explanation."

It's the rampant machine politics with that "vote early, vote often" mentality they have in New Hampshire.

doozThe dirty litt... (Below threshold)


The dirty little secret was the 2000 election would have always been contested not matter what.
The Nation has an article 2 months before the election talking of all the legal arguments that Team Gore was going to make if they lost the Electoral College but won the popular vote. So when push came to shove they gathered the Chinese menu and went for it.

The sad part is that if Gore won his home state there would have not been any issues. Though Bush has let us down on the budget he was the best person to handle 9/11.

What's happening in Philly ... (Below threshold)

What's happening in Philly is atrocious but something else is wrong here. The second paragraph in Schippert's Town Hall excerpt doesn't match what's now on that site. Perhaps Town Hall has been updated without notice? There is no mention of the ruling judge being liberal; and although the wording is ungrammatical, it is clear from the context and the addition of the word NOT, that the judge ruled the opposite of what Schippert is saying and THAT order is being violated in order to throw Republicans out of the polls:

"A Pennsylvania judge previously ruled that court-appointed poll watchers could be NOT removed from their boards by an on-site election judge, but that is exactly what is happening, according to sources on the ground."

I'm a little suspicious of ... (Below threshold)
Nuff Ced McGreavey:

I'm a little suspicious of this Townhall report also. There are no other reports backing this up and until there are, I'd like to keep the rumor mongering down. There's enough tension out there as there is.

It's interesting that only ... (Below threshold)

It's interesting that only Mark Steyn seems to be aware of the discrepancy between the number of registered voters and number of ballots cast in Dixville Notch.

All other reports, both domestic and foreign, including that well-known Left-Wing rag, the Manchester Union Leader are covering it up.

So you've got a report from... (Below threshold)

So you've got a report from Amanda Carpenter not backed up by the FOX News report she herself links, and a report from Mark Steyn's "readers" (voices in his head) saying that Dixville Notch only has 19 registered voters, also not backed up by, well, anything at all (every news report about Dixville Notch says there are 21 registered voters).

Yes, it begins. The irresponsible tossing around of bullshit stories, that is. Good work!

Mantis - if the numbers wer... (Below threshold)

Mantis - if the numbers were the other way around you'd be screaming about voter fraud from McCain.

Voter fraud hurts ALL of us by making the entire election process untrustworthy. I don't give a damn if it helps my candidate or your candidate or whoever - it has to be STOPPED. Even the APPEARANCE of fraud erodes the trust.

Mantis - if the numbers ... (Below threshold)

Mantis - if the numbers were the other way around you'd be screaming about voter fraud from McCain.

Actually, I'd look to see if there was some truth behind what some "readers" from a crank website were saying, rather than automatically accepting it as true.

Even the APPEARANCE of fraud erodes the trust.

Which is why you don't irresponsibly scream fraud when there is no evidence of such. No matter what party you belong to.

How about this, Mantis? Vo... (Below threshold)

How about this, Mantis? Voter intimidation with a nightstick a little much?


But he didn't actually HIT ... (Below threshold)

But he didn't actually HIT anyone, so it shouldn't count, I guess...

How about this, Mantis? ... (Below threshold)

How about this, Mantis? Voter intimidation with a nightstick a little much?

Sure, and from the report someone called and the guy was no longer standing at the door. Notice what the FOX reporter says at the end?

I'm not saying there aren't people doing things they shouldn't be, on either side. That doesn't mean you should start screaming about everything you see someone claim on the internet with no proof. Sure, some of it will turn out to be true, but you inflate the appearance of the problem much more by wailing about every half-baked crackpot story, and that makes it that much more difficult to solve the real problems.

Sure, some of it w... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
Sure, some of it will turn out to be true, but you inflate the appearance of the problem much more by wailing about every half-baked crackpot story, and that makes it that much more difficult to solve the real problems.

So, are you accusing Wizbang and it's commenters of acting like the Main Stream Media? That's a low blow.

So, are you accusi... (Below threshold)
So, are you accusing Wizbang and it's commenters of acting like the Main Stream Media? That's a low blow.

Much worse actually. Recall how they pimped the Ashley Todd story?

Much worse actuall... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
Much worse actually. Recall how they pimped the Ashley Todd story?

That story pales in comparision to the Duke University lacrosse case, swallowed hook line and sinker by liberals and their media pals. Come to think of it, I never heard any of the professional racists apologize for their role in the media lynching of the players.

Wait, this is misinformatio... (Below threshold)

Wait, this is misinformation! I'm a republican who believes that only truth will save democracy. FOX news, the only reliable news source, reports the truth...






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