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Financial Famine for Media Despite Record Campaign Year

The Media may have saved Obama from proper scrutiny, but the record-breaking Obama treasure chest apparently could not save the media from massive drops in advertising sales.

This is shaping up to be the first even-numbered year to post a decline in broadcast TV spending since 1970 -- in fact, it's tracking to end up even lower. And that's before you strip out the big boost to media provided by the presidential primaries, the general election, the down-ticket races and all kinds of referenda.

Media ad spending from January to August across all media slipped 1.3%. Without the political spending, that falls further to 1.6% -- a difference of $331 million. Without campaign spending or the summer Olympics (another booster of even-year ad spending), overall ad spending from January through August would have declined a full 2.4% to $89.4 billion, according to Ad Age estimates. And once political-spending data are available for September and October, when 70% to 80% of campaign outlays occur, that gap will yawn into a chasm.

That's despite the fact that total political spending on all media is expected to top $2.5 billion, with the presidential campaign alone exceeding $750 million, according to estimates from the Campaign Media Analysis Group at TNS Media Intelligence.

Nor could/would Obama and his campaign rescue Aunt Zeituni from poverty. Is there a halt to funding for illegal alien services in the cards for a potential Obama administration?

He does, however, have to win first. Go vote and make this one of history's mysteries.

Also, Jules Crittenden is Critblogging the Vote 2008 today from the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts. A good man (and a rare conservative one) in the media, so go visit him throughout the day. Deployed troops heart Jules.


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There is a small town in Ne... (Below threshold)

There is a small town in New Hampshire with 115 residents. Since all eligble voters have voted they are allowed to release the results early.

In 2004 George Bush won by 19 to 7.

They have already released their results for the 2008 election.

Obama won 15 to 6.



Just imagine if PC had not ... (Below threshold)

Just imagine if PC had not been putting all his money into advertising for Vista. :)

I want news sources to give... (Below threshold)

I want news sources to give objective data, but they don't see it that way. They have demonstrated for some time now that they are totally in the tank for the Washington establishment. OK, fine, then I won't buy their product, and many others are doing the same. As a result, advertising revenue goes down because fewer people trust them and won't read or watch their product.

Interesting sidebar: my wife tells me that Tom Brokaw and Charlie Rose apparently were talking about Senator Obama and confessing that after 20+ months they don't know much about the guy. What an admission. The press is supposed to be gathering information to help the public make an informed decision, but after all of this time and the anal probes of GOP candidates, they don't know much about the man who that they've endorsed and protected.

Now, here's the bad news. The kind of left-wing propaganda we've been seeing for many years now is very appealing to the 30-35% of the population that are left-wing democrats. That becomes the MSM's audience, and they will twist more of their product to appeal to that group. They will race each other to become like the Guardian in the UK. Conservatives will follow suit and promote their own media outlets which will be just as bad.

(Like so many of the ideas being kicked around today, just look at Europe and the UK to see how stupid it is.)

Instead of promoting an educated public and fostering an exchange of ideas, left-wing lunatics and right-wing fanatics will just scream at each other.






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