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History repeats itself

From James Joyner at Outside the Beltway-

Once again, CNN is repeating its 2000 mistake of reporting results before polls have closed in the western part of the state. Why Florida can't get its act together and synchronize its election closing times -- I vote for going with the later close for the convenience of Central Time residents -- but its Electoral Votes go in one pile, so the networks shouldn't be reporting before all the polls are closed.

Anyway, McCain's got a very slight lead with an insignificant portion of the vote in.

Florida doesn't have to get its act together, the networks need to or rather who decides where time zones end.

In 2000, the Washington Post reported NBC calling Florida for Al Gore before all the polls were closed in the state. I swore it was CBS, that was the network the wife and I watched the most.


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Comments (3)

Um, Bill, CNN has Obama up ... (Below threshold)

Um, Bill, CNN has Obama up by 8 in Florida.

Also, they have him up by 5 in Texas, which is probably wrong for some reason...

You know what, I think it's... (Below threshold)

You know what, I think it's just their stupid graphic that's mistaken. They've called Maryland for him but the map says there has been 0 votes cast in that state.

There was a big cheer from ... (Below threshold)

There was a big cheer from the crowd in Chicago a moment ago when they thought Florida was going Democrat. Georgia is taking its time too, which is getting some Dems excited.






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