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Fox calls Ohio for Obama

Use this post to vent your conservative frustrations without name calling or the use of expletives. Wait till 2012.

Update- Every comment results in me getting an email. Unless another Wizbang contributor bails me out, I expect my AOL email box to explode by AM. The polls began closing 3 hours ago, where is everyone?


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Comments (10)

first bitches. ... (Below threshold)
xander crews:

first bitches.

frigging 1/2 breed.... (Below threshold)

frigging 1/2 breed.

Well, I knew this was emine... (Below threshold)

Well, I knew this was eminent when McCain got the nomination, and he solidified that thought with the idiotic move to suspend his campaign and help pass that nutty bailout bill.

Goodbye United States of America, hello United Socialist Republic of America. It's been nice knowin' ya!

Let's hear it for Socialism!!! Woo-hoo!!!

What has happened to my cou... (Below threshold)

What has happened to my country? I blame "W" and Rove. So much for that permanent Republican majority.

Sumbitch! as a PA resident,... (Below threshold)

Sumbitch! as a PA resident, I am ashamed. even murtha is winning. the 2012 race starts tomorrow. where is our George Soros?

jhow66:That's abso... (Below threshold)


That's absolutely disgusting. Go crawl back under your rock.

jhow66:Is that the... (Below threshold)


Is that the most intellectual thing you can think of to write? You really have no better way of expressing yourself? I agree with Tom above. Absolutely disgusting.

Tom, the first person to ca... (Below threshold)

Tom, the first person to call out jhow for the racist piece of shit that he is. +1 for sure.

jhow, move to a country with anti-miscegenation laws if it bothers you so much. F*cking neanderthal.

Everyone, please. Stop ragg... (Below threshold)

Everyone, please. Stop ragging on jhow66. Leave him alone. Don't pick on him, please.

It's tacky to speak ill of the deceased.


Not a loss. Thanks, Jay.</... (Below threshold)

Not a loss. Thanks, Jay.






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