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Warning to all commenters:

The Hammer of Olaf The Troll God hath been taken down from the wall, and hath claimed its first victim. Longtime right-wing bombthrower jhow66 has just been reduced to an unpleasant smear.

I just woke up from a nap, I have tomorrow off from work, and I'm just getting warmed up.


Or else.

Update: This spot will also be used to issue warnings. scrapiron, hyperbolist, peabody3000, you are being given a chance jhow66 never had. REIN IT IN.

Correction: I confused hyperbolist and peabody. Apologies, hyper. You're a pain in the ass, but you (mostly) stay civil. False alarm on you. My fault.

Update 2:Longtime banned asshole "BarneyG2000" chose to come back under a new IP and identity. Olaf's Hammer has swung again.


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Comments (34)

Thanks and good riddance to... (Below threshold)

Thanks and good riddance to that idiot.

Nice job Jay. ... (Below threshold)

Nice job Jay.

Word.... (Below threshold)


I personally would like to ... (Below threshold)

I personally would like to thank the hearts and minds of Wizbang for their service to this country.

Without attitudes and opinions like yours, this wonderful night in American politics could have never happened. Please do keep it up!

Now, on with the campaign! lolz

Hey man, nice shot.... (Below threshold)

Hey man, nice shot.

JP2 -Looks like yo... (Below threshold)

JP2 -

Looks like you're getting Obama as Prez.

Here's hoping he's as good as you think he is - because if he isn't... we're really screwed.

JLawson - are you not an Am... (Below threshold)

JLawson - are you not an American also? We're both in the same boat.

He didn't get my vote, but I think he'll be a good Preznint. Though it's not going to be an easy road, no matter who took over...

Jay, I'm lighting-up my cig... (Below threshold)

Jay, I'm lighting-up my cigar now.


JL,We're really sc... (Below threshold)


We're really screwed!

He'll do for the US what people like him have done for so many big cities.

I am saddened that people h... (Below threshold)

I am saddened that people have either have never been taught, or have forgotten the legacy of the Presidency of Jimmy Carter.

Like in 1976, the media despised the GOP candidate and a complete phoney was elected to POTUS. Carter damaged our military and intelligence gathering apparatus, and had several foreign policy disasters. He negotiated a 'peace' agreement which brought no peace, but gave a murderous thug and his cronies political legitimacy.

Obama will be like Jimmy Carter, except his disasters will escape the public eye because of an MSM who abandoned actual jourmalism for political advocacy.

Yeah, JP2 - we're in the sa... (Below threshold)

Yeah, JP2 - we're in the same boat. But I didn't vote for Obama.

Hell, man, how could I? He hasn't ACCOMPLISHED anything to be President! He's smooth, he's polished - but so's a used car salesman or a televangelist. The things he HAS touched (like his 'community organizing', the Annenburg Challenge and Grove Parc) were all either unchanged or measurably worse off AFTER his tender care.

Why would I think he'd even make a decent 7/11 manager, much less a decent President?

Heck, he outspent McCain 7 to 1, and look at how the popular vote's going.

I wasn't wild about McCain - but at least I felt he'd put the country first over himself.

Would Obama? I have no idea where his loyalties lie - except to his ego. I have no idea what he's capable of - because he hasn't done anything worth taking credit for.

Like I said - I'm really hoping for the best here. I don't think we're gonna get it, though.

Woah, just saw the correcti... (Below threshold)

Woah, just saw the correction. My heart was all aflutter! :)

Glad to see another Buffy f... (Below threshold)

Glad to see another Buffy fan in these parts, Jay Tea!

Bye, the fairness doctrine ... (Below threshold)

Bye, the fairness doctrine will kill the blogs anyway.

I'm starting the printer on... (Below threshold)
gdb in central Texas:

I'm starting the printer on "Not my president" bumper stickers in about 30 minutes. I feel like the older man in the movie Cabaret who hung his head in shame as the younger, ill-informed around him stood up in their brownshirts singing the praises of the new leader.

JLawson - I'm not the bigge... (Below threshold)

JLawson - I'm not the biggest fan of him, but I will say that if you don't understand why people like him then you are missing something.

I think you'll find that most people who work with President-elect Obama say that he is a lovely person with a high-caliber character. I hope he gets a fair shake at handling the problems we face.

As far as your experience argument, you voted for a ticket with a VP that has the least experience ever and I'm assuming you were a Bush voter as well. These don't help your arguments.

BG2000 wrote:<blockqu... (Below threshold)

BG2000 wrote:

Jay, I'm lighting-up my cigar now.


You know, I don't really care what side people land in, in the end. This is a big country, and people are going to have different opinions. That's what this is all about. We don't have to agree, but we should at least try to maintain some class in how we interact. There are ways to argue and disagree without gloating, and without being an a$$hole.

Good thing there is such a thing as the Hammer of Olaf to take care of the classless punks on the left (BG2000) AND the right (jhow66).

Nice job, once again, Jay, with taking out the trash...

jp2, I'd be FASCINATED to h... (Below threshold)

jp2, I'd be FASCINATED to hear how you have come to the conclusion that Obama is "a lovely person with a high-caliber character." Please, cite examples. On one standard of character -- the careful choosing of associates -- he fails miserably. I can't name a single person he's chosen to keep close ties with that has been with him for many years (wife excepted), and he's had to shed a lot of his long-time associates when it was revealed what complete and utter scumbags they were.

And that is a REQUEST, jp2. Not a demand, not a threat. If you choose not to answer, that will be answer enough for me.

I spelled that last bit out because this comment thread is about my freely banning people, and I want there to be absolutely NO confusion that I am using that threat to compel you to answer.

Please, tell us why you have come to the conclusion about Obama's character. What evidence have you seen that so many others have missed?


Match what Palin's done aga... (Below threshold)

Match what Palin's done against Obama's record, jp2. Point by point. Tell me who has accomplished more. Tell me who's actually done long-term good for the people they were elected by.

By the way, most victims of con artists will tell you they were scammed by someone really great, that seemed completely trustworthy - up until the point they realized the money was gone.

Of course, most victims of con artists also believe that they're going to get something great for very little outlay on their part. Which, come to think of it, is what Obama's been promising all along. Hmmm....

Charisma counts in politics, no doubt about it - but that's about ALL Obama's got.

Perhaps I'm a trifle more s... (Below threshold)

Perhaps I'm a trifle more sensitive to potential scam artists than most, JP2 - my folks have gotten taken for quite a bit, unfortunately my father has gotten way too trusting for his own good since bypass surgery about 5 years back, and he's on so many sucker lists you could insulate the attic with all the offers of grants and lottery winnings and such.

Of course, every so often he sends off the random amount and waits for something good to come... which it never does.

Obama is a con-artist. I w... (Below threshold)
arcman Author Profile Page:

Obama is a con-artist. I was talking to a neighbor, and mentioned the fact that I thought it was rather strange that there seems to be no friends anywhere. No one from elementary school, high school, college, law school; no one from his days as a law professor, or as a lawyer; no current friends. The only associates he seems to have are shady characters. Rezko, the felon; Wright, the black liberation preacher; Farrakahn, Pfeuger, the wacko priest; wanna be black man; Ayers and Dorn, unrepentitive terrorists; I will hope that Obama will make a good president, but I'm not holding my breath; and he is on a really, really short leash as far as I'm concerned.

Good to see the hammer out!... (Below threshold)

Good to see the hammer out! It needed some fresh blood....

Please, cite examp... (Below threshold)
Please, cite examples.





There are just 3 random stories. I also know someone who works with him on the campaign and another who interviewed him. Same kind of stuff - class.

On one standard of character -- the careful choosing of associates -- he fails miserably.

How many friends do you have, Jay? You can't have many, because anyone who has more than a few friends also has "associates" who are involved in less-than-questionable activities.

I know people who have had affairs. Who have said terrible things. Who have committed crimes. I have one high school "associate" on death row. My neighbor is a felon. Considering 1/75 men are involved in some way with the prison system, I can only assume your only friends are on the internet.

A really poor way to judge people.

Match what Palin's... (Below threshold)
Match what Palin's done against Obama's record, jp2.

Being a Harvard educated lawyer w/ a decade of legislative, congressional and senatorial experience pretty much qualifies you for most government jobs. I'd never discount that kind experience in any candidate, no matter their party. But honestly, to me, being a lawyer is a great background for government/executive/legislative work.

(Also, I'm pretty sure he actually knows what a VP does, unlike Palin)

G'night, folks. The sun wi... (Below threshold)

G'night, folks. The sun will still come up tomorrow - and at least until the economy crashes I'll still have a day job that needs tending.

And remember - be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.

jp2, one of McCain's oldest... (Below threshold)

jp2, one of McCain's oldest associates is a Medal of Honor recipient who was imprisoned with him in Viet Nam.

Your clips show Obama making a good first impression on man inclined to like him, doing a good deed for a stranger, and doing a stunt on an NPR show. I'll give him points for the airport story.

And it isn't just the shady characters, jp2. It's the continually-evolving stories he weaves. Ayers is just some guy in his neighborhood. Who served on a board with him. Or two. Who hired him for one of those boards. And who held a party that launched his career.

Wright was his minister for 20 years. Who married him to his wife. Who baptized his children. Who never said all those awful things in his presence. Who he could never renounce or denounce. Until he did.

And that's just two.


JP2 -"most gove... (Below threshold)

JP2 -

"most government jobs" doesn't cover much as far as the real world goes. As far as being a lawyer goes - that's one real big drawback as far as I'm concerned. He's got nothing to show for his time as a state senator, or as a community organizer, or for his time in the Senate.

He may know how to game the system, to get the blocks checked off to rise in his field - but...

Well, whatever. You seem to think he'll do okay. I hope like hell you're right. I'm thinking he's going to really foul things up - and I hope like hell I'm wrong. Time will tell, at this point.

And that's it. G'night, all - again.

jp2, one of McCain... (Below threshold)
jp2, one of McCain's oldest associates is a Medal of Honor recipient who was imprisoned with him in Viet Nam.

Wow! Nicely played POW card. You learned something during this campaign obviously. (Note: did not work for McCain),15202,164859_1,00.html.dk+mccain+pow+butler&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=5&gl=us

This man was with McCain in a POW camp - he says McCain isn't fit to serve. That he is wild and erratic.

If a man who knows McCain for this long and this well denounces him, how can anyone trust him?

(See how easy that is?)

I'm out to party as well. <... (Below threshold)

I'm out to party as well.

Good night and good luck.

♬Bang! Bang! O... (Below threshold)
rodney dill:

Bang! Bang! Olaf's silver hammer
Came down UPON their heads.
Clang! Clang! Olaf's silver hammer
Made sure that they were dead.

"I know people who have ... (Below threshold)

"I know people who have had affairs. Who have said terrible things. Who have committed crimes. I have one high school "associate" on death row. My neighbor is a felon. Considering 1/75 men are involved in some way with the prison system, I can only assume your only friends are on the internet."

Did you serve on boards with them indicating shared values? Did you grant them money to teach others their values? Have you dedicated chapters of books to them? Have any of them baptized your children? Did you enter into financial dealings with them knowing full well in the past that they abandoned other dealings after they got what they wanted and left others in a lurch? Did you sympathize with them when they demonstrated unreasonable hatred?

I too have known people in my past who went on to do awful things. I didn't have dinner with them or seek out their counsel. I know people now who have done bad things in their past. They are remorseful and have rejected those actions by turning themselves around.

I have respect for people willing to admit past wrongs and act accordingly. Not so much for those who refuse to admit they ever erred and make excuses or actually lie about it.

I feel hung over today an... (Below threshold)

I feel hung over today and I dont drink.

I never had a felon help me... (Below threshold)

I never had a felon help me buy my house, and I was never endorsed by the radical SDS, then worked in the same office as the Communist founder of said party.

What did Jhow66 do to get t... (Below threshold)

What did Jhow66 do to get the boot? I missed that one.

I kind of liked his irreverence.






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