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McCain On Monday Night Football

McCain uses Chris Berman's own shtick to describe what to expect tomorrow...

Hat Tip: Andrew Malcolm


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Comments (4)

What a great, great candida... (Below threshold)

What a great, great candidate we have.

I thought Berman's head was... (Below threshold)

I thought Berman's head was going to explode. His smile looked forced and fake.

BTW, I actually turned off ESPN Sunday morning and just waited for Howie and Terry Bradshaw on Fox, because of all of the political discussion.

Stick to sports, dufuss.

I was hoping Mac would begi... (Below threshold)

I was hoping Mac would begin singing "There's Got To Be A Morning After" backwards to kill that succubus keith olberman.

Chris Berman, <a href="http... (Below threshold)

Chris Berman, asshat extraordinaire.






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