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MSNBC calls Pennsylvania for Obama

I didn't blog a prediction, but the writing has been on the wall for some time. Get ready for it, Barack Obama will be President of the United States next January 20th.

The countdown begins till the first Wizbang reader to say I belong at Wizbang blue till when the first Wizbang reader begins to wail and gnash their teeth.


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WhaleNash... (Below threshold)


Fox has reservations on tha... (Below threshold)

Fox has reservations on that.

Just want to point out that... (Below threshold)

Just want to point out that FoxNews said that while other networks were calling PA, they weren't prepared to do that. They don't think it's ready to call.

They've all called it (even... (Below threshold)

They've all called it (even Fox now) with 0% in.

That seems a bit premature.

Ya, Fox has called it...but... (Below threshold)

Ya, Fox has called it...but I agree that it's way to early to call without actually having any returns.

Ok...CNN just called it too... (Below threshold)

Ok...CNN just called it too. And they were holding back.

What the F'. PA wasn't eve... (Below threshold)

What the F'. PA wasn't even close. What were they thinking in the McCain camp, and why did they keep insisting PA was in play?

Now we just have to hope th... (Below threshold)

Now we just have to hope that the Republicans hold onto enough Senate seats to keep the Dems from a filibuster-proof majority, so things don't get too miserable over the next four years. And hopefully (I'm using that word an awful lot for someone who tends to vote Republican) an Obama presidency will shock those politicians with an (R) next to their name back to their conservative roots.

PA was the linchpin of the ... (Below threshold)

PA was the linchpin of the Republican strategy. What a shame to lose.

Pray for our country. I would say that this is Kennedy/Carter redux but it's not; this is a much more dangerous world today and we have elected a total unknown to the executive, an unknown that is a total blank on foreign policy in a world of sharks. In retrospect it makes the Kennedy Kruschev encounter look like a tea party.

why did they keep insist... (Below threshold)

why did they keep insisting PA was in play?

It's not that they thought it was in play; it's that they needed it to win.

If you ignore the partisan commentary, this is a good explanation for why McCain targeted PA.

It's not over until the fat... (Below threshold)

It's not over until the fat lady sings. I don't think there is any chance of the Demo's winning a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. I think the Demo's will end up around 4 seats short of that, if not 5 seats.

Allen--would you bet money ... (Below threshold)

Allen--would you bet money that the Democrats finish with less than 58 Senate seats? Liddy's done, thankfully, after having attempted to brand Hagan, a Christian, as godless. Sununu is probably out. People like to vote for the winner, and it's clear by this point which party that is.

No worry about Hussein winn... (Below threshold)

No worry about Hussein winning. All of the southern states needs to start a drive tomorrow to ban the export of any food product from or through their states to any state that went for Hussein. See how well they eat snowballs for 4-5 months a year.
Actually his win will save me a lot of money. I'll turn in my volunteer firefighting gear and quit running medical calls. Spent three hours training at the station, and drove 10 miles tonight. That will no longer be required.

Scrapiron, you're totally i... (Below threshold)

Scrapiron, you're totally insane! It's so awesome! "You voted for Obama so I will let you BURN or DIE OF A HEART ATTACK. That will teach you to vote for the man with the middle name that I do not like."

Talk about losing sorely...

Scrapiron:Are you ... (Below threshold)


Are you just saying that for effect or is that what you really think???

Get ready for tougher times... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

Get ready for tougher times. We've got a rookie with money to pass out takin over.

Hyper, I will be any citize... (Below threshold)

Hyper, I will be any citizen of this country that the senate holds at 55 seats. Allen is correct.

Also, remember all the exit polling in 2004 that showed Kerry sweeping a win? ww

It's over!... (Below threshold)

It's over!

Ohio also...stunning.... (Below threshold)

Ohio also...stunning.

Yeah, that was for Kerry, w... (Below threshold)

Yeah, that was for Kerry, who generated about as much excitement in the Democratic party as beige wallpaper. This election actually is different, Willie. Bush is in the low 20s and McCain is closely associated with him in the minds of a lot of voters (and rightly so).

I think the Democrats will finish with 58-60 Senate seats. Can't wait to see Stevens get dragged kicking and screaming from the political discourse for the rest of all eternity...

The wilderness beckons...

I'll turn in my vo... (Below threshold)
I'll turn in my volunteer firefighting gear and quit running medical calls. Spent three hours training at the station, and drove 10 miles tonight. That will no longer be required.

That's good Scrapiron, it will give you more time for your other project:

This country is ripe for a violent shooting type revolution and the election of a cowardly dim-wit majority will edge it closer, the talk of impeachment will start the gunfire. I'm sick and tired of the obstructionist party sliming everyone and anyone that makes an attempt to help or protect the American people. If the American people didn't see that the democrats only interest is to continue the slime and sleeze put out the the past couple of weeks, then they really don't deserve freedom either. At least when the shooting starts I can put my 22 years of military training to use, again. All we need is one leader to stand up and say it's time to start the action. He's hiding out there somewhere. The so called third world countries will look like vacation spots compared to what will happen to this country. It's coming and you may as well be prepared for it. The slimey murderer Drunken Ted, Hanoi John the traitor, Howard the coward. Leaky Leahy, Hellary the weasel, and their tripe cannot be allowed to take over this country at all cost. If anyone thinks their actions have been anything by trash I feel for them. There are smarter people in facilities for the criminally insane than in the dim-wit party.
Hey hyper are you going to ... (Below threshold)

Hey hyper are you going to get in line for your welfare check like the rest of the lazy assholes that are too lazy to work.

Jay Tea adds: Say good night, jhow.


i heard some of you say the... (Below threshold)

i heard some of you say the blacks would all riot if obama won.... or also if he lost

so if that doesnt happen then maybe you should re-examine some of your other predictions about obama himself...?

JayI recommend pea... (Below threshold)


I recommend peabody3000 for the Olaf facial also.

Peabody -I sincere... (Below threshold)

Peabody -

I sincerely hope Obama's got a hell of a lot more going for him than his record shows he's capable of. But thinking about his Grove Parc accomplishments writ large across the face of the country... I think, frankly, we're screwed if he wins.

Oh, the country will survive - but 'change' can mean a lot of things. I do not believe this country can prosper with Obama, Pelosi and Reid at the wheel. You cannot promise everything to everyone and tax the 'rich' to pay for it - because there's only so much blood you can squeeze out of them.

And after the government takes out its operating expenses, that flood you seem to expect is going to be a bare trickle.

And Obama will rail more at the rich, and tax them more, and get less and less.

In the mean time, what of his promises? Of course, it doesn't really matter whether he keeps them or not, does it? If Obama screws things up, it won't be HIS fault after all.

You're getting your Obamamessiah, looks like. God help us all.

Well, Hugh, there were righ... (Below threshold)

Well, Hugh, there were right-wing shock-jock-types predicting African-American riots in the event of an Obama loss. (Won't get to test that hypothesis.) I don't feel like going searching Media Matters' website for these bits of lunacy, and I don't take people like that to be representative of conservatives in general, but then people like Scrapiron open their mouths and you start to wonder how many nutcases really buy this shit.

Still whaling and nashing [... (Below threshold)

Still whaling and nashing [haven't figured out if that's as in Graham or Rambler].

Epador -Whaling's ... (Below threshold)

Epador -

Whaling's outlawed unless you're Japanese. You can wail, however, until the dogs howl and the neighbors call the cops on you.

As far as the nashing goes, I got nothin'...

jlawson - im not a dem, and... (Below threshold)

jlawson - im not a dem, and i voted for bu$h in 2000 so i dont consider myself a partisan. im not in any kind of mood to gloat at anyones expense, but yes sure im personally happy

i think the majority of the anti-obama sentiments are misguided by what has been a supremely executed misinformation campaign. tonight probably isnt the time to debate anything meaty regarding that, but i gave the negative obama stories a chance, and by and large they all fell to pieces

James Carville said ... (Below threshold)

James Carville said it best; "Its the economy, stupid."

It is ALWAYS the economy. Well, when it isn't national security.

A huge chunk of the US considers itself as moderates. I think the number is over 40%. A very large percentage thinks of itself as conservative, in excess of 30%. I do remember that avowed liberals are about 22% of the country.

The bottom line is simple. First, we had an unpopular Republican President; made so by a failure to read history and select an initial correct course in Iraq and made even more so by a traditional media that is clearly partisan.

Secondly, the economy went in the tank because of both the Republicans and the Democrats. The Dems were proactive in their failure and the Repubs were passive. But the sitting President always gets the blame amongst those who do not make politics their passion.

Remember when Clinton was elected? How about when Carter won the Presidency? Liberals almost always try to do really dumb things when they get too much power. This is not a banana republic like Venezuela. I have no fear at all that Liberals are going to do a Hugo on us. Clinton was really more of a pragmatist, but he had a Democrat Congress at first and with a push from Hillary, it was what it was. And it was a revolution after a couple of years.

The only successfully passed really dumb liberal agenda was the Great Society and the War on Poverty. And LBJ did that on the back of JFK getting killed. It still took all of LBJ's considerable political skill to get the bills passed. I do not see Obama as THAT powerful or that skillfull. I should say that I was in agreement with the Civil Rights legislation, just not the Welfare State bits.

Even with Reid and Pelosi, it is still going to be really tough to pass a far left series of bills, watch and see. But of course they will try. Liberals have never been able to quite understand that they really don't have a lock on logic or even the hearts and minds of a majority of folks. Mostly their wins have been of circumstance, not on purpose.

Of course we are going to have to listen to the left wingnuts go off in an orgy of self righteous mental masturbation. They did in 92, they did in 76 and they will do it again now. They simply do not understand that socialism doesn't work. They will do their best to kill the goose, they always do.

I really hate the pain and bubble busting that is going to inflict the poor and minorities, but what the heck, we always get the government we deserve.

Don't we?






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