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NC Vote Thread

It is pouring rain in my neck of the woods. Some would say that would help McCain, but I disagree. A week ago some veteran NC politics watchers said a rainy day would help Obama. The reason is because the volume of early voting is so high and a much greater number of Democrats than Republicans voted early in NC. Polls showed those who had not yet voted, but planned to vote leaned McCain. If that is true and he does not get a good turnout today, he will be in trouble here. Gary Pearce, a Democrat, predicted a McCain win a week ago, but changed his mind after the second week of early voting and is now predicting an Obama win in NC. I don't have a clue who is right. The polls here were wrong in the primary. Obama ended up winning over Hillary by a much bigger margin than expected.

Some days I see evidence that makes me think McCain will win and other days things I see (like the early voting info) make me think Obama will prevail. I voted last week, which is a good thing because today my kids are out of school for a teacher work day and I would not look forward to standing in line in the rain with them -- especially since we've all been sick.

Here is a list of predictions for NC. The race I find most interesting and will be watching closest in NC is the governor's race. Pat McCrory, the mayor of Charlotte, has received more votes from Dems and Independents in his 12 years as mayor than most Republicans do so he has a chance of winning even if Obama takes the state, but it would be quite a feat if he did it.


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I think Dole will make it, ... (Below threshold)

I think Dole will make it, barely. And McCrory should do ok.

I don't think The One will win, but it will be interesting to see how close it gets.

Interesting that there is a... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

Interesting that there is a "teacher work day" today. In Texas our usually occur on Friday or Monday.

No rain and no line at 7:30... (Below threshold)

No rain and no line at 7:30am in north Union County, and the voter registration book had a LOT of names highlighted as "absentee".

4 years ago, the line was 200 deep at 7:30am.

It's cloudy but not rainy (... (Below threshold)

It's cloudy but not rainy (may be drizzling a bit) in Charlotte.

I hold out hope for a McCain and McCrory win in NC. I'm less optimistic about Dole. Alot of people in my office are conservatives and were mad about the Godless Americans ad.

I personally still would like to know why, as a Christian, she would agree to go to their party held in her honor. I wouldn't go. I think Hagan won the PR on this one, though.






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