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News you won't want to hear...

...but I'll post it anyway. The Hill is reporting John Murtha has won re-election. So many, including some sane political pundits thought Murtha was vulnerable after repeated controversies in this year's campaign. Murtha got 58% of the vote today. I think we can say safely Murtha is in Congress till he either dies or decides to retire.


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Unbelievable. The American ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Unbelievable. The American people have lost all sense of discernment and propriety. It is truly sad.

Apparently those racist red... (Below threshold)

Apparently those racist rednecks are even dumber than the racist rednecks in my neck of the woods. And that is saying something.

I am becoming John Galt.

What the voters are singing... (Below threshold)
A President Obama will find it difficult four years no matter how much Congressional support he inhe:

What the voters are singing to Murtha "hit me with your best shot"

Pork talks.... (Below threshold)

Pork talks.

Gotta hand it to Murtha, he... (Below threshold)

Gotta hand it to Murtha, he knows his constituancy......stupid, white trash!

Penn. deserves what they get.

I can deal with an Obama wi... (Below threshold)

I can deal with an Obama win because I can understand the motivation of those who voted for him.


Murtha winning is despair. He's quite obviously not going to retire. So we wait for his death... and hope at least one of the civil suits against him for defamation manages to clean his bank accounts before that happens.

What a sad commentary on re... (Below threshold)

What a sad commentary on residents of PA; they're like the beaten bloodly wife who cannot help but return for more beatings in the hope that somehow things will be different this time around.

Once, twice maybe however after the third time of going back for more pain indicates someone who wants the beating becasue it makes them feel alive.

Sad people in PA.

What's sad is that Murtha a... (Below threshold)

What's sad is that Murtha actually disparaged some Pennsylvanians in a bid to pit people against people and those who voted for him either agreed or felt his pork projects were more important than that.

Murtha, an old man himself, broad-brushed older people as afraid or unwilling to change, broad-brushed the western portion of the state as racist and used offensive language about the prospect of another winning his seat and called him a carpetbagger.

He's a foul man in every sense of the word with a past littered with corruption and Pennsylvanians voted him back into office.

Way to go Pennsylvania.

Murtha won only because he ... (Below threshold)
Jason Author Profile Page:

Murtha won only because he and his supporters got his district redrawn as to exclude almost all areas in which he doesn't poll well.






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