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Here's my personal nightmare for tonight:

John McCain barely squeaks out a win.

Barack Obama either wins the popular vote or comes very, very close to it.

Obama refuses to concede.

We end up with 2000's fiasco all over again.

At that point, I might need to start drinking.

On a more positive note, I heard some very heartening news out of Wilton, New Hampshire. It seems in that small town, they know how to run elections right.

They're using paper ballots, and they have a five-person process set up to count them.

Person #1 reads the ballot and calls out the vote.

Person #2 looks over Person #1's shoulder and verifies what they say.

Person #3 marks a tally to record the vote.

Person #4 looks over Person #3's shoulder and verifies what they mark.

And Person #5 collects the counted ballots, bundles them in stacks of 25, and sits on them to make sure they're not counted twice.

No, there is no Person #6 to verify the efforts of Person #5's bottom. And yes, while I think I'm more than qualified to serve as a person #5, I have not offered my posterior for posterity.

That, folks, is how elections ought to be run.


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Comments (25)

I don't know about the coun... (Below threshold)
just me:

I don't know about the counting process, but my small NH town used paper ballots up until the primary. Now it appears we have the optical scan machines, but I actually like these-because the ballot would be difficult to tamper and you could actually count the paper ballots by hand if there was a question about the integrity of the machine.

I am not one who believes that any election process is without error-some form of error is going to be introduced no matter what method you use. The goal is the use the method with the least amount of error and that is the most difficult for those who would want to fraud the process to fraud it.

Please add to the nightmare... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Please add to the nightmare list my "269-269" courtesy of Tim Russert, R.I.P.

My Nightmare:<... (Below threshold)

My Nightmare:

McCain somehow squeeks a win.

McCain has health problems.

Palin becomes commander in chief.

Racist!!!11!!!!1... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:


Jay, you're passing up an o... (Below threshold)

Jay, you're passing up an opportunity here. If I were you, I would offer to stand guard over #5's derriere to ensure their role in the process is properly executed ...

... IF #5 is an attractive female.

Mr dream- that the author o... (Below threshold)

Mr dream- that the author of the post has a nightmare after the results are in. By the way it was nice to see that you finally owned that you are indeed a right winger, whatever non-label you choose to use.

I am with you JT. I have be... (Below threshold)

I am with you JT. I have been telling people no matter who wins, they will be branded as stealing the election. Courtesy of JFO and his friends. They lose the game so they blame the officials. ww

I don't think that you have... (Below threshold)

I don't think that you have to worry: I think that Senator Obama will win by 100 electoral college votes. I don't think that the election is going to be close at all.

For several years now the GOP has won by promising to keep taxes low. The DNC is now taking the game to the next level: they are promising lots of free stuff at the expense of others. Their tax cuts are bigger than the GOP's, so they win. The rule of law, justice, respect for individual rights, and all of those concepts that good citizens should care about don't really matter any more. Many voters don't understand the concepts, don't value them, and don't pay enough attention to them.

And this election is not a turning point. The situation has been brewing for some time. It's more like a funeral. The death came earlier, and that's the critical event. The funeral is the event where everyone comes to terms with what that death means.

Obama and the DNC will have a mandate for change, but the country has not had a serious conversation about what that change will be.

What counts today is free stuff, and the DNC is offerring better bread and circuses. This is what you get when 51% of a country gets direct benefits from the State: they want more free stuff.

There aren't enough good citizens because we haven't taught good citizenship.
We have the Government that we deserve.

Jay, you can rest assured a... (Below threshold)

Jay, you can rest assured and not worry. Mr. Obama will have a comfortable win by at least 7 points nationally in the popular vote as well a clear win in the electoral college of 338 votes or possibly more. For the second time in American election history a senator from Arizona will clearly end up on the short side of an election beyond any reasonable doubt.

And please don't drink. That isn't good for anyone, except in extreme moderation. Otherwise enjoy your election. It's the ultimate kick for election junkies like you and I, and you'll have plenty to write about it in the near future, my fellow Wizbang writer.

jp2: that's one annoying fi... (Below threshold)

jp2: that's one annoying fixation you have there, DEMANDING that I fit in your little pigeonholes and crowing whenever you think I've made some "damning admission." You need a new obsession.


Jay,I like that sy... (Below threshold)


I like that system, it sure would be tough to implement on a wide scale. My location uses the optical scanner which I like. We are well indoctrinated since childhood to fill in the little oval with black pen or pencil. It also provides back up and in my precint, the machine keeps the ballot locked inside for verification. The part I like best, is once the ballot is issued to the voter, it is never touched by the poll workers.

That's a good system, one e... (Below threshold)

That's a good system, one every county needs. Questionable practices serve nobody, except caterwaulers wanting an excuse for their candidate's shabby performance and lack of broad appeal.

Yep, Obama with 300 elector... (Below threshold)

Yep, Obama with 300 electoral votes. Fear and loathing in the GOP did not work this time. Change is coming.

My nightmare:Obama... (Below threshold)

My nightmare:

Obama loses in the electoral college while attaining a popular majority.

Obama graciously accepts this.

His supporters don't. They riot Wednesday somewhere in the country.

The next four years are overwhelmingly prosperous, in part because of McCain's tax policies, which in his third year, suddenly include the FairTax.

The next four years are portrayed as another stolen election, an economy that the world is ashamed of, the rich are all but whipping their wage slaves, etc.

In 2012, the Republicans again do a horrible job of getting their message heard.

Paul Hooson lee lee is wati... (Below threshold)

Paul Hooson lee lee is wating on you.

A voting relay? How tediou... (Below threshold)

A voting relay? How tedious! Well, whatever gets the job done. I hope whoever wins, there won't be any outbursts or riots.

I have a couple of MGDs set aside in the fridge door just in case.

Jay, your nightmare is my d... (Below threshold)

Jay, your nightmare is my dream. My nightmare, along the lines of #14 above, is that if Obama wins, we'll have Krystalnacht-type riots of celebration and retribution, and if McCain wins, we'll have riots until Obama usurps power.

And if you doubt this is possible, notice the rhetoric at Wizbang of such as parthenon and JFO and realize there are thousands who are just as brainwashed but more physical. And note that there are already Obama supporters out there beating up old men and slashing people's tires as a demonstration of their devotion to "free speech".

I can't think of a good outcome. If McCain wins, that will at least spare us (I hope) of an Obama administration (which at best would make us wish we had Carter back). However, I fear that even if McCain wins by a landslide, there will still be riots.

Democracy no longer is valued; power is. Too many people have been taught for too long that our "traditional" values are no good, that wrong is right, that the end justifies the means, and "no justice, no peace" (with their own definition of justice).

This has happened in many places in many times; there is no reason why it can't happen here.

dooz: Dem... (Below threshold)


Democracy no longer is valued; power is. Too many people have been taught for too long that our "traditional" values are no good, that wrong is right, that the end justifies the means, and "no justice, no peace" (with their own definition of justice).

Absolutely right.

doozYep. I'm "wait... (Below threshold)


Yep. I'm "waitn," got my torches lined up next to the kerosene, my automatic weapons cleaned and loaded, my rabid dogs haven't "eatin" in a week, my truck is ready to load with my stuff for the "lootin."

Yep, we're just "waitin" for the word from our leader "dontcha" know.

I'm going to be out looking for right wingers which will be easy since they're almost 99% white middle aged men. Hey, if a few of my "fella" libs "git" caught in the crossfire, it'll be worth it.

Ye, dooz, I "kain"t wait.

Actually, Jay, your nightma... (Below threshold)

Actually, Jay, your nightmare is my dream as well. Hey, I'll take it. As far as the riots, whatever... I'll just pack the other firearm in the briefbag that day or I'll bring another clip for the one I do carry.

"Obama refuses to concede .... (Below threshold)

"Obama refuses to concede ..."

Who cares what the 2nd place candidate does? McCain says, "Tough loss, you classless little prick. Now fukk off, eh?," then takes the oath of office.

Some Obambi diehards die hard, in the streets.

The moonbat herd needs a little thinning, anyhow.

Re; riots. In case ... (Below threshold)

Re; riots. In case you guys haven't noticed, Obambi's supporters ain't exactly the 82nd Airborne Division. More like sandal-clad goofballs with gay little flesh-colored beards. And that's the *women*.

Yeah. I can see it now. On the one side, we have the Code Pinkers. On the other hand, the Texas National Guard.

You don't have to be Erwin Rommel to predict how that exercise is gonna come out.

Hey folks - Time to smell ... (Below threshold)

Hey folks - Time to smell the coffee. And there is some freshly brewed over on Karl Rove's site...

The man who brought us 8 years of Bush...

Karl Rove is predicting an OBAMA WIN for President!!!!

Are you kidding? Nightmare... (Below threshold)

Are you kidding? Nightmare? That would be fantastic!

Anything, including a month and a half recount, that results in McCain being in the White House is better then the alternative, and the alternative seems more likely then your "nightmare" situation.

I just hope people behave... (Below threshold)

I just hope people behave themselves. Seems like there are a few that really think it's ok to force their thoughts and way on the 'nonbelievers'.
My girlfriend had this with shouts in the voting line as she waited. PleaZZZZZZZZZZZEEEEEE!

I honestly may not get my choice for change but
I wont be a sore looser either. I will accept the President whomever that person may be.
I wont be ugly about it either if my candidate wins.

Our job is the ensure the President works for us
and not the other way around. We need to team up and ensure that happens and stop this silly name calling.






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