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Obama Elected President


Polls have closed in the west coast states and all of the networks have now called the election for Sen. Barack Obama.


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I can't effing belive it.</... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

I can't effing belive it.

An inexperienced, socialist ignoramus has just been elected president.

The people of the United St... (Below threshold)

The people of the United States of America have officially lost their minds. This man should never have made it past the early stages of a primary, let alone win the presidency. I cannot believe Americans have trusted this utterly inexperienced, totally liberal shyster as their leader and commander in chief of their armed forces.

God help us all.

Congratulations to Presiden... (Below threshold)

Congratulations to President Obama on his historic victory, and welcome to the big leagues. I am enough of a patriot to hope that, within the sphere of his Constitutional authority, he is a success, and I wish him all the best.

Congratulations to Presiden... (Below threshold)

Congratulations to President Elect Obama.

Here's to hoping that all the negative things said about the future of an Obama presidency turn out to be untrue.

We are so screwed.... (Below threshold)
Carl Author Profile Page:

We are so screwed.

I can't effing belive it... (Below threshold)

I can't effing belive it. An inexperienced, socialist ignoramus has just been elected president.

Now you know how the rest of us felt in 2000 and 2004.

I have nothing but contempt... (Below threshold)
sighing in SoCal:

I have nothing but contempt for feminism, but I still find it appalling that, although women are the MAJORITY of American voters, no woman has even gotten to RUN for president yet, much less WON, while, despite all the racism that supposedly still exists in America, a minority man has been elected president.

No, I'm not saying I wanted Hillary, I'm saying that the REAL prejudice in this country is against WOMEN, not against blacks or other minorities.

The bright spot is that the days when liberal minority types can cry about how whitey oppresses them, and how they can't get ahead, are OVER... and they're gonna find themselves no better off for putting one of their own into power, because success is a result of hard work, not a gift from the gov't or based on the color of those in power.

"and they're gonna find the... (Below threshold)

"and they're gonna find themselves no better off for putting one of their own into power,"

That's just it. He's not one of their own.






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