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One small bit of good news- Updated

The Palm Beach Post reported Republican Tom Rooney as having a substantial lead over incumbent Congressman Tim Mahoney. If you been on Mars for the last month don't remember it was discovered Mahoney was having two extra-marital affairs simultaneously.

In the last days of the election campaign, Mahoney ran a television advertisment where a Florida said 'Rooney doesn't have Tim Mahoney's experience.' My wife laughed very hard when I told her the claim was true. Rooney hasn't had multiple affairs like Mahoney has admitted to having.

As interesting as its been to report on the Florida 16th's scandals of the last two years, I'm sincerely hoping Rooney does the right thing while in office. His constituents deserve better than his Knucklehead predecessors.

Update- Tim Mahoney has conceded.


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Mahoney?!?!? A Republican ... (Below threshold)

Mahoney?!?!? A Republican who was opportunistic enough to pretend to be a Democrat? You can have him.....







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