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Voter Manipulation In New Hampshire

Well, I just voted. It only took me maybe five minutes from start to finish.. And a bit over eight hours after opening, my ballot was #2007 in my precinct. That seems like pretty decent turnout.

I also discovered that the Obama supporters are engaging in grotesquely unfair voter manipulation tactics today:


Yup, going straight for the Dirty Old Man demographic. Fortunately, I was immune to their charms.

(I spotted them on my way out from the polls, after I already voted.)

And on my way home, I found my eyes drawn to the back of an SUV. As I pondered the stickers, I was reminded of something I heard years ago:

"The dumber you are, the louder you tend to proclaim it."


I'm feeling tired and cranky, so I think I'm gonna eat a quick dinner and go lie down for a bit. I figure I'll wake up around 10 or 11 and see what the hell has developed by then.


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Comments (11)

Heres another example where... (Below threshold)

Heres another example where there were 400 people in line to vote when the polls opened and only one voting machine allocated to that precint.

To make matters worse Election monitors noticed a man in line who appeared to be a voter. Turns out he was a saboteur, telling people the Democrats were supposed to vote at a different location.


There's always something ne... (Below threshold)

There's always something new to learn here at Wizbang.

I have never looked at my ballot number before, but I will in the future. I'm going to make a quick call to some friends still in line and ask them to take a look.

Buck-up Jay all is not lost... (Below threshold)

Buck-up Jay all is not lost. Keep the faith.

cockroach, you're funny. A... (Below threshold)

cockroach, you're funny. An anonymous person at a pop culture website says something and Bingo! it must be true.

Those filthy little Republicanses - they tricksied us!

By the way, check the update.

Liberals tend to be dumb as... (Below threshold)

Liberals tend to be dumb as a bag of hammers. ww

Liberals tend to be dumb... (Below threshold)

Liberals tend to be dumb as a bag of hammers.

Nice job illustrating your clearly superior intellect with that comment, willie.

Particularly ironic bumper ... (Below threshold)

Particularly ironic bumper sticker:

"No one is free when others are oppressed."

Samantha:What is i... (Below threshold)


What is it that you find particularly ironic about that bumper sticker? Just wondering.

rawe are oppressed... (Below threshold)

we are oppressed from saying what we feel
ref fairness doctrine which wont be fair. they just want to shut down blogs like this, Rush Lim. ...

Sic Transit Gloria NH... (Below threshold)

Sic Transit Gloria NH

NH is now a thoroughly BLUE state.

Expect increased expenditures, much ado about 'Green' initiatives, and disasterous tax increases.

I'm not sure I understand w... (Below threshold)

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "Obama supporters are engaging in grotesquely unfair voter manipulation tactics" that were "going straight for the Dirty Old Man demographic".
I enlarged the picture expecting to see something scandalous, but I saw just what I saw in the thumbnail: both young and older women promoting their preferred candidate.

If you can't look at a young woman speaking her mind without thinking she is trying to charm you with her looks then that is a fairly sad indictment of your mindset.






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