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Voter Suppression Calls in Pennsylvania

Reports are coming in of calls being made to voters in the conservative stronghold of Lancaster County falsely informing voters that their polling location has changed. The calls are being made from.... Philadelphia.

RS has received a tip that an unknown number of voters in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania are receiving phone calls informing them -- falsely -- that their voting stations have been relocated. At least 3 of the voters who received such calls determined that the information was false, and informed officials of this illegal attempt to prevent them from casting their ballots. The three specific cases that have come to our attention involve different precincts in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania -- which may be the most important one in the nation for John McCain's presidential bid.

In at least one case, the voter captured the phone number from which the call originated and later called back. The male who answered confirmed that he had placed the call. According to reversemobilephones.org, the number is assigned to a resident of Philadelphia.

That's how a citizen can engage in suppressing an opponent's turnout.

How can an elected Secretary of State do so with much more effectiveness? Michael Graham shares precisely how it's done in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts.

After the 2000 election, new federal laws were passed ordering state election officials like Secretaries of State to track ballots requested by active duty military abroad, as well as how many returned and how many were eventually counted. But the Massachusetts Secretary of State, Democrat Bill Galvin, competely ignored this federal law and refused to track these ballots -- an odd oversight from a liberal official notorious for making sure foreign language ballots are at every polling place.

Just two weeks ago, the feds forced Massachusetts to enter a consent decree to start enforcing these laws designed to make sure military ballots get counted. We're also going to have federal oversight until 2013 because of our state's disregard for ballots cast by members of the US military who live in Massachusetts.

The same liberals who support giving ballots to those living on park benches won't obey federal law to get ballots to American soldiers and Marines in Iraq.

Ignore the phones. Ignore the radio. Turn off the news. Go to your polling place and vote. Make them tell you your site has changed.

Unfortunately, deployed Marines, soldiers, sailors and airmen do not have that luxury. They have deployed for you. The very least you can do is deploy yourself within your community and exercise the right they protect on your behalf.

And when you return home from your deployment, within the same calendar day, thank them for preserving that right. Not our politicians. Not our election officials. Not our candidates. Nor lawyers, judges or activists.

Thank our men and women in uniform. And honor them by voting.


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Comments (31)

if anyone ever wanted to le... (Below threshold)

if anyone ever wanted to learn something about election fraud, they should consult with the masters at the GOP headquarters

You are priceless Peabody. ... (Below threshold)
Good Captain:

You are priceless Peabody. In the face of countless thousands fake registrations, improper multiple registrations including individuals on Obam's campaign staff, and this story, you seemingly discount all and blame the Republicans. Why can't you join the great majority of Americans who want all and any voting chicanery eliminated.

If you can demonstrate voting tricks (no naked allegations please)by the Republicans, I believe most Wizbang readers will support their elimination as well. In the meantime, can you put your partisanship aside?

Obviously, peabrain3000, yo... (Below threshold)

Obviously, peabrain3000, you've not noticed that the Daley machine in Chicago, the O'Connell machine in Albany, NY, and the corrupt government of Philadelphia are all Democrats.

Obviously, you've been drinking the Obama Kool-Aid instead of learning how to look at facts and THEN forming an opinion. (You do it the other way around, just like your hero, who issued his policy statement on Iraq, and AFTERWARDS went there on a fact-finding trip.)

Obviously, you had your blinders on as read this post, and missed that the lying caller from Phillie and the law-scoffing MA SS are Democrats.

Now, quit blogging and get ready to go vote tomorrow.

I'm going to be ROFL if aft... (Below threshold)

I'm going to be ROFL if after all the money spent on Obama's campaign, all the intimidation of voters and demonstrators, all the "selective" media coverage, and all the fraud, McCain still wins.

The fact that it looks so close after Obama has tried so much harder should really be seen as a slap in the face for him.

Of course, Obama doesn't care; if he wins, he wins, and that's all that counts.

People like #1 accuse other... (Below threshold)

People like #1 accuse others what they do themselves. How smart.
I think obama followers are going to riot whether he wins or looses. We are in trouble one way or another. obama is the worst thing that could have happen to this country...not his skin tone..but his ideas and the people he attracts. We will be more separated as a nation than we ever have been.

I think obama followers ... (Below threshold)

I think obama followers are going to riot whether he wins or loses. Isn't he planning to attend some huge outdoor gathering tonight - they're expecting up to a million people? If I lived around there I'd take a LOT of pictures of my property and then get the hell out of Dodge with my fingers crossed.

Oh please, Peabody is just ... (Below threshold)

Oh please, Peabody is just a childish little flame-thrower. He was conspicuous in his absence in this post. He avoided like a goth in the sun. Even after all his demands of proof that any voter fraud was taking place.

"Now, quit blogging and get... (Below threshold)

"Now, quit blogging and get ready to go vote tomorrow."

touche' dooz, LOL

to be fair, im really venting one last bit about the 2004 election, which i consider a big steal for the GOP. if youve ever read up on the diebold machines, how theyre engineered, who runs the co, and how they in particular performed in favor of the GOP against exit polling, then you as least partly know what i mean

but the whole ACORN thing is tripe. they collected many bad registrations but nothing that points to voter fraud. registration fraud just gets the signup workers a few extra bucks, and donald duck etc never shows up at the voting booth

"registration fraud just... (Below threshold)

"registration fraud just gets the signup workers a few extra bucks, and donald duck etc never shows up at the voting booth"

Right. And neither do dead people, right, Peabody? And Obama campaign workers wouldn't either, right, Peabody? And this didn't happen either, did it?

That's just in Ohio.

oyster - my post was about ... (Below threshold)

oyster - my post was about ACORN, but you are posting links that dont even relate to any kind of organized voter fraud effort. 2 dozen dead people voted in an ohio county? that isnt news. who did they vote for? ahhh.. you dunno, eh? organized voter fraud is what all the mccain dead-enders are ranting about so lets see your links regarding that

peabody3000Democra... (Below threshold)


Democrats wanted automated voting machines in fact demand it. Even though people from both sides said there would not be any more secure. Then when issues happen it got to be Republicans. However I always find it great that all the issues occurred in Democrat districts with Dem Electoral Officials and Dem providing security. So after all the expense on Computer Ballots what was the answer to have it print out the vote and then count paper?
It has been the same with everything these last 8 years. Dem say we need to make all baggage screeners federal employees and part of a Union.
No the right says let train and tests them. Nope you guys win and what you wine because they still fail the entire test.
You guys want the DHS to include FEMA. The right says no and you get it then what "OH no FEMA cannot respond since it part of DHS"
We need a drug benefit we say no and Bush signs it anyway and then you complain

hcddbz - im not a dem. all ... (Below threshold)

hcddbz - im not a dem. all parties on the planet have special interest (read: corruption) issues but its the GOP that has turned this country updise down and inside out for 8 years straight

we'll see where the dems get us this time, but it just cant get worse than bu$h

"but it just cant get wo... (Below threshold)

"but it just cant get worse than bu$h"

Bud, I sure as hell hope you're right - but I think you ain't seen NOTHIN' yet if Obama gets in.

With him, supported by Pelosi and Reid - there won't be ANY checks or balances on the system. Two years from now, you might be looking back on this year and going "Damn, I didn't know how good we had it!" - and voting Republican.

Falze,If you "live... (Below threshold)


If you "lived around there", you'd be a homeless person sleeping on a park bench. You probably wouldn't have a camera to take a picture of your shopping cart that holds all your property.

Rance has two identical pos... (Below threshold)

Rance has two identical posts -

and now, two identical negative votes.

Hey pea brain republicans o... (Below threshold)

Hey pea brain republicans on this blog, virtually all of the glitches and vote-flipping reported from early voters has occurred against the democrats. In fact, Michael S. Connell, was in court for voter tampering on a huge scale in Ohio 2004 and he is still around a known associate of Karl Rove.

The ACORN allegations were totally bogus and came to nothing. False registrations are not a way to cheat in elections since people need to show ID to vote. It's a silly smoke screen you republicans shout about like the stupid monkeys that you all are. All this occurs while Connell hacks computer voting machines.

Obama sucks, has done nothing regarding the military commissions act, impeachment of GWB and Cheney, telecom immunity for illegal spying and he voted for the bail out which is the biggest theft in American history but he's better than McCain, whose foreign policy ideas are not only stupid, but dangerous.

"oyster - my post was ab... (Below threshold)

"oyster - my post was about ACORN, but you are posting links that dont even relate to any kind of organized voter fraud effort."

That's odd, because Steve never mentioned ACORN in this post, yet you want to school me on being off-topic?

"who did they vote for? ahhh.. you dunno, eh?"

And why is that important? Fraud is fraud. It matters not one whit who they voted for.

You've repeatedly asked for proof of voter fraud. "Even one incident" you demanded once. And when you've gotten it, you've ignored it and now you're adding qualifiers. You're being mendacious, but it comes as no surprise at this point.

Two of the incidents I linked to were an organized effort. Do you now want to add a new qualifier? How about "wide-spread" organized effort? Then after that, you can add another and arbitrarily define "wide-spread". There's no end to the fun you can have playing with wool over your eyes.

JL but h... (Below threshold)


but he's better than McCain, whose foreign policy ideas are not only stupid, but dangerous.

Telling Hamas that you will support a homeland in the middle of Israel sounds good also.
Nothing like trying to destabilize the only true friend America has in the Middle East.
Then the plan of leaving Iraq high and dry so Iran can take them over very nice.

Oh I know the Iraq have to work to defend their country themselves. Just like the we did with S. Vietnamese and then in their hour of need we will again stop funding and allow the country to fall and have another huge humanitarian crisis. After which any help we were receiving in Afghanistan and Pakistan will be nil because we have proved to the world our word is crap.

Sound great to me.

Hey Shmucko Oyster, I just ... (Below threshold)

Hey Shmucko Oyster, I just gave a clear example above of a massive computer fraud on behalf of Bush 2004 and the same guy is at it again at present but is fortunately or hopefully going to be too occupied in court to enact his fraud.

All of this could be avoided if we went back to paper ballots counted by hand with a member of each party present. The republicans screamed like hell about that costing too much. And ACORN wouldn't exist if we had a sane system which did away with the idiotic electoral college and if every citizen is automatically registered to vote.

oyster - you responded to m... (Below threshold)

oyster - you responded to my post which was specifically about ACORN. im not "ignoring evidence" if its irrelevant to any point i was making or was asking you to make

and you did not post evidence of an organized effort. you posted links about people who either withdrew or were challenged on their voter registrations because they were temporary residents. that doesnt represent organized fraud

i know this is a tough day for you, but keep it together!

hcddbz - im not a... (Below threshold)
hcddbz - im not a dem. all parties on the planet have special interest (read: corruption) issues but its the GOP that has turned this country updise down and inside out for 8 years straight
Bush has some blame but both parties share alot of blame. The Great Society Fanny Mac Freddie May CRA Under the Clinton FED Enron and World Com both cooked the books. Somali where the Base deiced it could attack Americans and we would leave because of our Glass Jaws First World Trade Center Bombing
hey hcddbz, you're wrong ab... (Below threshold)

hey hcddbz, you're wrong about israel. Obama made it quite clear on numerous occasions that he supports israel and never made any real overtures to hamas, which was, incidentally, democratically elected. Obama's middle east policy will be more of the same:Giving no voice to the innocents, the palestinian citizens who were forcibly removed from their land and now live on the brink of starvation. Get your hyper-zionist head out of your tuchus (I am a jew and I can see that the Israeli-American policy has been a huge failure)

JEW does not equal Zionist.

Obama is a fool for thinking military can provide a solution in Afghanistan but he's not stupid enough to support an endless occupation in Iraq for no good cause. The occupation is horrible for America and great for the guys who make the weapons and sell the oil as well as the big banks who finance this butchery and own most of the maistream cheerleading press.

I support Michael Moore: Take the 10 billion we spend in Iraq for just one month and supply the world with fresh water. That would be good for America.

"I just gave a clear exampl... (Below threshold)

"I just gave a clear example above of a massive computer fraud on behalf of Bush 2004"

Clear as mud. Schmucko? Jeez!

"And ACORN wouldn't exist if we had a sane system which did away with the idiotic electoral college and if every citizen is automatically registered to vote."

So you must be "implying" that the electoral college has driven citizens to crime. But crime is justified because it's the big bad electoral college. Who's the Schmucko now?
And wait until you see what happens with this election, you won't believe your eyes.

The elctoral college is stu... (Below threshold)
JL Stiles:

The elctoral college is stupid because it necessitates having to have proof of address and to register in a particular place for a national election. It's completely worthless and has been used to strike people off the rergistries when they are citizens of the USA.

In every other democratic country on earth just about, every citizen is automatically registered to vote. It makes the voter turn out very high and doesn't necessitate these endless voter drives which waste time energy and money.

THINK, LaMedusa.

not to mention.. the electo... (Below threshold)

not to mention.. the electoral system also carves the US into little pieces, albeit along state lines, which just makes the whole divide-and-conquer game that the govt plays on us all the worse

in other words we could get rid of the whole red-state-blue-state system as well. thats worth the price of overhaul alone

THINK, LaMedusa.</... (Below threshold)
THINK, LaMedusa.

"In every other democratic country on earth just about, every citizen is automatically registered to vote."

Saves time and money, but would not eliminate voter fraud. It would be just as easy to automatically register dead people, illegal aliens, as well as your pet feline, Snowball II. I am sure early (fraudulent) voter turnout would be higher, too, if all you are looking to do is save time and money.

Hey Shmucko, JL Stiles. I ... (Below threshold)

Hey Shmucko, JL Stiles. I never addressed you and certainly not in such a fashion, but since you've broken the ice so nicely.... Cram it.

LaMedusa, you are on a non ... (Below threshold)
JL Stiles:

LaMedusa, you are on a non sequitur. If everyone was registered automatically by the gov't from birth records and official citizenship documents there could be no false registrations because people wouldn't be registering themselves and neither would ACORN and so forth be registering anyone. Once someone became a citizen, they would be registered to vote and all they would do is present a valid ID at the the polls.

It's a waste of time and energy to have all these voter registration drives for citizens who ought to be registered as a right of citzenship.

JL Stiles~ <blockquot... (Below threshold)

JL Stiles~

by the gov't from birth records and official citizenship

I see you like to vote up your own comments, or get someone else to do it for you. You are "right" because it's a perfect world and there are no fraudulent birth documents, as well as no non-official citizens registered to vote.

LaMedusa, there are very fe... (Below threshold)
JL Stiles:

LaMedusa, there are very few fraudulent birth documents and fraudulent citizen documents that the government keeps. The numbers you are talking about are next to none and would have no effect on the outcome of an election.

This is infinitely better than scrambling to allow actual citizens to vote which brings our voter turn out down 30% below countries that automatically register all citizens to vote.

With this I cease discussing this obvious matter

"The numbers you are talkin... (Below threshold)

"The numbers you are talking about are next to none and would have no effect on the outcome of an election."

Depending on the circumstance, it might only take one.






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