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I hate waiting. Everyone I know hates to wait, but I'm really bad about it, especially if I want to know something I think is really important. So yes, I'm stressing right now and I think a lot of us are. This election really is different from any we have seen before, and not because of race or gender.

One thing which bothers me, is that whichever way the election turns out, there are going to be people - many - who will not accept the results. The polls, the media, and the mainstream news have been so thoroughly pro-Obama all year, that Obama's victory is being broadcast as 'inevitable'. If it turns out they were all wrong, then a lot of people will fall even harder on the memes of conspiracy theories and presumption of racism. They will never respect a 'President McCain'. But what if Obama wins? That will not fare well, either. Americans have seen what happens to the few people brave enough to ask direct questions of Obama, and who have dared to stand up to his "in your face" style of politics. They have noticed how the votes of overseas military are treated, how the 'party of women's rights' treated the most successful national female candidate in history, how those who hire and promote most of the working Americans are repaid, how the party of 'fairness' hides its nominee's funding of hundreds of millions of dollars from shadowy backers, how groups like ACORN treat the sanctity of elections, how the definition of "middle class" changes according to the moment. They see all this and many Americans will not trust a 'President Obama'. The divide between Americans and their government will become worse, it will not heal with Barack Obama in control, with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi running legislation however they please in the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Whatever happens, we are in a time of crisis, and there will be daunting challenges for the next President. Once it is time to put away the tools of the campaign of 2008, the President will have to face the Reality of 2009.

The one comfort we have in all of this, is that it seems God has protected and guided this nation. And this election is in His hands. This is not to say that He would not let us have an incompetent President, or even a very bad one. History tells us not to assume so. But if we trust the Lord, He will yet preserve us, and mayhap our nation will survive what is to come. And perhaps, if we trust Him, we shall yet find that our next President is up to the job. But we will have to wait for that time, to see what happens.

And while I have no choice, I hate to wait.


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You've put into words exact... (Below threshold)

You've put into words exactly how I am feeling. I wish I had your faith.

Thank you SO much for this ... (Below threshold)

Thank you SO much for this post. I agree with you completely.

Mostly we've had the Presid... (Below threshold)

Mostly we've had the Presidents we needed when we needed them. (Carter being the big exception that comes to mind.)

I hope that whoever wins will be the president of the PEOPLE, not the Democratic President or the Republican President.

But no matter what - we will survive. There's a big difference between survival and prospering, however, and I sincerely hope we prosper as a country.

Amen, DJ - right there with... (Below threshold)

Amen, DJ - right there with you...waiting!

Got up early today in Obamastan - more crowded than prior years at the polling place. Even more important to the local folks are additional demands via referenda for money we don't have, and a referendum to convene a constitutional convention for IL.

I naturally hope Obomber and his media proxies lose, but if they don't, well, time to start again at the foundation and fix local issues.

Unless we are very, ... (Below threshold)

Unless we are very, very lucky, Obama will coast to the win. And any rational being understands that it isn't about Liberalism or Obama, it is about the electorate blaming whoever is the sitting President when the economy goes sour. One of the these days, we are going to find a Republican who will raise a stink BEFORE it hits the fan.

Our nation has been divided many times in the past and will many times in the future. Newly elected Presidents quickly forget their campaign promises, both Democratic and Republican. Obama's campaign is already attempting to downplay expectations.

The Peggy Josephs of the world are doomed to disappointment. Bobby Rush, ex-Panther and Democratic Congressman from Chicago knows Obama and those comments he made about Hyde Park Liberals will once again come out of the hiding place and be part of our national dialogue.

Hard core liberals will rationalize whatever course taken and blame whatever bad is in the future on past Republicans. Conservatives will raise hell at every opportunity, and there will be plenty of that in the next few years if Obama wins.

The underground economy will gain in force and strength to the point where even the Democrats will start to take a hard look at the fair tax.

It is sorta funny, the Brits went liberal and they got nailed by an economic downturn. We were supposedly conservative and face the same hard times. It is what it is.

And we will get out of this mess and start to clean up our house, well, maybe. We still have the national debt hanging over us like the sword of whoever. We have paid three generations of the less capable in our society to breed and make more what, rocket scientists?
And those who don't like that statement can stick it in their ear. It is the truth, and the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Yet we still have a hard core of capable people, who through individual effort will pull us out of our hole, in spite of multitudes of the political class determined to keep us there while taking credit for anything positive they can find or lie about.

For those who think they are going to be part of the new nomenklatura of the American Left, it ain't gonna happen. Do be grateful for the crumbs thrown at you though, but please understand that if you are not part of the power base; media, education, union, government, you are sheeple, not who counts.

And eventually the tide will turn again as it always does.

The one comfort we... (Below threshold)
The one comfort we have in all of this, is that it seems God has protected and guided this nation. And this election is in His hands. This is not to say that He would not let us have an incompetent President, or even a very bad one. History tells us not to assume so. But if we trust the Lord, He will yet preserve us, and mayhap our nation will survive what is to come. And perhaps, if we trust Him, we shall yet find that our next President is up to the job. But we will have to wait for that time, to see what happens.

Whats funny is I could not agree more. Only Bush wrecked havoc domestically and internationally , is the lord bringing us Obama. The candidate best able to fix the mess both domestically and internationally.

At least we agree on something.

Eric at Red State has some ... (Below threshold)

Eric at Red State has some nice things to say.

Amen. In the days ahead, w... (Below threshold)

Amen. In the days ahead, we will need to remember to place our hope and trust appropriately.

Just wanted to add that I t... (Below threshold)

Just wanted to add that I think one of the reasons I am so bummed is that I live in Maine, where democratic leadership has run this state into the ground. We are now known as Taxationland, and The Welfare State. It's hard enough seeing my state in this condition, but the prospect of the country following this path of destruction makes me sick to my stomach.

The "chosen one" is just no... (Below threshold)

The "chosen one" is just not up to the task. For the sake of the nation, I hope those Diebolt stories are true.

As one who believes that Go... (Below threshold)

As one who believes that God does involve Himself in our lives, yet at the same time respects our free will - even when it's to our detriment - I just pray that God is touching hearts today to do the right thing.

God loves individuals, not states. I know He has blessed our nation mightily for a long time, but honestly, as more and more of us ignore Him, why would be beholden to our nation?

Remember, He says, "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray, then will I listen."

I'm not a pie-in-the-sky person, but I am a person who believes we are to be responsible here and now, with an eye toward eternity.

If enough people in our nation keep pushing us away from God (and by the way, Bill Maher isn't alone in saying Christians shouldn't have the right to vote), then one can't help but wonder what our nation's future is to be.

On the other hand, if this election does go the wrong way, perhaps people will finally wake up and vote morally in two and four years. And in Palin we have a great option to replace Obama!

Finally, though, folks, it isn't over yet for 2008!

Cockroach: "the lord bri... (Below threshold)

Cockroach: "the lord bringing us Obama"

I'm confused...I thought Obama WAS "The Lord"...maybe you didn't get the memo!

This Messiah wannabe gives and interview in the West in January where he talks about GUTTING the coal industry...then goes East and snuggles up to them.

This Messiah wannabe gives a speech out East where he praises the "faith of the good people of Pennsylvania", and supports their 2nd Amendment rights...then 48 hours later goes West and decries those yokels as "Xenophobic" and "bitterly clinging to the their guns and relihion" as a result.

This Messiah wannabe sits in the pews for 20 years while his "spiritual mentor" DAMNS America!

This Messiah wannabe seeks out as his political mentor a Domestic Terrorist who once contemplated re-educating or KILLING 25 million Americans!

This Messiah wannabe gives a speech to the largest Jewish Political Action group in America, and states: "It is non-negotiable that Jerusalem remain as the undivided capital of Israel"...then within days tells a Palestinian group the fate of Jerusalem is up for negotiation!

The REAL Lord has sent a lot of things our way. Obama is NOT one of them!

One prediction to cheer you... (Below threshold)

One prediction to cheer you up:

In the (unlikely) event of an Obama victory, I forsee the McCain-Clinton Electoral Reform Act of 2009 giving us a much cleaner, more trustworthy result next time around --- and a Republican Congress in 2010.

And the presence of an Amer... (Below threshold)

And the presence of an America hating, Marxist thug in the White House, confiscating our property and rights by fiat- or presidential order- will require that people wake up and realize that Big Brother is the enemy, not the solution. A second American Revolution? It may represent the only way to regain our lost freedom. Has anyone asked the Messiah what exactly he means by the necessity of a security force with the strength and funding of the US military?

OLDPUPPYMAX: "Has anyone... (Below threshold)

OLDPUPPYMAX: "Has anyone asked the Messiah what exactly he means by the necessity of a security force with the strength and funding of the US military?"

No. This flew under the radar screen...and is one of the MOST ominous pronouncements from him.

- Creating a counter-weight to our military within our borders for WHAT purpose?
- Under WHOSE command?
- Why not simply strengthen the National Guard?
- Will they wear Brown Shirts?

Yes, God guides his people.... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Yes, God guides his people. Sometimes He chastises them or gives them over to their own passions. He may use Barack Obama as the instrument of His divine judgment. I hope not.

The canard that God looks a... (Below threshold)

The canard that God looks after this nation is comforting for some; but is like counting on the lottery for your retirement. How ironic for people in a society that has for the most part abandoned God, to expect that God will favor us and deliver us from our follies.

The Nation may survive; the country has certainly faced severe challenges before. However, this was a tougher, more focused society in the past. The sense of service and shared purpose is being quickly replaced by the community of entitlement.

This is the first time that 1/2 or more of the voting population has opted for a President who has declared our Constitution to be significantly flawed; and in essence a hinderance to the type of country he wants. Given that prejudice, there is no predicting where he will take this country, abetted by Pelosi, Frank, Reid, Kennedy, Schumer, et al.

Y'know Yosemite, you might ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Y'know Yosemite, you might want to wait and see how the votes count out, before you assume that the nation has reallly done what the media wants us to believe ...

DJ: <a href="http://www.zom... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

DJ: You should read this. Fascinating and right up your alley.

We are on the verge of beco... (Below threshold)

We are on the verge of becoming not France or Sweden but Bolivia . . .

Nice post DJ, again remindi... (Below threshold)

Nice post DJ, again reminding me why you're one of my favorite bloggers.

I make a lot of jokes about the Republican party being God's party (my favorite is Ecclesiastes 10:2), but I don't actually believe that. Good Christian men and women can be Democrats and bad ones can be Republicans.

Something that I believe Christians should do is pray for our leaders, regardless of who they are, how legally they got there, or what party they're from--they're still the ones deciding the fate of our country. Pray that they listen for God's guidance and accept wise counsel. I certainly hope McCain wins today, but if it is Obama, he will have my prayers and I will give him a chance to be a good President. I'll be a harsh judge, but from me, he will get a chance.

The polls, the media, an... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

The polls, the media, and the mainstream news have been so thoroughly pro-Obama all year

Obama is the first major Presidental candiate from either party to knows his way thoroughly around the Bible, much more than Reagan or either Bush and yet from the state where DJ Drummond resides, Poll finds 23% of Texans think Obama is Muslim.

That must be comforting for the great state of Texas if the American people have been so thoroughly indoctinated by the pro- Obama media as DJ believes.

Obama's in good company. Sa... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Obama's in good company. Satan knows his way 'around' the bible also.

There is only so long you c... (Below threshold)

There is only so long you can ignore what the Bible says, though, as well as the Constitution. The bottom line has always been the rule of law which will be the deciding factor.

D.J., before you ignore thi... (Below threshold)

D.J., before you ignore this completely, you may just want to look at the video all the way through. Digest it a little, then look at the seven parts. You might want to share it with people that will actually listen. Just 10 min of your time, that's all I ask. It's not like the other videos you've seen (maybe):

Have a nice evening. :)

Hi, DJ.Here are 3 ... (Below threshold)

Hi, DJ.

Here are 3 more videos I wanted you to look at

Here is part one, the other 2 are in the side bar menu:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s867QzPCmnI

While there is no perfect solution, there is always hope, and you know where that spirit of hope is coming from. :) I was going to ask, did you have a chance to look at the video from the other set that featured the australian coin? look at the number at the top right of the coin. doesn't it look vaguely familiar only up side down? the 911 commemorative coin that they are selling in the U.S. holds the same number (weight). Believe it or not, these are exciting times because now we know.






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