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The Spirit Of '76

Economy a bit on the shaky side: Check

Very unpopular Republican president blamed for the loss of his (would-be) successor: Check

Trouble with Iran brewing: Check

Energy crisis: Check

Smiling, cheerful national newcomer Democrat elected as president:<Check

Career Washington insider elected as vice-president: Check

Russians/Soviets feeling belligerent and expansionistic: Check

Man, we are so screwed...


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Get ready to re-instate the... (Below threshold)
tracey hynes:

Get ready to re-instate the Misery Index.

Screwed is not what I would... (Below threshold)

Screwed is not what I would call it... More like FUC#^$&

It seems every generation n... (Below threshold)

It seems every generation needs to burn its finger in the candle.

Its just that they really shouldn't do it when covered in gasoline though.

Jay Tea,I just throu... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea,
I just through reading a book about the Berlin Airlift and the similarities between 1948 and now are eerie. Truman, a closet socialist, wanted to nationalize the Steel Industry,socialize medicine, cut the armed forces to a fraction of their former size, had communists as associates...the list goes on. Do you think that there is an Eisenhower on the horizon?

Here we are :Break... (Below threshold)

Here we are :

Breaking News >> Medvedev: Russia to Deploy Missiles in Response to U.S. Missile Shield

Interesting similarities Ja... (Below threshold)

Interesting similarities Jay Tea.

But rather than writing the man off before he starts his job, why not give him a chance?

Your own dissatisfaction of Obama is bordering on Obama Derangement Syndrome!

james, some folks need a li... (Below threshold)

james, some folks need a little time to wallow. Obama hasn't even officially "won" the race -- remember the electoral college? -- and the polls have been closed less than 12 hours.


Yeah Jay, Give fascism a ch... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Yeah Jay, Give fascism a chance!

And I was a member of Attac... (Below threshold)

And I was a member of Attack Squadron One Four Five/CVW2 embarked in USS Ranger. Guess where I spent a lot of time then.
At least I am on the Permanent Retired List. Becuase I would have a hard time saying yes to that commie scumbag that won last night. See, after 30 years total, the CINC has to ask you to come back on active service. And being an old Intruder Guy, I might be needed due to the inability of the F/A-18 to be a decent tanker from a carrier deck.

Jay - will there be a time ... (Below threshold)

Jay - will there be a time limit on your wallowing?

I'm expect Obama will ask t... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

I'm expect Obama will ask the nation to put aside politics and come together to support him, however, Bush did the same thing in 2004. If Obama does the same things Bush did then Obama can expect the same results Bush got. Take a look.

Ah yes, the Elctoral Colleg... (Below threshold)

Ah yes, the Elctoral College!

I think even they, will have difficulty in overturning the inevitable! I am not wallowing at the result of the election; I am not a great Obama fan, but rather I find it hilarious to read the bile of people such as yourself!

You couldn't be more partisan even if you tried!

My poor poor mother, all th... (Below threshold)

My poor poor mother, all the pain from this, she hurt her back jumping up and down for sheer joy and ectasy from the news, 68 year old women who run 15 miles a day just need to take it easy when doing the macarena dance in celebration after midnight

Before you cut the head off... (Below threshold)

Before you cut the head off a goose you need to calm them down, or the meat is tough. So you hold them down and you talk real nice to them...and stroke them...and then when they're nice and calm you cut the head off!

Obama's speech tonight was very calming...

james, I wasn't saying the ... (Below threshold)

james, I wasn't saying the EC would overturn the election, just that they don't meet until December. It was a matter of citing a timing event, a calendar landmark.



You, know what guys, maybe ... (Below threshold)

You, know what guys, maybe we are in for a rough time, but I have a real peace about this.

They didn't get the 60 votes in the Senate. So, we can stop a few things there.

What hurts: the judges? Now, not only will the Supreme Ct move back, unless a few decide to hang on. But all the lower courts, ouch!

This is thing that is moving us slowly down the left leaning path.

What you guys fail... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

What you guys fail to realize, maybe your psychological make-up is such that you mentally can't, is that you brought this defeat upon yourselves.

You are totally unaware of what is going on. You revel in racism, hypocrisy, anti-intellectualism, homophobia, anti-science [drill baby drill] and flat out ignorance.

What makes any effort to rebuild what may be left of a conservative movement an almost impossible task is that you are UNAWARE THAT YOU ARE CLUELESS.

I don't know if this commen... (Below threshold)

I don't know if this comment really belongs here, but despite the second guessing from some corners, I am grateful we got to see Sarah Palin. She had a rough start but improved as time went on and well, I just really, really like her. I hope we continue to hear from her. I was stunned that a guy like Biden after, what, three decades in the political loop could look so clueless so often. I cannot fathom to this point how anyone could be less confident in Palin than Biden in standing to the succession of the presidency.

I don't know which Obama will show up for the presidency. The primary candidate, the presidential candidate, or someone who favorably surprises me. I hope the last of course. He is now a significant historical figure and he now must be judged on equal terms with any man who has previously held that office. His heritage doesn't cut him any special break because he is fully aware he has allowed himself to be painted as a "messiah" for lack of a better word. I actually feel a little sympathy for him coming out of the gate because he has to rely on Pelosi and Reid to march the liberal agenda through Congress.

The toughest thing for Obam... (Below threshold)

The toughest thing for Obama is trying to come up with a slogan for the NEXT election - "Change" won't work a second time around...

...perhaps "More of the Same"???

We really are so very screwed.

Thanks Jay TeaVery... (Below threshold)

Thanks Jay Tea

Very mature. Did you throw all of your toys from the pram when you banned me?

james, here's a hint: if yo... (Below threshold)

james, here's a hint: if your comment shows up, you have NOT been banned.

As I said (and everyone else seems to have understood), my mention of the EC was merely a calendar moment, NOT a fantasy. So forgive me if I called you an idiot for saying something idiotic.


yep. this is massively weak... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

yep. this is massively weak.

"You are totally unaware of... (Below threshold)

"You are totally unaware of what is going on. You revel in racism, hypocrisy, anti-intellectualism, homophobia, anti-science [drill baby drill] and flat out ignorance."

Uh, Dr. Lava, you write this stuff and call conservatives anti-intellectual?

My father is a conservative and owns a family business. He worries about his employees and whether he will be able to have work for them.

He has a gay grandson. Both he and his partner are very welcome in his grandparents house at any time. He doesn't love him any less than his other straight grandkids.

My dad read this:
Modern humans have become arrogant about our impact on the earth. We think we have to save Nature's seeds--from the same climate changes that have persisted throughout time. The Ice Ages come every 100,000 years, whether we burn fossil fuels or not. The ice cores, seabed sediments, fossil pollen, and cave stalagmites all testify to a moderate, natural 1,500-year climate cycle that is tied to the sun and has persisted through the past million years. The Russians tell us there's even a short Arctic climate cycle of about 70 years, and that the Arctic was warmer in the 1920s than it is today. Today, many decision makers are doing their best to ignore this evidence and foster illusions about the destructive power of our modern world.
At this link:
All he wants is to know the truth. Hs seems intellectually curious enough to me, but maybe not to you. Could you give me your contact information so he could benefit from your sanctimonious wisdom? By the way I had the distinct pleasure of working in science at a respected Ivty League school and trust me, science is shot full of politics. No lie.

If you spent any time with my dad you would know he is not a racist.

Stop dealing in caricatures. You have offered no credible insight into the conservative movement. Please return to your seat, one of the most interesting presidential administrations is about to take off.

Jay TeaPerhaps I h... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea

Perhaps I have not been banned but you did see fit to block my previous post. Nobody likes criticism but you do set yourself up, given that you use this site to publish your rantings. You are quite capable to dish it out,but like a boxer with a glass jaw, you are incapable of taking criticism.

Very brave indeed! Boo

Good bye

james, you put MY NAME on this comment. I corrected that. I could (and probably should) have banned you for just that, but I didn't.

I also checked, and didn't see any of your comments in the "junked' folder. Perhaps you were using another identity besides "james?"


one of the most in... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
one of the most interesting presidential administrations is about to take off

Unfortunately you are right about that. I say unfortunately because it's an ancient Chinese curse to say "may you live in interesting times."

All you need to know about ... (Below threshold)

All you need to know about the morons who live in Alaska: they probably voted to keep Ted Stevens in the Senate.

No wonder Sarah Palin is so popular there. The people can't even read newspapers.

Perhaps I have not... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
Perhaps I have not been banned but you did see fit to block my previous post.

Well unless it was full of mental porn it's more likely you forgot to hit the Submit button or you experienced a technical glitch. It does happen.

hyperbolist,With t... (Below threshold)
gdb in central Texas:


With the state the newspapers are in and their clear and disturbing bias it is amazing that anyone reads them . . . but I guess that explains the idiots who voted for Obama.

Man, we are so screwed..... (Below threshold)
Moonbat Hussein Obama:

Man, we are so screwed...

So true. Because your real opposition is here in the U.S. and it is the patriotic, small 'r' republicans, the American people. You are mostly the greatest threat to yourselves. In any other country, you'd be locked up.

This is who most of you sound like:

In 1967, Kahl wrote a letter to the Internal Revenue Service[citation needed] stating that he would no longer pay taxes to the, in his words, "Synagogue of Satan under the 2nd plank of the Communist Manifesto."

Gordon Kahl ended up as greasy stain on a lonely highway.


Mr T -You forgot t... (Below threshold)

Mr T -You forgot that On Jan 20 the world would start spinning backwards, chickens would stop laying, that Fiji intends to invade the continent, roosters will stop crowing, dogs will start meowing and cats will start barking. This, of course, in only a partial list of the "nightmare(s)" you so eloquently wrote about yesterday.

Happy dreams!!

P.S. We do have Sarah Palin is personally guarding our northern borders, binoculars in hand, so you have some cause to feel safe from Russia and Putin.

Remember Jimmy Carter?... (Below threshold)

Remember Jimmy Carter?

He too was the favorite of the MSM and liberal special-interest groups and he proceeded to damage not only the military, but our intelligence networks and gave political legitimacy to Yasser Arafat and his thugs.

His 'Peace' brought no peace, and with an Obama administration, you will find things turning far worse. Especially in South America where Chavez will be able to overthrow Columbia via his FARC subsidiary.

But hey, as long as the Europeans start liking us again...what the heck!

Hey, if that means we'll ge... (Below threshold)

Hey, if that means we'll get another Ronald Reagan in four years, maybe this isn't that bad.

dr. lava: "You revel in rac... (Below threshold)

dr. lava: "You revel in racism..."

1. Go fuck yourself.
2. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I am so fucking sick of this divisive, race-baiting bullshit.

The next person who plays the patented Obama Race Card in my presence gets his ass handed to him and leaves the conversation on a gurney.

Not an idle threat.

You can ban me now, Jay, if you'd like.

I've said my peace.

Oh, yeah...great post.

Candy: The toughest thin... (Below threshold)

Candy: The toughest thing for Obama is trying to come up with a slogan for the NEXT election - "Change" won't work a second time around...

That's an easy one.

Obama '12: It's STILL George Bush's Fault!

What you guys fai... (Below threshold)
What you guys fail to realize, maybe your psychological make-up is such that you mentally can't, is that you brought this defeat upon yourselves.

You are totally unaware of what is going on. You revel in racism, hypocrisy, anti-intellectualism, homophobia, anti-science [drill baby drill] and flat out ignorance.

What makes any effort to rebuild what may be left of a conservative movement an almost impossible task is that you are UNAWARE THAT YOU ARE CLUELESS.

To the extent Republicans acted like liberals you are correct.

Except for Hyperbolist, who... (Below threshold)

Except for Hyperbolist, who really is a canadian idiot with no dog in this hunt, I wish to address the lefties:

Today, I solemnly pledge to you I will support President Barry with the same if not more enthusiasm and grace that you have shown to GW Bush inn 2000. President Chimpy and I Hate America Michelle will get that dedication from me.

On to 2010. ww

Hey Jay,I remember... (Below threshold)

Hey Jay,

I remember the Carter years, it was when I first started watching network news. I still remember the moderately somber mood my parents exhibited after the 1976 election. Things did not improve from there, and then came the Iranian hostage crisis -- 444 days of a literal Act of War while we sat on our hands.

At least we cannot give the Panama Canal away again. There is that to look forward to.


The Alaskans that voted for Ted Stevens are pretty much aware of his felony conviction but they're not going to give the seat to a Democrat outright. Those Alaskans are also aware that if Stevens wins and then has to resign (a near-certainty) they will get another chance to elect a qualified GOP person to the seat who isn't a felon, and will therefore likely beat Mark Begich outright. My guess is Sean Parnell, the Lt. Governor, will be the nominee and he'll likely win.

It's second-order thinking, which is probably why it's confusing you.

Hyper,If WV can keep... (Below threshold)

If WV can keep electing the Kleegle, Mass. the Swimmer and PA the Mad Marine, then I suppose Alaska can elect the Porkbelly Purjerist

30. Posted by JFO ... (Below threshold)

30. Posted by JFO

You just really say the stupidest damn things I have ever read on this blog. Is it because you really don't understand politics, but support the blog with donations?

You missed a crucially impo... (Below threshold)

You missed a crucially important difference:

None of the Republican Primary candidates -- not one -- was clearly expressing a conservative philosophy around which all three branches of the GOP base (social conservatives, free market conservatives, and national defense conservatives) can rally for the next four years.

We've got two years to find that philosophy -- without needing a single charismatic leader -- and then two more to find that leader. (There's a chance it could be Sarah Palin -- I'll be interested to hear her first few speeches once she no longer has to adhere to McCain Campaign policy positions...)

What's Newt up to these days?






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