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Some lighthearted post-election fun (via Lucianne):

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are


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Thanks Lorie. I needed that... (Below threshold)

Thanks Lorie. I needed that.

Okay, that made me laugh.</... (Below threshold)

Okay, that made me laugh.

now that was funny,got my m... (Below threshold)

now that was funny,got my morning off to a great start. thx Lorie :)

Unfortunately there is a do... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately there is a down side to this as well.

My son is reporting that black, male kids have been emboldened by Obama's win. While there has been a problem for some time with race related fights and "Thug" type activities, it is getting worse. Several white boys got beat up yesterday at his school by blacks who accused the white boys of voting for McCain. That the boys were obviously too young to vote for anyone was not a consideration, apparently.

Blacks are in a minority of about 10% at the school. "He started it," is the mantra when confronted by teachers trying to keep order.

Another fun one from... (Below threshold)

Another fun one from The Onion:


As for the young thugs, now we get to start using the "President Obama would be ashamed of you" tactic.

Black boys acting stupid do... (Below threshold)

Black boys acting stupid doesn't require Obama in office. I imagine that this may be hard to understand but parenting is the only problem.

Oh and white kids can be violent too, and usually get away with it. Lets keep the racism in the closet people.

It's interesting that you b... (Below threshold)

It's interesting that you bring that up, Larry. My father is a corrections officer and he has been saying for months that his black inmates have been telling him things like, "You just wait till Obama is President, he's gonna let us out and get rid of all the white guys like you."

I don't blame Obama at all for their behavior, but it is something to watch for. Stupidity doesn't discriminate based on race.

Stupidity can be disproport... (Below threshold)

Stupidity can be disproportionate in some groups; I would include Russians, Venezuelans, and Cubans, as well as Nicaraguans. It's the culture, not the skin color.

The content of the character makes a big diff.; hmmm, seems I remember someone saying that long ago, but rarely see it in practice on the Left side of the aisle. What about being proud of your Pastor and mentors?

The example we ALL set--including Mr. Obama--is important to our next generation of leaders. It seems the old ways still predominate, even with The One, which is to his discredit.






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