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'It's actually not that bad.'

Upon reflection: Taking a world view of Obama's election

"His win has really changed my view of America," Beijing sales manager Lei Xiuli said of President-elect Barack Obama. "I have read a lot about discrimination against black people in America. Now I realize that it's actually not that bad."

Well, yeah. Someone tell that to some in the Obama campaign, please. (We tried during the campaign, but were written off as racists.)


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No, no, it's fine! Everythi... (Below threshold)

No, no, it's fine! Everything's just cupcakes and sprinkles for the modern African American!


One incident - or even a fe... (Below threshold)
Steve Schippert:

One incident - or even a few - by jackasses that could use a nice, long prison sentence does not a racist nation make.

Though the jackasses surely didn't bother to notice, the victims in the above were Indian-Americans.

A blight, yes. Systematic and nationally defining? No, sir.

Hyperbolist lives upto his ... (Below threshold)

Hyperbolist lives upto his name.

Really, guys, at this point you look fairly risible. A Rainbows and unicorns utopia you'll find in no country; you'll only have to settle for a black president. Boo-hoo-hoo.

My best Blazing Saddles par... (Below threshold)

My best Blazing Saddles paraphrase:

We'll elect the Blacks and Women but we don't want the Mormons.

Hyper, who lives in the lil... (Below threshold)

Hyper, who lives in the lily WHITE canadian country. White snow, white people, etc. ww

Nice to Know we can take Ch... (Below threshold)

Nice to Know we can take China view on this I mean they as such a tolerant society.

Thier not issues with any groups except.

Tibetan monks
Falun Gong
Try and get teaching postion as Black in China.

"I have read a lot about di... (Below threshold)

"I have read a lot about discrimination against black people in America. Now I realize that it's actually not that bad."

Beijing sales manager?! A What a bunch of horsesh*t! He could care less about discrimination in America.

Willie, you're retarded. Wh... (Below threshold)

Willie, you're retarded. White people are no longer the majority in Toronto or Vancouver, and in Montréal, it's a separate Francophone culture that dominates demographically. Canada may have a lot of problems, but a lack of diversity isn't one of them, you putz.

Hyper said:<blockquo... (Below threshold)

Hyper said:

No, no, it's fine! Everything's just cupcakes and sprinkles for the modern African American!

From the article:

Homeowner Gary Grewal...

Grewal, 51, a management consultant who emigrated from India

Because India and Africa are so much alike. Do all dark people look alike to you, Hyper? ;)
Or is this just your rush to find incidental, and at this time unproven, examples to back up your own prejudice?

But Lord knows, up in Canada, there's no such thing as race based bigotry, so you naturally need to turn your eyes south...

SCSI, I happen to have a lo... (Below threshold)

SCSI, I happen to have a lot of white friends who claim to have black friends. :)

Seriously, though, I'm aware of racism in my society, though at least we charge people for dressing up like the Klan or using the n-word inappropriately (e.g., a white person who doesn't like rap music says it while clearly enunciating the 'r' at the end of the word). We embrace affirmative action and we feel ashamed of the state of our First Nations' Peoples, as it's our (white people's) fault that most of them have been cast aside by modern society. My country is far from perfect.

Anyway, just because the stupid m*therf*ckers who burnt a cross on their lawn failed to understand the cultural significance of what they were doing and just lumped brown people in with black, does not suggest to me that these people would not have done the same thing to a black family with Obama signs on their lawn. I think it speaks to a) racism that still exists in certain parts of your country; and b) the sheer stupidity of the people who perpetrated this particular crime. I'm sorry, but I fail to see how that racial discrepancy in any way mitigates the significance of this act.

Hyper,I have no blac... (Below threshold)

I have no black friends. Most are kind of a kona to mocha shade. :)

However, the issue I have with your example is 1) You claim things are not good for blacks, while pointing to a story about a man from India.
2) The incident has not been proven either way. There is a high incidence of false reports for things like this. Remember the carved B? The CA professor that had anti-jew phrases on her car? The number of fake noose cases? Swastikas painted on dorm room doors?
Given the make up of NJ, and the fact that cross burning has nor real history there, I won't be shocked to find this is made up. Google Cross Burning and NJ in the same search. See how many hits you find to another event.
3) There are plenty of applicable examples of problems blacks face in America. But not so many as previous decades, nor as severe.






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