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Jay Tea's Evil Thought Of The Day

Gee, wouldn't it be fun if, when Obama's nominees for Cabinet positions come up, most -- if not all -- Republicans in the Senate simply voted "present?"


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I don't think this would be... (Below threshold)

I don't think this would be helpful. We are not the Democrats, or the DailyKooks. Republicans need to regain their conservative roots, and focus on winning back congress in 2010. If the Obama administration and the Democrat congress become the train wreck I think they will be, Republicans need to focus, not on petty sniping, but preparing for the next election with a positive message as well as pointing out the Democrats' failures.

You're bad. But very funny.... (Below threshold)

You're bad. But very funny.

My evil thought was a coupl... (Below threshold)

My evil thought was a couple of weeks back when, after laborious effort, the Senate and House had agreed on a bailout bill. It was:

A Message from President George W. Bush

I thank the Congress for their effort in crafting this difficult and potentially divisive legislature to address what is clearly a significant challenge to our national economy.

It's too bad that you couldn't have listened to anything I said on the subject of reining in Fannie and Freddie over the last several years, this was avoidable. On several occasions I made you aware of the risks, and all I got back was, basically, a pile of invective, charges of racism and The Finger.

Well, you should have thought about that before. I'm sick of this job, and frankly, sick of you. As President, I'm taking the following actions:

1. This "bailout bill" is now vetoed. If you thought getting 50% of the House on board was a challenge, try getting two-thirds to override. Good luck with that.

2. I hereby pardon Vice-President Dick Cheney for any and all crimes committed while in office.

3. I resign. Maybe you'll find now-President Cheney more accomodating. Or not.

4. Forward my mail to Australia. Laura and I are taking a long vacation at John Howard's place.


George W. Bush

My evil thought for the day... (Below threshold)

My evil thought for the day was this:

I wonder if Barack Obama is going to send Joe Biden to his grandmother's funeral?

My evil thought for the day... (Below threshold)

My evil thought for the day came from Ann Coulter (I know, I know - but this was GOOD!):

In an effort at bi-partisanship, we shall treat President-Elect Obama with the same respect and dignity the Left gave to President Bush.


Unfortunately, I cannot find it in myself to really want to descend that low.

But it will be very VERY tempting to see just how close I can come to that line...

Wouldn't be helpful, but so... (Below threshold)

Wouldn't be helpful, but something close would be. Simply become the party of "no." Filibuster and then vote "no" on every appointment: make the Democrats override the filibuster or outwait it, and then make them own the appointments. Do this even for the most minor judgeships. Offer amendments to every bill designed to undo everything bad, strip out every earmark and so forth (this also requires the Republicans foregoing earmarks). Vote "no" on the bills anyway, unless they are squeaky-clean constitutionally; make the Democrats own every word in every bill. In fact, demand that every bill be read on the floor before being voted on; allow nothing to be "taken as read into the record." In other words, use parliamentary procedure to overwhelm and gum up the system, and make every outcome depend on the Democrats' votes. Don't be rude; simply offer explanations of why whatever it is is bad, and vote against it. Propose constantly, but only vote for bills the Republicans proposed. Don't co-sponsor; don't go along: simply oppose, quietly, respectfully and relentlessly.

This way, you can stay both nice and respectful, while explaining your positions in detail and making the Democrats own the mess they are about to create.

Another evil thought: AS I... (Below threshold)
Codekeyguy Author Profile Page:

Another evil thought: AS I read elsewhere, what if all of The Messiah's cabinet appointments couldn't pass the security checks?????

Very, very bad. . .but I lo... (Below threshold)

Very, very bad. . .but I love it!

Medcalf: I would only add ... (Below threshold)

Medcalf: I would only add one thing. Post CSPAN video of all of it on blogs, because the media will report it sans any fact.

I could be wrong, but I was... (Below threshold)
Boyd Author Profile Page:

I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that members of the US Senate and House of Representatives have exactly three choices on a vote: Aye, Nay, or don't vote at all.

As I recall, all of Obama's "Present" votes were in the Illinois State Senate. But then again, I could be wrong.

I was just thinking that sa... (Below threshold)

I was just thinking that same thing. They should vote "present" on everything.






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