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Peace In Our Time

It's not just random Austrian women laying smooches. Why, it's everyone.

And there you have it. Peace in our time.

And Nancy didn't even have to make a trip.

See what the mere prospect of talking to our enemies can achieve - with or without preconditions or preparations?

Ahem: Check this space (and the turf of our allies') in 6 months.

UPDATE: It's not just friends like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Fidel Castro, and Hugo Chavez welcoming the new American president, it's the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq, the notional Abu Omar al-Baghdadi. He has a 21-minute audio message for "the New Governors of the White House."

Want to test your Arabic skills? Give a listen by downloading the al-Furqan MP3 file yourself here. You'll be hours ahead of the news curve.

Who is Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, you ask? See for yourself...

Have a peek: PrincipalAnalysis: The Fiction of Abu Omar al-Baghdadi.


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Awe come on. No comments?</... (Below threshold)
Steve Schippert:

Awe come on. No comments?

What? Al-Baghdadi got your tongue?

Those who bother to listen will perhaps catch the reference(s) to Afghanistan, bin Laden and al-Qaeda inside Pakistan...

We are not simply partisan critics in noting the impact of the dangerous and irresponsible statement by the one-time candidate that US forces are "bombing villages and killing civilians."

Buckle up. Rough terrain ahead.

the heads of China, Russia,... (Below threshold)

the heads of China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela and North Korea are eagerly awaiting January 2009!

Yee Haw!

I hope Obama's speechwriters are REAL GOOD...cause when Taiwan, the former Soviet Bloc, Israel, Columbia and South Korea start getting the snot kicked out of them, I want a REAL "tingle up the leg" speech from "The One". Passion, anger, hope, change...I want it all. No ACTION, of course...but lots of passion!

Buckle up??? How about DIG IN.

Putin wants his old job bac... (Below threshold)

Putin wants his old job back. I think he has read the assessments of their foreign operatives and he sees an opportunity to regain the Soviets former glory. The Ukrainians, Latvians, Estonians, Lithuanians and the rest need to start boning up on their Russian.

Justrand: just for kicks, c... (Below threshold)

Justrand: just for kicks, cite one single credible source that suggests that Obama will be bad news for South Koreans. I follow the news in that country, having lived there, and frankly you're talking out of your ass.

And as for the rest of those assholes, if you're going to let Hugo Chavez or Vladimir Putin influence your vote one way or another, you could stand to sprout some cajones. "Oh noez!!! Venezuela is going to conquer America now!!1!!" Reduced to a bunch of squealing children: funny.

"Justrand: just for kicks, ... (Below threshold)

"Justrand: just for kicks, cite one single credible source that suggests that Obama will be bad news for South Koreans."

He's bad news, hyper, but not the worst news.

What do you know about Kore... (Below threshold)

What do you know about Koreans and their attitudes towards free trade and military relations with America, LaMedusa? Did you live there, and continue to communicate with and learn from Korean people?

Koreans like Obama, though that's hardly newsworthy. Everybody likes him. He's a good guy, bright, thoughtful; he'll be an excellent leader on the world stage.






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