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Two Day Stock Plunge Worst Since 1987

Since the economy was the number one issue in the election, when will the American electorate and the media begin complaining about the Obama plunge in the stock market? I asked a similar question before the election. During the Bush years, even good economic news was reported negatively. I remember one really good report came out and I wondered how the press could possibly spin it negatively, but they did by adding something like "experts warn it won't last" to the headline. I expect the opposite now. No matter how bad economic news may become, the media will find a ray of sunshine somewhere in it to report. At least one news service though, the AP) is reporting the relationship of the stock plunge to the election of Obama. They must be light headed from the election results and just temporarily forgot that all bad new is Bush's fault.


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So I'm not the only one tha... (Below threshold)

So I'm not the only one that noticed this? I thinks its absurd for the media to be blaming the slide in the stock markets on economic news. Bad economic news is already built into the market and short of a major surprise the market would not lose 1000 points in two days just on economic readings alone. No, this is definetly related to the election. People are uneasy about what an Obama presidency and Democratic controlled Congress will mean for their portfolio.

Oxygen Rich Environment

Sounds like lack of confide... (Below threshold)

Sounds like lack of confidence in the election's outcome to me. I hope it stays in the cellar.

Obama's economic agenda is ... (Below threshold)

Obama's economic agenda is what made me feel the country had shot itself in the gut on Tuesday.

One can survive such a wound, but I suspect that unimaginable pain is on the way.

I think the AP started to b... (Below threshold)

I think the AP started to back away from BHO a bit a couple of weeks ago: can't remember the story but it was critical in a way I had not seen outside regional media. Anyhow, it is just the start, but alas won't end being more than a change from 95% favorable coverage to 85%, barring some truly major goof in response to some event[s].

I consider myself lucky in living long enough to see the rise of the 'net and bloggers, learning stuff I otherwise would never heard. I am reminded of seeing a passing blog reference to a Medal of Honor winner when I had not heard any such had been awarded (the first for Iraq), then using GOOGLE and finding out why: only two media mentions, his home-town paper and a statewide Florida [why Florida, I do not know] paper. NYT? LAT? WaPo?

I blame Obama.It's... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

I blame Obama.

It's also going to snow here this weekend as well. I blame Obama for that too.


You have got to be kidding ... (Below threshold)
Axel Rose:

You have got to be kidding me. You actually think the economic mess is caused by biased media coverage? You don't think President Bush had anything to do with it?

Somebody needs a drug test...






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