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Hatfields and McCoys 21st century version

There certainly are some interesting ways to handle disputes in the Southern Philippines.

Two people died while 9 others got hurt when two warring clans clashed in the southern Philippine province of Sulu, police said Friday.

Police said the fighting erupted on Tulayan Island, Luuk town late Thursday afternoon.

"Two people are dead in the fighting and at least nine more were wounded in the fighting between two warring clans," said Senior Superintendent Julasirim Kasim, the Sulu police chief.

Kasim said more policemen were sent to the island to prevent the escalation of hostilities between the Omar and Buclao families, which have been fighting over ancestral lands.

He said Gov. Abdusakur Tan ordered police and military to disarm the protagonists and seize all illegal weapons on the island and file criminal charges against those involved in the fighting.

"There is a joint police and military operation to disarm private armies in the area," he said.

Tan previously ordered authorities to dismantle private armies and seize all illegal weapons and declared a total gun ban in the province.

Kasim said the protagonists traded mortar fire and engaged in sporadic clashes that lasted well into the night. He said the fighting subsided after police, backed by government soldiers, were deployed on the island.

The clash took place in the very southern part of the Philippines. Tulayan Island is part of the Sulu Archipelago which is not just closer to Indonesia distance wise, but culturally too. Its part of Moroland, and in contrast to the rest of the Philippines which is mostly Roman Catholic, The islands in the Sulu Archipelago are predominantly Muslim.

Back to the story above. Are they regrouping in preparation to avenge those killed. Mortars were used in this attack, if both sides escalate, what weaponry will they use next?

Hopefully peace will reign though I'm not optimistic.


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Until the '80s many people... (Below threshold)

Until the '80s many people from the old southern border states came to Chicago and settled in the Uptown neighborhood. During the '70s my father, a Chicago lawyer, defended one of the McCoys who had walked into a an Uptown bar and shot one of the Hatfields. It can take a while for those feuds to die.






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