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Minimum Standards

I keep hearing how 'historic' this election is. After consideration, I do not agree. Oh, I understand the contention. Barack Obama is the first black man to be elected President of the United States. And the media seems to be bragging about how this has advanced the United States, morally, in doing so. But that really does not seem to me to be the case.

First, let's start with the notion that a black man winning election makes that election 'historic'. Really now, by that logic we have had a lot of 'historic' elections. George Washington was the first president, John Adams the first president not named Washington, various presidents were the first to be elected of their party, Thomas Jefferson was the first president to be elected in a contest decided by the House of Representatives, Martin Van Buren was the first natural-born American to be elected president, John Quincy Adams was the first president elected in an election where citizens voted for their states' electors, James Buchanan was the first and so far only bachelor to be elected president, John Kennedy was the first Catholic president, and so on and so on. Party, region, constitutional quirk, all kinds of 'firsts' have come to pass over the years. Skin tone hardly seems to jump out as a significant reason to call an election 'historic'.

I do realize that those who are cheering this election as 'historic' see this as more than a cosmetic change. But there again, I cannot agree. Barack Obama was hardly the first black man to run for president, even as a candidate for a major political party. Jesse Jackson and Alan Keyes preceded him as notable democrat and republican candidates, but even they were not the first. Barack Obama did not win because he had overcome a prejudice against black candidates; he won because of a combination of slick advertising, a popular message, and an economic crisis with the sitting president belonging to the opposing party.

What is strange about Obama's focus on being the first black president, is that he started his campaign claiming to be beyond that. Beyond playing the race card, beyond attack politics. Of course, we know that was just a lie; Obama's campaign regularly attacked any criticism as "racism". Obama's campaign saw nothing wrong with sexism or age bias, either. McCain was cast as 'too old' and Team Obama started countless rumors about his health. Palin was the target of a relentless smear campaign, from lawyers sent to paw through her trash to talk show hosts trashing her success as a governor, this of course coming only after similar smear campaigns against Hillary Clinton. That's not to say too much against Obama; Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon used smear tactics with similar success, so in that regard Obama was merely following a proven method to winning. But anyone claiming that Barack Obama represented a higher standard of ethics and personal integrity is well off the mark. Barack Obama is a man of minimum qualifications and standards, and so is hard-pressed to find an accomplishment he can point to as genuinely historic. Certainly this election does not promise such lofty hopes.


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I could not agree more.... (Below threshold)

I could not agree more.

No offense here but this is... (Below threshold)

No offense here but this is ridiculous. To go from slavery to Jim Crow to a black man as President so quickly IS historic.

This comes off like REALLY "sore loser" material, sorry to say. Everything you say about Obama as a person and a leader is true, but to try to take away the historic label? That's petty, small and intellectually dishonest.

Let's NOT sink to the level of Kos Kids.

At the time of his birth Ob... (Below threshold)

At the time of his birth Obama's parents would not have been allowed to get married in Virginia. 47 years later he carried the state. Nope nothing historic here. I thought you were better than these sour grapes DJs.

Here's the deal: 97% of bla... (Below threshold)
Captain America:

Here's the deal: 97% of black voters voted for Obama. Imagine if 97% of white voters voted for the white candidate? Racists

I think that for a lot of p... (Below threshold)

I think that for a lot of people the election of a black man as president is very significant. I'll not presume to tell them their feelings aren't legitimate.

I'd like to make something clear, however, and that is that nothing is different today than last Monday. People were just as willing to elect a black man or a woman last Monday as today.

Or last month.

Or even last year.

Or the year before.

Nothing is different today than at any time the last... oh... decade when our "elite" and our "intellectuals" portrayed this country as racist and backward during their European vacations. Nothing is different today than when dear Erica Jong told an Italian magazine that troops were being brought home in order to fight our own citizens with Cheney leading them. Nothing has changed.

I take that back.

What has changed is that it will be less easy for those of our betters who think there is no harm or danger in portraying their own country as violent and racist on those European vacations... it will be harder for them to lie.

Faux bama is clearly the le... (Below threshold)

Faux bama is clearly the least qualified racist/sexist to ever be elected President.

Im still wondering how many fraudulent votes he bought from ACORN.

Pelosi is saying that the v... (Below threshold)

Pelosi is saying that the voters approving prop 8 in California may not have understood what they were doing. I could say that about 63 million people just as easily as Madam Speaker.

I just want to clarify: OBA... (Below threshold)

I just want to clarify: OBAMA'S shortcomings as a pol and a person notwithstanding, the fact that America elected a black man *IS* historic, regardless of how sour the grapes may taste during the toast. Obama is as flawed as most say, and I predict his term to be quite Carter-like in the many economic and international disasters, but... to claim that his election is not historic is a mistake, one that will be used against us in the future.

I voted for McCain and neve... (Below threshold)

I voted for McCain and never entertained voting for Obama. But I agree with JimK, it was an historic election. I was hoping the first black president would be a conservative; hopefully the first woman president will be a conservative. Obama will now take an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. Going forward, to me his color is now irrelevant. His job (at this pay grade) is color blind.

I disagree DJ. Obama's win... (Below threshold)

I disagree DJ. Obama's win was historic. It doesn't matter that he did it using conventional election techniques such as lying, empty rhetoric, voter fraud, smears and the like.

That's just normal election stuff.

It doesn't matter that the economy was the real reason he won. It doesn't matter that parts of his own party had a large part in the economy going in the tank and I don't mean just Freddie and Fannie.

It doesn't matter that he was just plain lucky.

Fact is, he is half black. Fact is he will be sworn in as Presidene January 20, 2009.

And THAT is historic.

I would agree the most hist... (Below threshold)

I would agree the most historic part of this election was the $500,000,000.00 price tag for the White House. Most expensive real estate in the country or world for that matter,

I am sick of this historic ... (Below threshold)

I am sick of this historic election crap.
First, Obama is not Black -HE IS BIRACIAL,

He was not raised by his black parent, but rather his white parent and grandparents.

He was not raised in the hood but in middle class white suburbia.

His black half is Luo, not west african bantu, like American blacks. Bantu's are closer genetically to WASP's than to Luos.

Because of his half Luo ancestry, he has no heritage of the Middle Passage, slavery, or Jim Crow.

Despite being a white raised biracial Kenyan, he ran as an African american and played the race card along with the MSM. Appologies to Clint Eastwood, but he's not black but a biracial changeling.

Besides, Harding was the first biracial president.

Captain America, in 2004 ab... (Below threshold)

Captain America, in 2004 about 100% of the white voters voted for a white man.

Same in 2000.

And in 1996.

And in every other election.


People like to record first... (Below threshold)

People like to record firsts, but let us be honest ,investing so much in a single person can result in unintended consequences.
(aka not fulling thinking out that actions of consequences)

Some people do not remember that after the Civil war the North appointed a number of blacks in positions of power in the south. Many of them did not have the qualifications and relied on advisors who took the opportunity to fleece the south. This along with the rest of the carpet baggers lead to deep resentment and poisoned the well for Black politicians for a long time to come.

So my concern with the constant emphasis on Obama's Blackness, if Obama fails, it will not be as a least qualified Marxist Democratic to hold the position, but will provide justification for some that a Black should not be president. (Ah the run will the MSM be so invested not letting that happen that they minimize coverage on his faults?)

It is just like misplaced affirmative action. WHen quotas are established people think the only reason someone is hired is to fulfill that quota. In some misguided (or intentional ) case under qualified people are but into the position and they of course fail.
This then paints every person of that type hired with the same brush.

It also makes people believe that they cannot compete without affirmative action. (when prop 209 passed not one black applicant applied that year in CA)

Which is what I think some people want.
I always looked at it as two types of racism.
Benign Racism:
Those who want a permeant class of people dependent on their programs so they continue to vote them in. The people in power know
X cannot compete against whites without there help. (even though before Civil Rights movement their were , Doctors, Lawyers, Generals, millionaires, scientist etc)

The other racist class that always points to affirmative action as prof that without it people cannot compete. These are the ones who always tell someone we could not hire you because we hired X even though you are more qualified which bread hate.

So give me content of character,
If inner city youth (black, white, asian etc) cannot compete for college because of education. Fix the education that they receive.

Whenever I think Drummond c... (Below threshold)

Whenever I think Drummond can't be a bigger ass, he surprises me. Yes, Deej, black candidates have run for president before, in both parties. None of them got more than 2% of the primary vote, let alone the nomination. Then to go on to win the presidency in a landslide, capturing 365 electoral votes with Missouri still pending, is historic. It doesn't matter what people like you say. Yeah, 365, because they just called Nebraska district 2 for Obama.

When Barack Obama was born, African-Americans were subject to poll taxes and other bullshit like that in states like Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida. In 2008, he carried those states.

So go take your ball and go home, Drummond. You're a laughingstock with all your "the polls are wrong, McCain's going to win" posts.

I'm as white as a bucket of sour cream. This election was never about race whatsoever. It was about repudiating the fundamentals of conservatism and the Republican party.

"It was about repudiating t... (Below threshold)

"It was about repudiating the fundamentals of conservatism"

No it wasn't, you addle-brained dillweed. It was about getting free stuff and slapping and the Republican party. It had nothing whatsoever to do with conservative principles. McCain is not now nor has he ever been conservative, and neither is (or ever was) GWB or anyone else making decisions in that administration.

I doubt you even know what conservative principles are.

It's historic in the sense ... (Below threshold)

It's historic in the sense that yes, we have a first black president. But it's not that big a deal for those of us who know that we are not the "racist nation" that we're purported to be.

And Ryan, our resident autocrat/dictator-in-training, is sitting there at his keyboard, gleefully rubbing his hands together at the prospect of people being silenced.

"So go take your ball and go home, Drummond." ~ Ryan

"7 more days to spout your garbage, and then you all get to shut your mouths." ~ Ryan

"Well, if President Obama doesn't shut you idiots up, then (cross your fingers) a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate and perhaps a 70-seat supermajority in the House will." ~ Ryan

Ofc it was a historic elect... (Below threshold)

Ofc it was a historic election, to try and say it isn't is idiotic. Just as if Hillary would have won. This election was historic for all the right reasons, it was a first for this great nation. Color is not really an issue with me, but when people start trying to say color means nothing, then that is wrong.

I hope people can see past Obama's color now and move on and go hate something else. But that would be a first, and therefore not significant enough to come to pass.

It WAS an Historic First® f... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

It WAS an Historic First® for a person, whose mother was White and from Kansas and whose father was Black and from Kenya was born in Hawaii, to go on to become the President of the United States of America.

And it IS inspirational for all those people, whose mother is White and from Kansas and whose father is Black and from Kenya and were born in Hawaii, to hope to someday become the President of the United States of America.

DJ - I'm amazed at your pos... (Below threshold)

DJ - I'm amazed at your post. It really does sound bitter and dismissive. You don't have to like Obama or his policies; you don't have to support him or his policies but to say it isn't historic? Geez DJ 60 years ago, I was alive, and they were still lynching black people. I was raised in notrthern Maryland from 1949 -1958. I lived in a segregated town, 10 miles from Washington D.C. Black people had to sit up in the balcony at my Catholic church; the balcony in the movie theaters. I saw all that and though I was too young at the time to appreciate it I clearly remember it. And 50 years later the country has come this far so that it could elect a man of color. What hope do you think that gives to other minorities - hispanics, muslims, asians?

Disagree all you want. Protest all you want. Be an activist against his policies all you want. But don't deny the significance of this election. That's just (sorry for the strong word) ignorant.

The post-Bush-Rove Republican Party is in the minority because it has driven away women, the young, suburbanites, black Americans, Latino-Americans, Asian-Americans, to name some. It's something that Republicans are going to have to fix or they'll keep losing elections.

JFO, what eactly did your p... (Below threshold)

JFO, what eactly did your parents do to correct the segrated situation? Keep going to church? Did you inherit the racists beliefs of your parents and now have "white guilt"?

This was a historic election. This will also be a total disaster of historic proportions. Obama is "thinking" about what to tackle first. No plan, no vision. Just hoping it will come to him. Cheesh. ww

Well I can tell you what my... (Below threshold)

Well I can tell you what my parents did. My father, a physician, refused to do business with the drug store which had a segregated lunch counter. We went to a different church and my sisters, older than me, used to sneak into the balcony of the movie theater. My father and I marched in several civil rights protests together - my father was arrested once. Do I have white guilt? I'll answer that by saying it's a typically stupid, ignorant question from you and the answer is no. I wasn't taught guilt by my parents. I was taught about equality and the responsibility of society to fight against intolerance and racism.

As for your last screed about Obama I simply say that ignorance is contempt prior to investigation. Today you are wearing your ignorance on your sleeve, Maybe in a few months or a few years you won't sound so ignorant and you may even be proven right though I hope not.

WildWillie, you said, "Obam... (Below threshold)

WildWillie, you said, "Obama is "thinking" about what to tackle first. No plan, no vision. Just hoping it will come to him. Cheesh."

Doesn't that sound like the person who has occupied the White House for the last 8 years. What is he thinking about fixing the mess he got us into?

What kind of crystal ball do you have that lets you know what people are thinking about? Face the fact, none of us know what he will do when he takes office, except for you and your magic crystal ball. Glad I don't have you for an investment adviser.

"McCain was cast as 'too... (Below threshold)

"McCain was cast as 'too old'" -- DJ Drummond.

NO MATTER WHAT AGE YOU ARE, YOU CAN STILL SHINE, YOU STILL HAVE SOMETHING TO CONTRIBUTE. On behalf of his country, the distinguished Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens courageously went beyond the call of duty for eight years. We know why he did it, though it definitely must not have been easy. This wonderful, VERY FUNNY song, an homage to this fine U.S. Supreme Court Justice and to his splendid colleague, Justice Ginsburg, is right now most appropriate:


The post-Bush-Rov... (Below threshold)
The post-Bush-Rove Republican Party is in the minority because it has driven away women, the young, suburbanites, black Americans, Latino-Americans, Asian-Americans, to name some. It's something that Republicans are going to have to fix or they'll keep losing elections.

When did all that happen?
I mean GWB tired to reach out to all those groups. By appointing people into positions of power. However every time it was done they were called sellouts.

McCain lost because he was not a conservative. He did not expose those values. He also lost because Bush expanded government with more social programs. McCain received 50% of the investor vote while Bush received 100% McCain received 80% of the conservative vote and that was only because conservatives were voting against Obama instead of for McCain.
McCain lost because like that Bible says be yea hot or cold but if you are luke warm I will spit you out.

AllenTsk, you over... (Below threshold)


Tsk, you overate the power of the Presidency.

Doesn't that sound like the person who has occupied the White House for the last 8 years. What is he thinking about fixing the mess he got us into?

The real power is in Congress. The President can only enforce the law, he/she cannot make it. Did you by chance notice that the economy didn't go in the toilet until AFTER a Democratic Congress was elected?

A lot of really smart people decided that it was inevitable for Obama and the Liberals to take over. So they decided to get theirs and to hell with the health of the institutions they managed.

That was wrong, but human.

And I really hope there will be criminal investigations all over the place or civil suits to strip those same smart people of their ill gotten gains.

The economy is in a mess because a number of people decided to do the wrong thing and that includes a bunch of Democrats.

We live in interesting times.

We know exactly what direct... (Below threshold)

We know exactly what direction Obama will go. His blinker is on and it is the left turn signal. The MoveOn wacko liberal left raised 88 million for his election and they make no bones about owning the party.
And btw all those states that that had segregation laws in the south when Obama was a puppy were run by Democrats. It was the Republicans that helped LBJ pass civil rights.

"...we have had a lot of 'h... (Below threshold)

"...we have had a lot of 'historic' elections...." -- DJ Drummond (who then goes on with a bunch of stupid trivia, including "first bachelor president" -- what's up with that?).

It was this election that was the first one whose outcome sparked jubilant celebrations around the world. Best video I've seen on this:


video shows that even the "cool cats" in Antarctica are celebrating!

Larry, you are correct in a... (Below threshold)

Larry, you are correct in a way. But with the Demo's in control of Congress (barely), the
GOP controlled the White House. Bush vetoed a bunch of bills that may/may not have helped lessen this crash of the economy.

And I agree with you about the investigations and law suits. It's like the oversight committees, that were not used from 2000 to 2006.But hindsight always is better than foresight, or so it seems.

Nobody knows what the new president will do, but I sure love a good laugh when people say they know he is going to do something. That shows a little bit of stupidity. Let's all kick back and wait and see before you complain about what he is/isn't doing.

From the title, I th... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

From the title, I thought this would be the proverbial turd-in-the-punchbowl post but I was sure wrong.

Your thoughtful, level headedness is exactly what we need to put this really rather run-of-the-mill win for Obama in perspective. Kind of a yawner now that I think about it.

Thanks DJ!

He is also the first admitt... (Below threshold)
ed davis:

He is also the first admitted cocaine abuser. Isn't that historic?

Don't forget that he is a master of using factions to gain power.

Did people laugh at his "community organizer" experience? Or were they warning us about it?

"Nope nothing historic here... (Below threshold)

"Nope nothing historic here. I thought you were better than these sour grapes DJs."

The only think remotely historical here was how blatant the purchase of the election was this time around.

"Kind of a yawner now that I think about it."

Yes, we already know you are watching TV while typing that.

"But hindsight always is better than foresight, or so it seems."

Not until you change your lenses and see the big picture.

It was this election that was the first one whose outcome sparked jubilant celebrations around the world.

Because it's the first election that will affect the whole world. The ones who profited the most were not in the spotlight on that day.

"Bush vetoed a bunch of bil... (Below threshold)

"Bush vetoed a bunch of bills that may/may not have helped lessen this crash of the economy."

I thought that Bush vetoed almost nothing at all.


Oh... and anyone see the in... (Below threshold)

Oh... and anyone see the interview with Palin... they asked, "What will you do first?" now that she's back in Alaska. Without even the *slightest* hesitation she named making sure that the natural gas pipeline construction and all went smoothly. She didn't have to think or wonder what her number one priority was. She knew. And next after that was budget issues due to the lowered price of oil just now and dealing with the impact that would have.

She didn't have to think about it, or wonder, or muse over the many things on her plate to decide which were the most important and the priorities.

Asking Obama what he's going to do first ought to get the same confident response.

I love it! Keep up ... (Below threshold)

I love it! Keep up with the sore loser denials, DJ. My god, my children handle defeat better than you so called adults. Just sit there and stew and sulk like a little baby. I knew all you fringe morons on the right would sit there and cross your arms and go hrrrmph! Not my president...


Just cut and paste and cry for the next 4 years, you losers. Because thats all I see and hear from the idiots on the right who dont understand why they got their asses kicked hard. You guys refuse to learn anything new or even think outside the GOP cult tent. Keep listening to idiots like Bozell and Norquiest and Perkins. Keep your talk radio dials tuned to morons like savage and Impotent Limbaugh. They really helped you didnt they? You are the biggest marks around.

You dummies wont do anything to improve your chances in 2012, instead you will try and embalm the corpse of Palin and push her back to the front again. Please, please do this.


My take is that this electi... (Below threshold)

My take is that this election reached historical levels of stupidity. I would read the day to days on each party with things coming of their very own pie holes--not second or third-party related. Someone I would be discussing it with would say, "I never heard that." What!? With the dumbing down of America now complete, I hope the real Messiah comes quickly and takes us out of our misery.

"Color is not really an ... (Below threshold)

"Color is not really an issue with me, but when people start trying to say color means nothing, then that is wrong."

And we're supposed to take this seriously from someone going by the handle "Palinisevil". Right.

JFO, I pledged to offer the... (Below threshold)

JFO, I pledged to offer the same commitment of support you and the left showed GW from day one. Get very used to it.

Obama is an inexperienced, big eared foolish man who hangs with people who hate. ww

WWYou continually ... (Below threshold)


You continually prove you are the definition of ignorance. Your moronic logic is that since the left opposed Bush you will do the same to Obama before you know anything about his presidency. Did you learn anything in kindergarten ww or did they fail you? My 5 yo grandson has a more mature attitude than that and he's just started kindergarten.

Since you're the one who challenged me about what my parents and I did about inequality and racism,how about enlightening us with what you and your family have done.

The only thing I've read that you've written about inequality was that you'd like to see terrorists unleashed on San Francisco. Did your parents teach you about hating gays ww? You don't feel a twinge of "guilt" (as you yourself put it to me) do you willie? Help us out here willie. Show us you're not the ignorant jackass you seem to be.

bitter bitter bitter bitter... (Below threshold)
Thurston Moore:

bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter losers

PEOPLE - Stop making this a... (Below threshold)

PEOPLE - Stop making this all about race! That would be something to be proud of! I remember as a little girl, hearing my beloved grandma say something like "she's a beautiful black woman", at which point I would look at her strangely and say "Granny she's a beautiful WOMAN, period". My family always thought I was odd (I was born in Kentucky) because even as a child, I refused to see color first. MLK felt the same way, I believe. Also, hello! he is biracial, raised in a white culture for the most part, is he not? President Obama is a good man, can we just leave it at that?????

I disagree, being from the ... (Below threshold)

I disagree, being from the deep south I know quiet how historic the idea of Obama being President is. 50 years isn't a lot of time as far as generations go, and it was 50 years ago that racial segregation was alive and well in this country. Along with a lack of justice for people of color (at least in the South anyway). That being said, whether Obama won or lost I don't think had anything to do with race. It is somewhat upsetting that people of color are just now believing in themselves or that somehow not having a black president is an injustice.

They're called an minority for a reason, mathematically it would take a a while. IE, there are more white people then black people. Then you throw in the social state of black Americans across the country and the odds become even less likely. With black-on-black crime, high abandonment of black fathers, and other social issues that are simply effecting black Americans more than any other ethnic group.

I agree that the election w... (Below threshold)
Jim Burkhardt:

I agree that the election was historic. It may also prove to be divisive. Many people today seem to want special treatment rather than equality. Groups and individuals, like Obama, don't want to be called Americans. They want to be know by a hyphenated term such as African-American, signifying they deserve special treatment. When people and groups decide to commit to being Americans (not hyphenated Americans), uphold the Constitution, and put aside other indicators of demand for special treatment; they will be treated as equal. I give everyone a chance when I meet them, regardless of race, nationality, etc. But respect is earned, and divisive behavior does not deserve respect.

As the article and the voti... (Below threshold)

As the article and the voting statistics confirm, the 2008 presidential election was entirely about race as far as African-Americans were concerned. Anyone who denies that is ignoring the plain facts. Funny, I never heard or saw one media piece about that. What an incredible double standard the racism issue carries. Even funnier, Obama converted to being an African-American for political expediency. Before that he was genetically less than 50% black and raised completely in a white environment. The only thing he has in common with those African-Americans who idolize him is darker skin color. Now that is funny.

DJ - No one could have said... (Below threshold)

DJ - No one could have said that any better. Kudos to you!!!

I agree with others who say... (Below threshold)

I agree with others who say time will show that Obama is very politically flawed. The last time Democrats had the level of power they will have in January was during the Carter administration...and we all know what a disaster that was.

Obama was elected by only 7 million votes. Not exactly a mandate. His selection of Emmanuel shows the "my way or the highway" style to come that might make Karl Rove look like a choir boy. He will try to satisfy all the factions of his broadly splintered constituency and end up satisfying no one.

Barry O. may be some people's president, but he will never be mine. I have no representation in either Congress or the executive, so I will be taxed and taxed again without representation. So I can hardly wait to to see the truth emerge as he attempts to live up to these fantastic expectations he has created in his supporters.

It already sounds like he is trying to imitate FDR, another faux hero of the ultra liberals. Like Roosevelt he focuses much more on buying votes and giving away our tax money than using it to end the periodic economic down cycle macro factors. Like FDR, he will consequently triple the length of time before recovery. Hopefully the 2010 and 2012 election come in time to prevent longer term damage.

I honestly can't understand... (Below threshold)

I honestly can't understand WHY he is the first "BLACK" president. Truly - I know you will all call me a racist, which I am not, but are his fathers gene's stronger than his moms? He is the first BIRACIAL president. Don't care if he is pink, blue, purple or green, I don't believe he is the right man for the job. BUT, since the people have spoken, it is our duty to get behind him and give him a chance. My fear is that he will pursue a socialist agenda, but my hope and prayer is that he will not.

Does this mean that black A... (Below threshold)

Does this mean that black Americans will stop acting as professional victims?

Get over the sour grapes. ... (Below threshold)

Get over the sour grapes. It is absolutely an historic event, to try and claim it is not is indeed ignorant.

To those who either voted for Obama or against him because of his color, you should lose your right to vote. The color of one's skin has nothing to do with the ability to lead. To believe otherwise is also ignorant.

Sure, you have every right predict disaster with an Obama presidency, just as others are predicting extraordinary success.

Sure, you have every right to disagree with his policies, just as others will support them.

In the end, though, you sore losers are victims of our system. You know, the one that allows the majority to chose the President and allows you to post ill-thought-out and moronic comments.

And isn't that beautiful and ironic at the same time?

Well now that we have a "bl... (Below threshold)

Well now that we have a "black man" as president and it is such a historical event maybe we can now for the first time have a white history month. Being that will not seem racist anymore. As for Obama as president we shall have to see if his lack of experience will be a negative or a plus for the US. personally did not like either of the candidates but would have rather have had someone with more experience and that did not flip flop on their views depending on the audience.

I, also, agree whole hearte... (Below threshold)

I, also, agree whole heartedly. But, I would like to add one thing. KILL WHITIE will not be considered a hate crime, but, just a bumper sticker... If our immigration laws, were not so pathetic, this president would not have happened. Thank years of political corruption and national destruction..The National Anthem will now go ghetto rap.

Obama is a man, a half bree... (Below threshold)
Ken E:

Obama is a man, a half breed, an American. He got to where he is, not because of his color or because of any affirmative action handout, He got to where he is because he decided to be better than average. He chose to get an education, to get a job, to stand up for what he believed in. I don't understand why this is a 'Historic' event. There have been many "black" men leading countries over the life of our planet. There have been many black leaders and many women leaders. It is hardly historic. He isn't the Leader Elect because of his color. He is President Elect Obama,he is just as much white as he is black. He is American just like you and me. He puts his pants on before he puts his shoes on. He isn't going to "Save" the black nation because he is president. He is going to run this nation as best he can. God has not Vindicated the blacks as one preacher said, the 14 year old black child doesn't have a future now because we will have a black man in the Oval Office. People both black and white will get out of life what they put into it. They will become what they strive to become. God didn't vindicate anyone. He gave the tools, the knowledge and teh ability to make the choices that got a half black man in the presidency. I am white and I applaude both Obama as a white man and as a black man. I applaud him because he chose to make of himself what he has become and I wish him the very best in his tenure as our next president. God Bless the blacks, God Bless the whites, God Bless this country of ours, and God Bless President Elect Obama.

This race this has turned i... (Below threshold)

This race this has turned into a comedy by the people who always blame others - IE - the followers f Jesse Jackson and the like - who instead of working on bettering their situation, extend a hand to be given what is not theirs. Why is it that a poor Nigerian can come to the USA, go to school while working and end up as a succesful person, while the native born black man chooses to blame others for his misfortunes, while collecting food stamps, watching tv, while driving a newer model car than others in the same neighborhood?

Why does black America continually choose to victimize itself, instead of listening to Bill Crosby who has made himself something with hard work and opportunity afforded to everyone else? Crosby has told his opinion, and was dismissed by the so called civil rights leaders because the truth of what shoudl happen was not quite the agenda of Jesse and Al and their counterparts.

Why does it take a bi-racial man who clearly says he is bi-racial to turn out the black vote and prove to the rest of the world the real reason they voted?

Why are we hearing "we won", "we have been vindicated" and alike comments from the people that are supposed to not be racist and claim not be racist. Isn't this the ultimate racist comment?

Dividing America by American is wrong! This diffenciation is the curse of America and prevents us from really moving forth. We will only past the race issue when the race card is ceased to be dealt from within the groups that claim to be the civil leader calling for unity.

Are you listening Jesse? Al? Oprah? Quanell X?

They say obama's win has ad... (Below threshold)

They say obama's win has advanced our country "moraly"?

This is rediculous!

There is certianty nothing "moral" about abortion, and obama wants to legilize partial birth abortion.

If you disagree with me on the fact that abortion is murder, I stronly urge you to read this book so that you are well informed.


J.In past e... (Below threshold)


In past elections there was no African American running this late in the election. Point is Obama needed the white vote to get elected. And African Americans should look at the issues and not the color of a person's skin. It means not only having the right to vote but the responsibility to vote based on the issues. I would say that if most African Americans that voted for Obama knew that he was raised by white people, they might not have voted for him. Obama I feel does not hate white people and neither should African Americans.

Notice how the biggest chic... (Below threshold)

Notice how the biggest chickenshit of them all, DJ Drummond is not here to defend his ridiculous remarks. Speaks volumes, Drummond.

"Notice how the biggest ... (Below threshold)

"Notice how the biggest chickenshit of them all, DJ Drummond is not here to defend his ridiculous remarks. Speaks volumes, Drummond."

But Ryan, I thought you wanted us to shut up.

"To those who either voted for Obama or against him because of his color, you should lose your right to vote."

And that's where it starts. Punishing "thought crimes".

Some support for DJ's argum... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Some support for DJ's argument:


Moreover, everyone looks a... (Below threshold)

Moreover, everyone looks at Obama's election as the country moving "beyond race." I think the exact opposite is true. Many agree that Obama's race actually helped him get elected, and that a non-black politician with such a thin resume could have never succeeded at this level.

We are still far from Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream of not judging a man by the color of his skin; we have just reversed the polarities.

Dj's comments are fair to t... (Below threshold)
In the Middle East:

Dj's comments are fair to the extent that the white male no longer dominates our society, and is even restrained to a degree.
However Obama might be considered a historical moment in history, but how many more historical moments will his brothers, Ayers for one, help him achieve in the next 4 years?
For me the U.S. elected a biracial man to President, who may or may not have been born in the U.S., and his aunt is a illegal immigrant. Maybe somebody should have organized her community?

"To those who either voted ... (Below threshold)

"To those who either voted for Obama or against him because of his color, you should lose your right to vote."

And that's where it starts. Punishing "thought crimes".

Really Q, it is punishing abuse of the right to vote and racism in general. But your paranoia does speak volumes.

Sorry, previous comment mea... (Below threshold)

Sorry, previous comment meant for Oyster.

I just meant to ask Q is he/she had passed eighth grade spelling.

TheLastModerate,Wh... (Below threshold)



DJ, I know everyone is tire... (Below threshold)

DJ, I know everyone is tired of conspiracy theories, but this is one last link I needed to share with you so you understand who the Rothschilds really are. Just scroll down to the beginning of the timeline here, and you will see their true identity and why we are in real trouble right now. We must restore our constitution:







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