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Life in Florida XVIII

More news from around the Sunshine State

No surprise. Broward County blacks overwhelmingly support amendment banning gay marriage.

Lock and unload. 89-year-old woman foils shooting by grabbing ammo.

Only in Palm Beach County. Fees stripper pay could go up 400%.

How about Strawberry field for their stadium. Residents want new high school named after a fruit.

Triple scoop. Man arrested during sex act for buying ice cream with counterfeit $20.

Doesn't anyone balance their checkbook? Healthcare worker accused of stealing $68,000

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Bad link on the 'grabbing a... (Below threshold)
Cadrys Author Profile Page:

Bad link on the 'grabbing ammo' story

They should name the school... (Below threshold)

They should name the school Barney Frank High. Now That's a fruit!

Life in florida is boring.<... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Life in florida is boring.






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