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Thai Dry cleaners

Here's one way for wives to get their husbands to help with the dirty clothes. Do customers get condoms with their Tide?

Hat tip- Weird Asia News via Japundit.

Note- porn is actually a common name in Thailand but the photo is amusing nevertheless.


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If only Bill Clinton had he... (Below threshold)

If only Bill Clinton had heeded that sign.

Maybe they specailie in get... (Below threshold)

Maybe they specailie in getting stains out of dress of white house interns.

Having lived in Asia for a few years. This is nothing compared to the names one see on Japanese ball players.

Example One player loved cats so his nick name was Pussy Cat with cat replaced by Guy.

I hate to pee on a fun para... (Below threshold)

I hate to pee on a fun parade. But Porn is a legitimate name in Thailand. For many years, my cleaners here in semi-rural Virginia has been "Thai Cleaners and Tailor". The owner, who was married to a retired Marine, is named Porn. She is a charming woman and it is a shame that ignorant people are belittling her name.

Excuse me I've got a chubby... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Excuse me I've got a chubby in my Chinos!

The name means "blessing" a... (Below threshold)

The name means "blessing" and it's only because of the pathetic way Thai names are romanized (spelled in English) that you end up with an unfortunate spelling like this.

It's still funny none the l... (Below threshold)

It's still funny none the less. Just take it for what it is. No harm meant I'm sure.


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