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The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today's winner is Pinellas County detention deputy Michael Kenefic. He gets the award for the following-

LARGO - A Pinellas County detention deputy has been suspended for using the sound of his stun gun to try and wake up an inmate.

According to an internal affairs report, Deputy Michael Kenefic thought the crackling sound of his Taser would rouse inmate Robert McAllister on July 27. It did not.

McAllister had fallen asleep at on the floor of the jail's intake section.

Kenefic, a three-year veteran of the agency, received a 15-day suspension. His punishment also includes a charge of misconduct for falsifying a report.

The falsifyiing of a reports by policemen have always bothered me. If they are willing to lie in that particular part of their work, they have no business being in law enforcement. Police should be held to a very high standard.

Pinellas County detention deputy Michael Kenefic doesn't just get a fifteen day suspension, but is also today's Knucklehead of the Day.


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Comments (8)

I bought a 950,000 volt stu... (Below threshold)

I bought a 950,000 volt stun gun in the shape of brass knuckles. The box says it's "Blast Knuckles". It makes a noise that would make the devil crap his pants.

I would think that once an ... (Below threshold)

I would think that once an LEO has falsification of a report on his disciplinary record, his future in law enforcement is pretty bleak, since it would be bound to come up in cross-examination in any testimony that he gives.

Its not the "crime", its th... (Below threshold)

Its not the "crime", its the coverup.

He got in trouble for using... (Below threshold)

He got in trouble for using the sound to wake up the inmate? That's pretty weak. I thought when I scanned the word Taser that he used it as a wake up tool. I am so disappointed.

Bll Jmpty, wh jst cn't wt n... (Below threshold)

Bll Jmpty, wh jst cn't wt ntl ll r jls r stffed b psss ... lk hm.

Now THAT'S funny Tim.... (Below threshold)
the struggler:

Now THAT'S funny Tim.

) gld t s y gt th mssg, mtt... (Below threshold)

) gld t s y gt th mssg, mtt.
) t bd y'r nt mn ngh t stnd p t t.

Paul,As soon as Ja... (Below threshold)


As soon as Jay reads my email, you're banned. Kiss your wizbang posting goodbye. Personal attacks won't be tolerated here.







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