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Did he store it in a freezer?

South Korea has its own William Jefferson. From the Korea Times-

A lawmaker allegedly requested police to stop their investigation into a burglary that occurred in his own residence.

According to Mapo Police Station, Rep. Kang Sung-chun of the ruling Grand National Party reported a burglary at his house in Seogyo-dong in Seoul on Oct. 17. He was robbed of 160 million won ($120,000) in checks and 1.5 million won in cash as well as a diamond ring and watches.

Upon the report, police launched the investigation into the burglary but Kang showed up at the police station that evening and requested they halt the investigation, claiming that there were no missing items, a police officer said.

But when the allegation of him covering up the case was reported by news media, the lawmaker argued that police actually wanted him to keep quiet for the investigation.

``Police told me that news coverage would only make the investigation harder, asking me to keep it quiet. But police damaged my reputation by implying that I wanted to cover up the case, which is not true at all,'' the lawmaker said. ``The damage was also exaggerated. A diamond ring was not stolen.''

But police refuted his claim, saying that there was no reason for them to ask him not to report it to the news media.

Police are said to be investigating. Want to bet nothing ever happens from it?

Hat tip- Dram man at Marmot's Hole who writes- "Who would need that much cash lying around in the first place?"


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