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True Banality

Wow. Last week, on election day, Bill Ayers -- unrepentant domestic terrorist, professor of education, and Barack Obama benefactor -- actually spoke to a reporter. And as I read his comments, I am struck by how bland and inane they are.

First up, the photo. Ayers looks grizzled, with a gray beard and a receding hairline. And he's wearing a T-shirt featuring one of the angry young black characters from "Boondocks" flipping the bird. It's a fascinating blend of impressions that all combine to say "pathetic."

Next up, his actual words:

One night, Ayers recalled, he and Dohrn were watching Bill O'Reilly, who was going on about "discovering" Ayers's 1974 manifesto, "Prairie Fire." "I had to laugh," Ayers said. "No one read it when it was first issued!"

That manifesto is now out as a PDF for free downloading, and it's downright terrifying. Hell, just the dedication alone should give anyone chills -- it's a long, long list of people, including many truly reprehensible vermin. The one name that jumps out at me is Sirhan Sirhan -- the assassin of Robert F. Kennedy.

Here's an excerpt from that book's introduction:

PRAIRIE FIRE is written to communist-minded people, independent organizers and anti-imperialists; those who carry the traditions and lessons of the struggles of the last decade, those who join in the struggles of today. PRAIRIE FIRE is written to all sisters and brothers who are engaged in armed struggle against the enemy. It is written to prisoners, women's groups, collectives, study groups, workers' organizing committees, communes, GI organizers, consciousness-raising groups, veterans, community groups and revolutionaries of all kinds; to all who will read, criticize and bring its content to life in practice. It is written as an argument against those who oppose action and hold back the struggle.

It's like Ayers and his comrades took all the scary rhetoric of the right wing and chose to embody it. A call to "communist-minded people" to "struggle" and "take action" against the government. Innocuous enough, until you remember that the people making this argument used real bombs on real targets as part of their "action" in the "struggle."

Anyway, back to today. Or, at least, last week. Another Ayers quote:

He said that he laughed, too, when he listened to Sarah Palin's descriptions of Obama "palling around with terrorists." In fact, Ayers said that he knew Obama only slightly: "I think my relationship with Obama was probably like that of thousands of others in Chicago and, like millions and millions of others, I wished I knew him better."

He knew Obama only slightly. Obama chaired a board that Ayers sat upon, for a foundation that Ayers set up and spent $150 million, served on another board together, and Ayers welcomed Obama into his home for his political 'coming-out party," yet he only knew him slightly. Ayers, it appears, is remarkably generous with virtual strangers.

Ayers said that while he hasn't been bothered by the many threats--"and I'm not complaining"--the calls and e-mails he has received have been "pretty intense." "I got two threats in one day on the Internet," he said, referring to an incident that took place last summer when he was sitting in his office at the University of Illinois-Chicago, where he has taught education for two decades. "The first one said there was a posse coming to shoot me, and the second said they were going to kidnap me and water-board me. This friend of mine, a university cop, said, 'Gosh, I hope the guy who's coming to shoot you gets here first.'"

I wonder if, for even an instant, Ayers found himself identifying with John M. Murtagh. When Murtagh was nine years old, Ayers' colleagues in the Weather Underground firebombed Murtagh's house and nearly killed his entire family -- just because Murtagh's father was the judge overseeing the trial of some Black Panthers.

Ayers seemed curiously calm and cheerful about the way he had been made an issue in the campaign. He seemed unbothered to have been part of what he called "the Swiftboating" process of the 2008 campaign.

"It's all guilt by association," Ayers said. "They made me into a cartoon character--they threw me up onstage just to pummel me. I felt from the beginning that the Obama campaign had to run the Obama campaign and I have to run my life." Ayers said that once his name became part of the campaign maelstrom he never had any contact with the Obama circle. "That's not my world," he said.

A cartoon character? Mr. Ayers, all most people did was take your own words and deeds (mainly words; you seemed to make an art form out of getting other people to do your dirty work while keeping your own hands clean) and repeat them. Perhaps you might recall your own words after your trial for terrorism: "guilty as hell, free as a bird -- America is a great country!" You were not acquitted, Mr. Ayers; rather, the case was dismissed because prosecutors, in their zeal to put you in prison where you belonged, broke the law themselves.

And please, the "guilt by association" thing is an absolute red herring. The reason your relationship with Barack Obama was so important to so many was because he had made a major "selling point" his judgment. Well, that made a lot of people want to look at who had judged worthy of his time and trust and support, and your name was fairly high on that list.

Ayers said he felt "a lot of sympathy" for the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, "who was treated grotesquely and unfairly" by the media. He said that Martin Luther King Jr. was, in his time, far more radical than Wright: "Wright's a wimp compared to Martin Luther King--he had a fiercer tone." Ayers was referring to the speeches King gave late in his life in opposition to the Vietnam War and on the subject of economic equality. "Martin Luther King was not a saint," Ayers said. "He was an angry pilgrim."

Here's a hint for you, Mr. Ayers: you ain't Martin Luther King, Jr. Neither is Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Again, the "swiftboating" involved taking the words and deeds of the person in question -- in full context -- and quoting them.

Ayers said that he had commiserated recently with yet another former Hyde Park neighbor (and fellow Little League coach), the Palestinian-American scholar Rashid Khalidi, now at Columbia University, who has also been a punching bag of the right wing in recent weeks.

Ah, Rashid Khalidi. The fellow who ran the PLO's press office during its terrorist heyday in the 1970's. It's fun to imagine these two former terrorists coaching Little League baseball. "Come on, Skip, throw that fastball like it's a grenade aimed at the Zionist capitalists!" "Attaboy, Timmy, run those bases as if the imperialists have sicced their dogs on you!" "Way to go, Bobby! Don't let that second baseman illegally occupy that base! It's yours! Run him down!"

Ayers said that he had never meant to imply, in an interview with the Times, published coincidentally on 9/11, that he somehow wished he and the Weathermen had committed further acts of violence in the old days. Instead, he said, "I wish I had done more, but it doesn't mean I wish we'd bombed more shit." Ayers said that he had never been responsible for violence against other people and was acting to end a war in Vietnam in which "thousands of people were being killed every week."

"While we did claim several extreme acts, they were acts of extreme radicalism against property," he said. "We killed no one and hurt no one. Three of our people killed themselves." And yet he was not without regrets. He mocked one of his earlier books, co-written with Dohrn, saying that, while it still is reflective of his radical and activist politics today, he was guilty of "rhetoric that's juvenile and inflated--it is what it is."

"Extreme radicalism against property?" I guess that's technically true. After all, the Murtagh family survived the firebombs at their house and car.

"Three of our people killed themselves." That conjures up the images of the anti-war monks setting themselves on fire in protest. The reality is considerably less noble. Three of Ayers' colleagues in the Weather Underground were building nail bombs to blow up an enlisted men's dance at Fort Dix, New Jersey. And they killed themselves by their own incompetence, when one of the bombs they were assembling went off early -- turning the three would-be terrorists into superb Darwin Award candidates.

"I wish I had been wiser," Ayers said. "I wish I had been more effective, I wish I'd been more unifying, I wish I'd been more principled."

I wish you had been a bit more courageous, Mr. Ayers. Courageous enough to engage in your own dirty work, and perhaps even be on the scene when one of your own bombs blew up.

Ayers said that his life hasn't been much altered by recent months, though he decided to postpone the re-release of his memoir, "Fugitive Days"--"I didn't want it to be put in the meat grinder of this moment."

"Meat grinder." What a grisly, yet apropos image. Ayers' colleagues were building bombs laced with roofing nails, the intent of which is to cause as much gory injury as possible. "Meat grinder" is not that off the mark.

In the end, it must be recalled that Ayers (and his oft-overlooked wife, Bernardine Dohrn) are simply the ideological counterparts of people like Timothy McVeigh. McVeigh had more courage in his convictions and considerably more competence, while Ayers and Dohrn had their family connections and intellectual backers to give them a chance to have second lives in academia after their criminal trial fell apart.

Note, one final time, Mr. Ayers' regrets of his youth:

"I wish I had been wiser," Ayers said. "I wish I had been more effective, I wish I'd been more unifying, I wish I'd been more principled."

No "I wish I hadn't been involved in trying to kill people." No "I wish I had worked harder to succeed without violence." No "I wish I hadn't dedicated a book to the man who murdered Robert Kennedy."

I have wishes, too, Mr. Ayers. I wish you had been present when the firebombs that nearly killed the Murtagh family went off. I wish you had been in that brownstone when your comrades' bomb went off. I wish the prosecutors in your case had not violated the law in collecting evidence against you. And I wish to hell that you weren't involved in teaching young, impressionable children today.

But wishes don't do a damned thing. Instead, all I can do is make certain that you never escape your own evil past, no matter how much you try to minimize it, rationalize it, glamorize it, or gloss over it.


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You stay on him, Jay! Or sh... (Below threshold)

You stay on him, Jay! Or should we call you Ahab?

Your preoccuppation with Ay... (Below threshold)

Your preoccuppation with Ayers is beyond tedious. The election is over, Ayers can no longer harm Obama's campaign; let him disappear into obscurity where he belongs, unless he starts a new bombing campaign.

If you have nothing original to post, post nothing. Trotting out a piece like this for the sake of it is a waste of bandwidth and your time.

Brian, Ayers is disgusting ... (Below threshold)

Brian, Ayers is disgusting scum. We should be grateful to Obama for reminding us what he did, and where he is today.


Ayers is a bad man. Dohrn i... (Below threshold)

Ayers is a bad man. Dohrn is a bad woman. Khalidi is a bad man. Wright is a bad man. Pfleger is a bad man. Rezco is a bad man. Anyone seeing a pattern here?

And we're grateful to you f... (Below threshold)

And we're grateful to you for continuing to update us on his activities. Maybe you can start up an Ayerswatch blog. He might have a mailing list you can sign up for, too.

Banality is misplaced here.... (Below threshold)

Banality is misplaced here. It is more descriptive of the post than anything else. Good grief get over it Mr T. The guy you despise won. Get yourself out of your funk. Write us something nice about a navy ship.

You have to wonder what it ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

You have to wonder what it would be like if Timothy McVeigh had gotten off on a legal technicality and then was seen palling around with McCain. I wonder how well the "I barely know him" excuse would have worked for McCain?

As these people try and cas... (Below threshold)

As these people try and cash in on their new found "fame," Obama will take huge hits.

I want every one of his "associations" to have a microphone in their face every day. Only good can come of it.

There's a tiny, pretty irre... (Below threshold)

There's a tiny, pretty irrelevant group here in America that gives a sh** about this stuff. Most of them hang around here.

Instead, all I can do is... (Below threshold)

Instead, all I can do is make certain that you never escape your own evil past, no matter how much you try to minimize it, rationalize it, glamorize it, or gloss over it.

You actually think you're doing this?

When are going to be doing ... (Below threshold)

When are going to be doing an article about the other terrorist? You know, G. Gordon Libby? Libby is also an ex con, Ayers isn't. Oh that's right, Libby is a GOP member, therefore you won't expose him, right?

Give it a break, Jay. It really doesn't matter anymore about those nutcases from the 60's or from Nixon's time. It's history.

i think perhaps the most di... (Below threshold)

i think perhaps the most disgusting thing is the sheer volume of misinformations coming from the right-wingnuts. i wont blame jay tea personally for repeating them but people are going to great trouble to fool the neocon base, and they are succeeding to a pathetically high degree

lets take the case of: "Rashid Khalidi. The fellow who ran the PLO's press office during its terrorist heyday in the 1970's"

yawn. its simply false. hes an american citizen, an author and educator who has never been affiliated in any way with the PLO. he recognizes israels right to exist and promotes only peaceful solutions to their conflict with the palestinians. since he believes, as most impartial and reasonable people do, that the borders should go back to the 1967 lines, he has been smeared here and there

john mccain gave $500k to his foundation not too long ago.... but dont expect neocons to start saying mccain pals with terrorists! double-standards, people!

hey neocons - these bald lies are what lost you this election, so hmmmmm maybe you should keep it up!!


Has someone though... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Has someone thought to check to see if President-elect Obama has a valid birth certificate?

yeah! how can we be sure th... (Below threshold)

yeah! how can we be sure that obama was actually born???? LOL

the director of hawaiis department of health confirmed on 10/31 that obama was born in honolulu

uh oh... the director of hawaiis department of health is a terrorist!!! ahahaha

Visiting your blog from Oli... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Visiting your blog from Oliver Willis. It's comforting to know, Jay Tea, that you are as dishonest in long form (here), as you you are in short form (there).

Growing up I followed the c... (Below threshold)

Growing up I followed the case of several of the Nazi Schutzstaffel Totenkopf who had moved and become productive members of society and they hid behind their mask of respectability. When they were caught it took little time to strip the mask away and find that the evil was still there hidden below the surface. Men like Ayers must be watch and those who fraternize with him.
Lie down with dogs wake up with flies. People who write and did the things Ayers did can never be allowed to escape notice.

Good grief get ove... (Below threshold)
Good grief get over it Mr T. The guy you despise won.

What did he win, JFO?

You actually think... (Below threshold)
You actually think you're doing this?

mantis, many are going to make sure of it, not just Jay. It's not partisan any more.

Your taxes, to be redistrib... (Below threshold)

Your taxes, to be redistributed amongst people who make funnier blog comments, LaMedusa.

Your taxes, to be ... (Below threshold)
Your taxes, to be redistributed amongst people who make funnier blog comments, LaMedusa.

hyperbolist, where humor is warranted I'll make the comment. My taxes and social security aren't going to any organizations you are even aware of. Same goes with every American in this country except for a select few. But I wouldn't really expect you to give a sh*t about that reality, you just want to argue.

"What did he win, JFO?"<... (Below threshold)

"What did he win, JFO?"

LaMedusa - seems to he won a mess created by the Democrats with Bush's acquiesence. He won it by promising money to people who don't pay taxesto clean the mess up - but with the people who originally created it still in office and still profiting from it, I don't see any real chance of it ever straightening out.

The ones who really created it will fight any reform, and Obama's never really been one to go against the flow in his political party. He'll need to actively fight members of his own party, and I think that's very unlikely.

Frankly, I think McCain 'won' the election, in that he won't have to deal with all the mess.

Well, spit.</... (Below threshold)

Well, spit.

"seems to me he won a mess"

Man, too long a day....... (Below threshold)

Man, too long a day....

"He won it by promising money to people who don't pay taxes currently, and by promising to clean the mess in Washington up"

You check, and check again - and then when you hit the submit button all these errors leap in...

For the liberals, let me jo... (Below threshold)

For the liberals, let me jog your memories....

"Carlyle Group"


"Skull and Bones"

"30 year old DUI"

Just a few of the stupid associations to Bush that you guys droned on and on and on about for the last 8 years.

Wow!!! didn't expec... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

Wow!!! didn't expect so public and so embarrassing a plunge further down the rabbit hole from Jay Tea. Intense despair, grief and incredulity are powerful negative forces. If this is the conservative movement re-inventing itself I am totally digging it.

The New Yorker wasn't the o... (Below threshold)

The New Yorker wasn't the only newspaper Ayers talked to. Here is a link to a special report on Ayers by the Toronto Star: http://www.thestar.com/article/533244

For those of you unfamiliar with the TorStar its one of the most left wing mainstream newspapers we have in Canada, which is saying a lot.

not that i have any interes... (Below threshold)

not that i have any interest in defending ayers, but i do think its important to debunk bogus neocon fantasies, and in this case its about the unrealistic comparison of ayers to nazis or mass murderers etc etc

as the historical record clearly shows, the weather underground wasnt out for blood. every single time they set off a bomb, they always warned in advance to evacuate and claimed responsibility each time

three of their bombmakers died in an accident. on that note ayers later said "the only people we killed was ourselves"

one molotov cocktail attack on the NY home of a judge was suspected to be from the weather underground even though no warning was given nor was it claimed by them.

so we have an organization that destroyed govt property but made sure it never targeted people. not exactly the bloodthirsty incarnation of evil that theyve been made out to be in some partisan corners....

and what does ANY of this have to do with obama? zero.

dr lava: "If this is the... (Below threshold)

dr lava: "If this is the conservative movement re-inventing itself I am totally digging it."

Actually, it is the "conservative movement" reminding itself that the issues we are dealing with are LIFE & DEATH.

Did you "dig it" when Bill Ayers mused about "re-educating 25 million Americans...some of whom may have to be killed"???

Did you "dig it" when Bernardine Dohrn IN HER OWN WORDS at a 1969 political rally said THIS about the Manson murders:
"Dig it. First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them. They even shoved a fork into a victim's stomach. Wild!"

Politics aside...Ayers and Dohrn would STILL love to "re-educate" us...and if we died in the process it would be just one less "pig" to them.

I am NOT a "gun enthusiast".

Last week I joined the NRA.

mantis, many are going t... (Below threshold)

mantis, many are going to make sure of it, not just Jay. It's not partisan any more.

No they won't. They'll all forget about Ayers after a few months, and he'll just be a presidential campaign footnote. And he'll just continue his life as an education professor. I have two degrees from the university he works at (neither in education), and have met him and many of his colleagues. I can pretty much assure you neither he, nor the university, will give a shit if rightwing bloggers keep whining about him, which they won't.

but sahmmy, those are organ... (Below threshold)

but sahmmy, those are organizations that bu$hco themselves actually belonged to and participated in

if ayers ever runs for office anywhere, i think the whole weather underground thing will be quite relevant at that time


Did you "dig it" w... (Below threshold)
Did you "dig it" when Bill Ayers mused about "re-educating 25 million Americans...some of whom may have to be killed"???

Yeah, quite the forerunner, that Ayers dude. Except it's not "may" any more. Obama will be tested first to see if he is useful. Michael Moore owned Halliburton stock, not sure what other group he belongs to. At least, not yet.

No they won't. The... (Below threshold)
No they won't. They'll all forget about Ayers after a few months, and he'll just be a presidential campaign footnote.

"They" will, but we won't. Not on your life.

peabody3000: "and what d... (Below threshold)

peabody3000: "and what does ANY of this have to do with obama? zero."

EVERY single formative influence in his life hs been from the Far Left radical end of the spectrum.

Obama's "Uncle Frank" was Frank Marshall Davis. Communist "poet" who wrote: "Smash on, victory-eating Red Army". A bitter racist!

Jeremiah "God DAMN America" Wright.

Tony "Some day I may ask you for a favor" Rezko

Ayers and Dohrn

Saul Alinsky

Rashid Khaldi

the list is damn near endless!! Why does this matter? Wow.

O has fleas for sure, for l... (Below threshold)

O has fleas for sure, for lying with these dogs.

And it's not a dead issue just because O won. The win doesn't cleanse the filth off after you've hung out with this human sewage.

What a f'n loser Ayers is. He's an empty caricature of a shabby Leftis. And, Che's dead, too.

Bill Ayers is a total and t... (Below threshold)

Bill Ayers is a total and typical representative of the most useless generation of people ever to be fortunate enough to inhabit the U.S. Maybe they'll all die at 61-62 like Jimi Hendrix drummer similtaneously ridding us of their presence and fixing Social Security.

Take heart Jay. It is clear... (Below threshold)

Take heart Jay. It is clear from the numbers and volume of the trolls who came and crapped on this thread that they consider your views important enough to challenge. Their mockery rings hollow. I smell fear. Fear that what they did to President Bush for the last eight years is coming back to land right on their pointy little heads.

Yapping, ankle biting curs. That's what they look like to me. Keep at it Jay. I'm counting on you and all the other bloggers to not let these petty men have any influence on what and when you write. They felt free to spread horrendous lies and smear utterly innocent people in their quest for power. They will never be able to handle the truth which is about to grind them to powder.

justrand - those very weak ... (Below threshold)

justrand - those very weak associations mean nothing by themselves. hell, khaldi doesnt belong on any list of dangerous people to begin with

mccain is publicly associated with several malevolent and criminal people himself. even though i could, i wouldnt bother bringing it up to make it reflect on mccain, because that would be just as idiotic

thats all mccain had to run on, so now its buh-bye to him and his barbie doll running mate

To PeaBrain In #27:<p... (Below threshold)

To PeaBrain In #27:

In a court of law the failure of a would be murderer is not without its own repercussions. Just because they failed to acquire an impressive body count is not reason to ignore their intent.

The three morons who blew themselves to hell while devising explosive devices in a Greenwich Village apartment as part of their Weather Underground daily routine, were devising decidedly wicked bombs to shred party goers on a military base. Why is it that you would think only successful terrorists are to be dealt with.

After watching you and your ilk for the last eight years, I find it highly amusing that now you have seen the light and think it inappropriate to comment negatively on a president and the lowlife he associates with.

They will never be... (Below threshold)
They will never be able to handle the truth which is about to grind them to powder.

You are right, MichaelC. It will be too late for many because they refuse to see the big picture. Obama already announced a New World Order in Berlin. That could be one local for the generated crisis.

michaelc - america has take... (Below threshold)

michaelc - america has taken out the garbage and is bidding the neocon trash goodbye. now when you pretend that ayers was a friend of barack, nobody listens. awww. that really must stoke your impotent rage, but i suppose you can always start spreading some fresh lies if that is going to remain your purpose in life



"Fear that what they did to... (Below threshold)

"Fear that what they did to President Bush for the last eight years is coming back to land right on their pointy little heads."

MichaelC, that is not all there is to it. No one in that picture is off the hook.

Your IQ and your fear of tr... (Below threshold)

Your IQ and your fear of truth betray you PeaBrain. A person who has never written one positive thought on this board is incapable of seeing himself in the mirror that life holds up to him.

I'm with you LaMedusa. Just... (Below threshold)

I'm with you LaMedusa. Just focusing in on my own pet peeves for the moment.

Catching a lot of flak, Jay... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Catching a lot of flak, Jay Tea. You must be right over the target.

I doubt Obama is anywhere near as radical as Ayers, but the fact that he associated with him and worked with him as long as he did shows a lack of perception and judgment that far outweighs Bush's own failings.

And, of course, the leftroids that infest most every post here will shriek every time you point that out.

MichaelCDo you bel... (Below threshold)


Do you believe what you actually write or are you just trying to curry favour with editor in chief? Flowery language and an inflated sense of self worth make for very poor reading indeed.

John Irving

Jay Tea is so far off the mark and that would be explain the reason as to why he has been taken to task.

When people attacked Bush for his associations with the Bin Ladens, after he had them flown back to Saudi, literally hours after the terrorist attacks on September 11, the shouts of protestation were shot down in flames. Politicians always have dubious friends, Rumsfeld and Saddam; ring a bell?

Move on, you're pissing up the wrong tree.

The attack comments here ar... (Below threshold)

The attack comments here are even more valuable than Jay's piece.

I find it unremarkable that the Left's onslaught against those of us on the Right should continue in this fashion and at this intensity. For the Left, the campaign never ends -- because the REAL campaign is the one to rewrite history in such a fashion as to eliminate Americans' resistance to their agenda.

Ayers, Wright, Pfleger, and the rest remain an important feature of the Obama campaign -- a negative feature, which can and will resurface to blight whatever the new administration might do or propose. As such, the Left must deflect attention from them, past, present, and future. Its attempts to do so are good indications of where decent Americans should focus.

Victor Marguerite wrote that "The Fascists cannot argue, so they kill." Well, American fascists -- that is, our domestic Left, which seeks to have everything made either compulsory or forbidden, under the unlimited authority of an Omnipotent State -- aren't quite ready to do that yet; it would take more courage than they possess. So they recur to silencing and vilifying tactics, in the hope that actually bloodying themselves might yet prove unnecessary.

I wonder how Joe Wurzelbacher is doing these days, by the way.

And I sure JFO, Hyperbolist... (Below threshold)

And I sure JFO, Hyperbolist, Peabody and the rest are heading straight over to all the lefty blogs to chastise them for continuing to flog away at Palin who is no longer running for Vice-President. Right?

Crap, I caught JLawson's ty... (Below threshold)

Crap, I caught JLawson's typo-disease. That should start: And I'm sure...

The lefties just don't get ... (Below threshold)

The lefties just don't get it. They see everything throught the prism of politics. Kind of juvenile. ww

I don't comment on lefty bl... (Below threshold)

I don't comment on lefty blogs, Oyster. I have better things to do than just high-five people I agree with all day, like disagree with people here and occasionally do a bit of work.

And P.S. -- Palin is intere... (Below threshold)

And P.S. -- Palin is interested in running for POTUS in 2012, whereas William Ayers is a few years away from retiring from the faculty of education.

Palin might yet affect people's live; Ayers, not so much.

And it is fun to ridicule her for her anti-intellectualism and the hilarious trainwreck of a campaign she and McCain put together. Why not do it?

Yes, he didn't mean "he wis... (Below threshold)
Robert L:

Yes, he didn't mean "he wished he had done more" as stated as he was stepping on the US Flag. BTW-This Ayers liar and Dohrn & Co. repeat most of thier trash in the Left Leaning Documentary, "The Weather Underground". Funny, they were interviewed when they were in thier 20's and again in thier 40's and nothing has changed with them. They are Pathetic.

And it is fun to r... (Below threshold)
And it is fun to ridicule her for her anti-intellectualism and the hilarious trainwreck of a campaign she and McCain put together.

They didn't put that train wreck together, the "campaign" did. That's kinda dumb to say you'd be high fiving people all day on lefty blogs because you know you wouldn't agree with everything they say.

At least you admit you only... (Below threshold)

At least you admit you only occasionally do a bit of work, hyper.

Allen,Just in case y... (Below threshold)

Just in case you're still reading...
Liddy, not Libby. Explain now how he was a terrorist. Go ahead.

Tea Fire!watch video... (Below threshold)
Ah, the murderous Communist... (Below threshold)

Ah, the murderous Communist left ..

Seriously, to the people who defend Ayers and his actions and ideology : please learn some history.

peabody3000 - if the W.U. weren't out for blood, why did they start putting shrapnel in their bombs? Weren't they out for blood when they firebombed the judge's house?
And when they attempted to bomb the policemen's dance?

Why are you so selective about the facts you present, and the evidence you believe in?

What about the testimony of the FBI undercover agent who questioned what the W.U. would do (once they had toppled the US government) with people who were unrepentant capitalists and not amenable to 're-education' , and learnt that the W.U. foresaw it being neccessary to kill this group - they guessed that they may need to put 25 million citizens to death?

To all those who defend Communism : you are a downward force, attempting to drag us into a familiar and dreadful dark place. But don't worry - we'll carry you all upwards with us - unlike Communists, we don't kill those who disagree with us.

Oh, geez. I had a student (... (Below threshold)

Oh, geez. I had a student (8th grade) just the other day say, "But it's fun," when I gave hima called his mother after he kept making fun of a girl in class. His mother agreed to ground him until his manners approved. Are we going to have to ground the entire left wing? (Well, actually, I find this type of

Sorry -- cat jumped up.... (Below threshold)

Sorry -- cat jumped up.

As I was trying to say, "when I gave him detention and called his mother" and then at the end, to say I find that it gets better by the time that type of kid gets to high school and matures some.






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