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Barack Obama to resign Senate seat Sunday

No surprise there. The question is- Who will Democratic Governor Rod Blagojevich appoint to fill the seat till a general election in 2010.

Potential candidates to replace Obama include Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., Rep. Jan Schakowsky, Illinois Senate President Emil Jones and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

On Tuesday, Obama appeared with another potential replacement, Iraq war veteran Tammy Duckworth, to commemorate Veterans Day. She is a former congressional candidate and head of the Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs.

Jesse Jackson Jr. of 83-92% liberal range(depending on the issue) rating according to the National Journal is the person mentioned most often. I don't know anything about Jones or Madigan(wasn't there a Republican congressman from Illinois by that same name 20 years ago?) As for Jan Schakowsky, her ratings are even more liberal than Jackson(90-95% range).

The best Republicans could hope for Duckworth. She's a double amputee Iraq veteran who narrowly lost a race for the Illinois 7th in 2006 and currently is head of the Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs. If Duckworth had won in 2006, she would very likely have been a blue dog democrat in the House. That due to the IL 7th being Republican territory. That may be thin gruel, but it is certainly better than what Jackson or Schakowsky would be. I'm betting Jackson will get the nod.


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Jan Schackowsky's hasn't a ... (Below threshold)

Jan Schackowsky's hasn't a snowball's chance in hell of getting this nod. In 2004, Schakowsky's husband, Robert Creamer, was indicted for fraud in a check-kiting scheme. He tried to assert that it was only done to keep his baby, the Illinois Public Action Find, alive. He later pled guilty and served jail time, after stories surfaced that Jan may have known all about the scheme, so it's generally assumed that he did so to protect her job and reputation.

I think it's wither Jackson, Jr. or Duckworth (Lisa Madigan is being groomed to replace Gov. Blagojevic once he either resigns or is indicted). I like Duckworth, but I am afraid of someone who needs to be schooled at the hand of Illinois' 'illustrius' senior Senator, Dick Durbin.

Considering the fact that h... (Below threshold)
arcman Author Profile Page:

Considering the fact that he didn't do anything while he was a Senator, it's only fitting he resign his seat now that he is President-elect.

Illinois Attorney General L... (Below threshold)

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan would probably be the best choice of those under consideration. Her father, Michael Madigan has been Speaker of the Illinois House since 1982, with the exception of 1995-96 when Republicans took control of the House. AG Madigan has a good reputation and seems to run her office well. If I had to bet, however, I'd put my money on JJJr.

Langry,Check fraud? ... (Below threshold)

Check fraud? Who do we know in the dems leadership who knows all about that... from California, if I recall...
Somehow, I don't think that really matters so much to the powers that be

Whatever Emil Jones wants, ... (Below threshold)

Whatever Emil Jones wants, Emil Jones generally gets. He was pushing someone else so if he doesn't want it. . . I forget who he was pushing. On the other hand, Madigan is a good bet.

Bob & Larry:The pe... (Below threshold)

Bob & Larry:

The person who will name Obama's successor is Governor Rod Blagojevic. The principal thorn in his side, the person who has rendered his second term completely impotent, is Michael Madigan whose daughter is Lisa Madigan.

Still think she has a chance? If so, I might have a bridge to sell you!

Oh God, is that what's next... (Below threshold)

Oh God, is that what's next? Jessie Jackson, Jr. for President?

For Sale:One slightl... (Below threshold)

For Sale:
One slightly used chair.
Never wavering loyalty to the machine.
The real cost:
your soul

langtreyoops, you'... (Below threshold)


oops, you're right. Still, what Emil wants, Emil usually gets.

Bill, you can't be serious ... (Below threshold)

Bill, you can't be serious that they appoint Duckworth, who has NO legislative experience. He won't allow JJJ because it would seem he only wants blacks now. I am thinking Oprah.;) ww

How many kids does Emil Jon... (Below threshold)

How many kids does Emil Jones have to give political appontments to?

Wild Willie wrote- "Bill, y... (Below threshold)

Wild Willie wrote- "Bill, you can't be serious that they appoint Duckworth, who has NO legislative experience. He won't allow JJJ because it would seem he only wants blacks now. I am thinking Oprah.;)"

Since when is legislative experience a prerequisite to be a Senator? Senators Jesse Helms, John Edwards, John Kerry had prior experience. Sorry I can't think of more Republican senators at the moment. Was Ronald Reagan a legislator before becoming governor? How about all that legislative experience Obama had before becoming Senator? How about Elizabeth Dole and Arlen Specter too I seem to remember a few Republicans riddiculing how thin that was.

The Oprah comment makes me think you're being tongue in cheek. At least I hope you are.



Who has read the Almanac of American politics on a regular basis since 1983

You think Hillary makes you... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

You think Hillary makes your skin crawl wait till you get a load of Schackowsky. Duckworth seems like a nice kid, Dick Turban latched on to her and I'm not sure she even knows why. I always thought it was Dicks antiwar prop.

Emil Jones is 73 and is ret... (Below threshold)

Emil Jones is 73 and is retiring from the Illinois senate at the end of this session. If he took the appointment, he would probably only server the remainder of the term and then retire again. That would throw the seat open again. I would guess that Blagojevic will appoint some who will stand for reelection.

since obama started his whi... (Below threshold)

since obama started his white house quest in august 2004 before the senate election, it would be appropriate to leave this empty chair empty.

by the way schakowsky signed those false tax returns and should have indicted herself but the timid george bush was afraid to have her indicted. that boy bush is the wimp's wimp.

I agree with deroy. The Se... (Below threshold)

I agree with deroy. The Senate's gotten along with that empty chair so far. What's the difference? I think he and McCain should have both resigned their seats and been replaced when the general campaign started. Neither has done squat since then.






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