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Unintended Consequences In War

Because no one is perfect.


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Lord o' mercy, Steve, post ... (Below threshold)

Lord o' mercy, Steve, post a warning before linking to a blog with a layout as aesthetically vile as that!

Heh. Noted, sir.... (Below threshold)
Steve Schippert:

Heh. Noted, sir.

Comments about The Law of U... (Below threshold)

Comments about The Law of Unintended Consequences I find it strange that you do not see the irony of this president, of all people, suddenly becoming the messenger of democracy to the Middle East. I do agree that sixty years of bipartisan hypocrisy regarding dictators in our own hemisphere, Africa, Asia and the Middle east should come to an end but do not think the Bush would have gotten to this point if he had not misjudgred the Iraq situation so badly. This is also the Administration which, when it set up the Department of Homeland Security, made sure that its employees would be hired under a "spoils system" rather than a civil service methodology and, through the so-called "Patriot Act" has worked to take liberties away from Americans.






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