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"Hold on you're dead!"

The new James Bond movie Quantum of Solace(QOS) opened today. Leonita and I will probably watch a matinee tomorrow. I'm not a movie critic, but may attempt a review sometime over the weekend.

I have been a James Bond movie fan for years. Collected all the films first on VHS and then DVD. Can't count the total amount of times I've seen any of the movies. It would be too many. Goldfinger(GF) was the best of the movies, with honorable mention going to From Russia with Love and On Her Majesty's Secret Srevice. Die Another Day(DAD) or Moonraker(MR) was the worst. A View to a Kill(AVTAK) is a guilty pleasure IMHO.

I've been to a few of the locations seen in the movies. From Fisherman's Wharf in AVTAK, to Hemmingway House in License to Kill(LTK), to The Prater Ferris Wheel in The Living Daylights(TLD), to The Peninsula Hotel seen in The Man with the Golden Gun.(TMWTGG) I've been fortunate enough to get around the world a few times.

Below I list my 10 favorite Bond movie quotes. Forgive me if my quotes are slightly off. I did them from memory if I couldn't find them on the internet.

10- "I've taught you to love chickens, to love their flesh, their voice."- Blofeld in OHMSS
9- "Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned." James Bond in For Your Eyes Only
8- "Spare the rod, Spoil the child, huh?"- Marc Ange Draco in OHMSS
7- "He got the point."- James Bond in Thunderball
6- "Shocking, positively shocking."- James Bond in GF
5- "I didn't know there was a pool down there."- Gangster in Diamonds are Forever
4- "Unlike the Americans, we prefer not to get our bad news from CNN." M in Goldeneye
3- "No Mr. Bond I expect you to die."- Auric Goldfinger in GF
2- "Of course I'm carrying passengers. Distinguished members of the world press."- Marc Ange Draco in OHMSS
and #1 is

"Hold on, you're dead!" from TLD

#4, 3, 2 and 1 are definitely in order as I see them. #2 is a favorite of mine, James Bond with the help of his gangster father-in-law Marc Ange Draco are flying to Blofeld's mountain top lair. The Swiss air force knows another about it and scrambles fighters. Draco's line about the World press is how he blarneys his way through the situation.

I just love that line. TLD has a great opening sequence. A Double OO exercise at Gilbralter with a wild card being an assasain out to kill one or more of the agents. The bad guy is trying to get away in a land rover and James Bond runs after him. A soldier not knowing this was not a war game shoots bond with a paint ball but 007 pushes him aside before jumping on top of the land rover as it rides away. Then the soldier yells "Hold on you're dead."

Something about that line always makes me laugh. Use this post to talk QOS, James Bond movies in general, or what your favorite quote or scene from them is.


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This one has always been on... (Below threshold)

This one has always been one of my favorites:

"Names are for tombstones. Waste him!"

...and any true Bond aficionado would know what character said this in what movie.

Live and Let Die for the ca... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Live and Let Die for the campiness value... It has to be the only James Bond where they used the word "honky". heh

Also, Jane Seymour is yummy.

Saw the new Bond yesterday,... (Below threshold)

Saw the new Bond yesterday, since it's already running overseas. After Casino Royale, it was pretty disappointing. Not much dialogue at all, let alone memorable. The planned act of villainy, not joking, is to cut off the tap water in Bolivia. These kind of movies require a consummate villain as a worthy opponent. Unfortunately this guy doesn't measure up. Well, it's got lots of action, which is mostly stunt driven, not special effects, thank goodness. The new Bond is still the stone cold killer 007 presented last time in Casino.

I have a small quibble with... (Below threshold)

I have a small quibble with you on the best Bond flick. From Russia with Love is the best, IMHO, then Goldfinger.

"Play it again Sam"<p... (Below threshold)

"Play it again Sam"

- Moonraker

The Internet can access vit... (Below threshold)
the struggler:

The Internet can access vital information,like funny videos of monkeys.---Austin Powers

Zoiks!---Shaggy from Scooby... (Below threshold)
the struggler:

Zoiks!---Shaggy from Scooby-doo

Bill, I bet one "James Bond... (Below threshold)

Bill, I bet one "James Bond" film you don't own is a terrible ripoff from India entitled, JAMES BOND 777 with all Indian actors. And boy oh boy is this a bad film. Get it. You'll laugh so hard at this terrible attempt to rip off the real James Bond series. This movie could not any worse, I swear.

As good as CASINO ROYALE was as an action film, it just didn't seem like a real James Bond film to me. I hope I'll enjoy the new one more. I actually like the Rodger Moore films a great deal. But the Timothy Dalton, LICENSE TO KILL, was pretty good too. Pierce Brosnan always looked like James Bond to me, but just never filled the shoes very well.

I watched "From Russia with... (Below threshold)

I watched "From Russia with love" last weekend. Compared with the other Sean Connery Bond films, it didn't do much for me.

My fav Bond films:

You only live twice - love the song, the Japanese culture in the movie...everything.

The Spy who loved me - two words - Barbara Bach. Need I say more?

The World is Not Enough - great storyline, Sophie Marceau turned in a great performance and is beautiful. She gave ice cubes a whole new meaning!!! :-)

A view to a kill - first Bond film I ever saw and also the first time I had ever seen Christopher Walken.

Some of my favorite Bond Lines (it's late on a Friday night so I'm fuzzy on the character names):

"Bond, what are you doing?"

"Keeping the British end up sir".

Spy who loved me

"He would never look at another woman, would you"?

"Oh Heaven forbid"

You only live twice


"Goodbye Mr. Bond. I must admit that has a nice ring of permanency to it" - Stromberg

The Spy who loved me


Why do I suddenly think I'm not carrying enough insurance"

The World is not Enough

"Hold on, you're dead!" fro... (Below threshold)

"Hold on, you're dead!" from TLD always stood out to me also. One of the best Bond film openings!

Part of my problem with the... (Below threshold)

Part of my problem with the earlier movies is... I read the books. :-)

As for this last one... my husband and I were walking out of Dark Knight at the big mega-theater that we almost never go to and I looked up to see a huge banner over the doors... Quantum... of... Solace...

I stopped dead in my tracks and stared. How the HECK can there be a Quantum *of* something! That was soooo wrong, so terribly wrong. Who were these total idiots anyway! ARRRGGGGHHH! Quantum *of* Solace... is that like a Flour *of* Sugar, dude. Hey! English... it's what's for supper. Going for Star Wars "parsec" happiness or something. It *sounds* impressive, so go for it! No one will EVER know.

(I think there may be a reason my husband doesn't take me to movies more often.)

Saw QoS Saturday, liked it ... (Below threshold)

Saw QoS Saturday, liked it a lot.

It was a good thing I rewatched Casino Royale a few hours earlier becuase there's NO recap in QoS and there's a lot of reference to the stuff that happened in the previous film.

Ref the lameness of the Evil Guys Plot. I thought it was lame at first, then I rethought it. Look, this Quantum gang is this Bond's replacement for SPECTRE. What does Quantum want? To Take Over The World! But, they're quite happy to do it the old fashioned way, one country at a time. Note the line when this film's villain promised General so-and-so that when he (the General) took over Bolivia there were would be 29 or so countries ready to recognize his govt. I read that as 29 countries down, 150 or so to go for Quantum!

The point isn't that holding the water supply hostage is a crazy clever scheme. Quantum just needed SOME leverage to make the General do what they wanted. Water is what they came up with for Bolivia. They'll probably try Oil for many other countries...

While I did like the film, it suffered due to the hyper-fast editing of the action scenes.

A Big Thumbs up and I look forward to the DVD for many future viewings.

My first real introduction ... (Below threshold)

My first real introduction into the world of Bond was "For Your Eyes Only". I must have seen it a dozen times. With Topol! The scene at the end with the parrot and "Margret Thatcher" was priceless.
I think "You Only Live Twice" was amazing and Roger Moore's maiden voyage in "Live and Let Die", the whole Voodoo angle was pretty cool.
As far as Bond's go, Sean Connery of course was the best. I loved Roger Moore's more comic stylings even though he had serious action hero chops. Pierce Brosnan would have been better if he would have been able to get in before Timothy Dalton, who was only OK. Meanwhile, I'm underwhelmed by Daniel Craig.






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