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Just stand by as the entire internet crashes

Hillary Clinton's name has come up as a possible Secretary of State in the Obama administration. Slate's Emily Yoffe muses-

I wonder if the Obama administration would waive the 63-item questionnaire all potential administration officials are required to fill out before naming Hillary secretary of state. There are so many questions that might be troublesome, from No. 6, concerning "whether you or your spouse" ever received money from any foreign entities (See Bill's amazing Kazakhstan adventure), to No. 8, asking for a description of the "most controversial matters you have ever been involved in," to No. 12, "Please identify all speeches you have given" to my favorite, No. 13, in which the candidate is asked to describe any electronic communication they have ever sent that might be "a possible source of embarrassment to you, your family, or the President-Elect." There isn't enough bandwith in the world for Hillary to attach all the documents that answer these questions.
LOL. Maybe Al Gore can clean up the resulting mess. After all, he invented the internet.

In all honesty, I'll be surprised if Obama makes Hillary his Secretary of State. For the same reasons I didn't believe he'd choose Hillary for VP. You have to factor in Bill Clinton, the former President likes the limelight and would want to steal the show. Who really needs all of this?

Hat tip- James Joyner at OTB


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Comments (7)

kerry will probably get sec... (Below threshold)
retired miiltary:

kerry will probably get secratary of state.

Hillary has dibs on the first Supreme court opening.

Why would Hillary play a se... (Below threshold)

Why would Hillary play a second fiddle role in an Obama Administration, when she has the possibility for real power in the Senate? If she takes a SoS position then she'll have to kiss her hopes of becoming POTUS goodbye, as she would have to have a major difference with Obama over policy, or a major meltdown by the One for her to jump ship in 2012. If she couldn't go for it in 2012, she'd have to wait until 2016...and that is a long, long time for a Clinton to be playing a 'supporting role'.

As for SCOTUS, She'd have to bypass being a judge and considering she has had scant experience in Constitutional Law, much less actually practicing law, she'd be creamed in the ABA assessment as well as being smacked around in Judiciary Committee hearings. That pick would be Obama's 'Harriet Myers'.

Hillary would get approved ... (Below threshold)
retired miilitary:

Hillary would get approved for SCOTUS.

a. She was a lawyer
b. The ABA is full of democrats
c. The only requirement she has per the Constitution (I believe) is to be nominated and approved by Congress which wouldnt be a problem. There isnt even a requirement for a SCOTUS member to be a lawyer.
d. The judiciary hearings if held at all would probably be closed to the public via democrat fiat. Any republican protest would be called partisian politics and remember you have Spectre on the Judiciary board (or he was).

I think Sec State was the p... (Below threshold)

I think Sec State was the price The One had to pay to keep Bill from working against him in the general election. Whether or not she accepts it depends on if she believes going to State or staying in the Senate positions her better for 2012.

if hillary gets an appointm... (Below threshold)

if hillary gets an appointment i bet its a plum one like sec of state. supreme court isnt a good fit. i think kerry will get sec of transportation or some such second-tier role

and well gore didnt invent the internet, but he DID write and sponsor the first legislation to fund the arpanet, which became the internet


Why doesn't Obama appoint H... (Below threshold)

Why doesn't Obama appoint HRC to the one post she has the experience for - First Lady?

I don't see it happening. ... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

I don't see it happening. Presumably, she wants to run for president again, and she can only do that if President Teleprompter's first four years is a failure. If she becomes a cabinet member, she would be attached to that failure.






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