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A West Palm Beach restaurant owner face posssible corruptly influencing voting charges. From the Palm Beach Post-

Police have recommended that a Palm Beach restaurant owner be charged with corruptly influencing voting.

Patricia Gatti, who admitted to writing KKK on the timecards of black employees at 264 The Grill, as well as posting KKK and "white power" notes in the back of the restaurant, threatened to fire 57-year-old cook Raymonde Prudent if she didn't vote for John McCain, and then Barack Obama went on to win the presidential election, according to the police report.

Prudent also told police that Gatti threatened to fire all the black kitchen employees if Obama won.

Gatti told The Palm Beach Post last week that she wrote KKK, but denied that she tried to influence voting or threatened to fire employees.

Her attorney - outgoing County Commissioner Bob Kanjian - said he expects the State Attorney's Office to decide Monday whether to go forward with the corruptly influencing voting charge. He doesn't believe there's enough evidence to charge Gatti with the rarely used statute, which is a third-degree felony.

Prudent said that Gatti threatened to fire her on the night of the election, after the polls had closed, if she didn't vote for McCain.

While Kanjian said he doesn't believe the conversation took place, even if it had, he said it's not possible to influence voting after the vote had already been cast.

If you want to read a more detailed story about what happened, click here.

Gatti is an idiot. Cerabino quotes her as saying ""I think Obama is going to make a great president," Gatti said. "He's got a beautiful smile and he's a great guy." That after she admits writing the notes she did.Bab Kanjian is right. Her threats were empty since voting had already taken place. There is another little thing called the First ammendment. I rate it 60-40 in favor of that Gatti faces charges. Oops I better be careful, State Attorney and two-time Knucklehead winner might come after me for bookmaking.


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This is one of those things... (Below threshold)

This is one of those things the market will certainly take care of, because you know that restaurant is going out of business even if she is not charged. In some ways, it's a shame that we've made stupidity less fatal than it used to be. Weakens the race. :-)

Sorry. Couldn't resist.

I wonder if the Gatti famil... (Below threshold)

I wonder if the Gatti family has disowned her yet. Or put her back on her meds.

onijsx elbi gcjkw pnhczfw</... (Below threshold)

onijsx elbi gcjkw pnhczfw






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