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Broaden your horizons, increase your memory

Maureen Dowd has a very small world view. Writing why she feels Hillary Clinton would want to be Secretary of State if asked, the NY Times columnist says-

And why should the woman who made 18 million cracks go back to being junior to Chuck Schumer, if she could be toasted from Dublin to Dubai?
I'm not sure what the 18 million cracks Maureen refers to is supposed to be. Any guesses out there?

Dublin to Dubai? I guess Hillary won't be liked in Central and South America, Asia, Africa. If Maureen was more clever than she thinks she is, she may have written Dumaguete City or Darwin.

See I nitpick liberal columnists too, not just Mark Steyn. One other thing.

(Lincoln appointed a New York senator, William Seward, as his secretary of state. He promptly bought Alaska, known as "Seward's Folly," which ended up bringing us the folly of Sarah Palin).
Someone remind Maureen of how she wrote about a Hillary-Palin presidential debate in 2012 a few months ago. Maureen was probably mocking Ms. Palin, it is only fair if I mock her back.

Hat tip- Ann Althouse


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the cracks she is referring... (Below threshold)

the cracks she is referring to are in the glass ceiling that has "held women down."

The 18 million refers to th... (Below threshold)

The 18 million refers to the number of votes she got I think.

BillI wouldn't spe... (Below threshold)


I wouldn't spend much time trying to figure out MoDo. She presumes her neurotic ramblings are the stuff of edgy stream of conscious thought writ for us. Sadly, that it is what passes for good enough to print at the NYT these days.

If you can name all those SOS's going back 60 years after what you have been through I can't imagine Dowd finding a comfortable place anywhere between those synapses still firing in your very well tuned brain.

One's person "edgy" is anot... (Below threshold)

One's person "edgy" is another person's "incoherent", I guess.

Not to mention Seward was t... (Below threshold)

Not to mention Seward was the chief rival for the Republican nomination for presidency in 1860. The more things change...

And yes, the 18 million refers to her primary votes, specifically her speech at the DNC.

Parthenon writes- "And yes,... (Below threshold)

Parthenon writes- "And yes, the 18 million refers to her primary votes, specifically her speech at the DNC."

The DNC came at a time I wasn't having too many coherent moments. I was in the hospital at the time recovering from heart valve surgery. Anything deeper than ESPN sportscenter and Sabrina the Teenage Witch would fly over my head then. :-)



Maureen Dowd has a very sma... (Below threshold)

Maureen Dowd has a very small world view. So do most of the people who write and comment in the legacy media. That's why they're the legacy media.

But yet they think their ho... (Below threshold)

But yet they think their horizons are of infinite extent, and their thoughts lofty enough to deserve godhood...

Correct me if I'm missing t... (Below threshold)

Correct me if I'm missing the point, but didn't "Seward's Folly" end up being kind of ironic, because Alaska's actually rich in resources and strategically located and all that? Like, aren't there occasionally extremist Russian politicians saying they want it back? And so, by extension in her analogy or metaphor or whatever it is, doesn't this suggest Sarah Palin may turn out to be more gem than folly?

Yeah. I'm really sick of Maureen Dowd.

"And why should the woma... (Below threshold)

"And why should the woman who made 18 million cracks go back to being junior to Chuck Schumer, if she could be toasted from Dublin to Dubai?"

Yeah, Maureen. You go girl! Why should Clinton give up a job where she can express an individual voice and vote where Schumer's voice and vote don't count for anymore than hers even though he's been there longer? Especially when she could go to work for the guy that beat her out of the job she wanted promoting his foreign policy and doing his bidding.

That would be so "edgy".

Why in the world would Hill... (Below threshold)

Why in the world would Hillary Clinton want to be Sec State? How does she benefit? What's in it for her?

She would be giving up a lifetime job in the Senate for a temp job, 4 to 8 years max. In the Senate she really has no boss, as Sec State she works at the pleasure of her rival. She could take the job and 6 months later, Obama could fire her for any reason, and she would be out of a job. In the Senate she can bide her time, to see if Obama is a catastrophe and run 4 years from now on the "I told you so" platform.






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