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May Can't Come Soon Enough

First I found these pictures...

Then Wizbang Pop found this picture...

And now this:

This could be a horrible disaster... but I really, really don't think it will be.

For the record: I'm now officially sold on Sylar as Spock.


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When I saw that car screami... (Below threshold)

When I saw that car screaming for the precipice I thought it was about the impending big auto bailout. Whew, that was close.

RAGING FANBOY ALERT! I, to... (Below threshold)

RAGING FANBOY ALERT! I, too, am prepared to be disappointed -- but until and unless I am, this looks awesome. Maybe - just maybe - they will get it right and resurrect the Trek legend.

Simon Pegg has me sold! </... (Below threshold)

Simon Pegg has me sold!

I... dunno. Been a fan sin... (Below threshold)

I... dunno. Been a fan since '66 - but this looks much more like CGI for the sake of CGI (not that there's anything wrong with that...) than a real attempt to make a Star Trek movie. I'm not particularly worried about canon, though I DO like a bit of continuity in the series I watch.

This almost looks more like the establishing of a a new series - one with the Star Trek name and mileu, but completely re-envisioned characters. It might be best to view it as such - with a disclaimer "All characters are completely ficticious, and not to be confused with OTHER ficticious characters of the same name, regardless of traits, mannerisms, ears, or general tendency to hump anything remotely female-shaped." (Warning, link not ST related...)

As I lifelong Trek nerd, I'... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

As I lifelong Trek nerd, I'll reserve judgement until I see it.

I like Quinto as Spock, but that alone won't hold an entire movie together.

Also, with the choice they made for Sulu, will he be hijacking the Enterprise to go to White Castle with Kumar?

Was that video shot with a ... (Below threshold)

Was that video shot with a camera hidden inside a bucket of popcorn?

Is that Bilbo or Frodo?... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Is that Bilbo or Frodo?

So the Keeblers finally got... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

So the Keeblers finally got tired of just making cookies, huh?

hopefully they will conti... (Below threshold)

hopefully they will continue with their ahead of times social thinking and humor
along with the social interactions that made the shows

Jay, this movie looks way c... (Below threshold)

Jay, this movie looks way cool. Thanks for offering this. I love STAR TREK and can't wait either. Compared to the tight budgeted TV series, this looks so good by comparison.

By the way, I can't figure out why anyone would buy a 63-67 Corvette convertible when that beautiful classic Stingray glass-back model was available. But to each their own, I guess. I liked the scene with the motorbike too.

It's the action that will m... (Below threshold)

It's the action that will make it a hit. I love it. The same sort of balls to the wall stuff in Casino Royale, looks like.

Remember when the first such movie came out--nonstop action? It was Indiana Jones in 1981 (or '80).

The guy playing McCoy looks right; the others look so damn young, or is it me getting too damn old.

Sorry, looks like me post w... (Below threshold)

Sorry, looks like me post went through a Nutrino field, or maybe at nebula. Not sure which.

Regarding #12, about the ag... (Below threshold)

Regarding #12, about the ages...

McCoy was always older then the rest of the crew by quite a bit. So that bit fits in with TOS.

lmhdj kedzu bdhvt lrzgxyp</... (Below threshold)

lmhdj kedzu bdhvt lrzgxyp






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