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Media Bias and an Uninformed Electorate: How Obama Got Elected

This video confirmed for me what I already knew: the media, in the tank for Obama, helped give him the presidency by refusing to report anything negative about him while consistently hammering John McCain and Sarah Palin. Twelve Obama supporters were interviewed on election day after casting their ballots. They were asked questions about the candidates and their political parties. Very few of these Obama supporters knew which political party had control of Congress, how Obama won his first election, or that he said he would bankrupt the coal industry. But they all knew whose party spent $150,000 on clothes and whose teenage daughter was pregnant. The folks at the site How Obama Got Elected who conducted the interviews also commissioned a poll by Zogby to see if the results from their non-scientific video interviews were similar to the results from a scientific poll. They were.

The people behind How Obama Got Elected are working on a film called Media Malpractice... How Obama Got Elected, which will focus on the media's influence in the 2008 presidential election. If you want to remain informed on this project, you can sign up for email updates.

Lorie adds: This is a longer, more expansive take on the man-on-the-street interviews Howard Stern played where Obama supporters were asked why they liked him so much, and then were asked specifically if it was because of his stand against abortion, etc. It was hilarious to hear most of them say, when prompted, that they supported Obama because he was for the surge in Iraq and against abortion. Really sad though that people can be so stupid. What is really frustrating to me is that we knew the media would not inform the electorate (they never do) and that always leaves it to Republican candidates to do it. McCain's campaign should have done a better job getting the facts out there. When we could not even tie the Democrat-controlled Congress to their 13 percent or so approval ratings there was no doubt we would lose. It infuriates me that McCain didn't try to hold Dems accountable in the subprime mortgage mess in any real way, or to tie them to anything else the incredibly unpopular Congress did. People will now at least realize who is in charge, but that just means the media will now report the glass half full version of every news story. At least maybe the the U.S. military will now get a bit of attention and credit for their incredible work -- now that there is no way media attention to them will help Republicans.


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Comments (27)

Yes, our well-informed voti... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Yes, our well-informed voting public, ladies and gentlemen!

Real scary. I agree the med... (Below threshold)

Real scary. I agree the media was and is invested in the "miracle of Obama" they are no longer able to do their job. However, there was information, or the lack there of, available if you were to take the time to look. It's hard to believe that with the important decision of voting in the most important election in the free world people are so uninformed. The link is to a good article in The AmericanThinker.

You're a really sad, sorry ... (Below threshold)

You're a really sad, sorry woman aren't you? From your elation at the "attack" of a McCain supporter in Pittsburgh to this.

You can find uninformed idiots on both sides. You just need check out Wizbang to find a handful of yours.

What a crock. Go be irrelevant for the next eight years. Have fun, you earned t.

Well....it's not a big secr... (Below threshold)

Well....it's not a big secret..

(M)ain (S)tream (M)orons have been in the bag for liberals for years.

They are not even afraid to make open comments about "tingles" they get about liberal candidates.

So here is the BIG question...
WTF do WE/Conservatives DO about it!!!??????

Buy ABC or CBS? The NYT?
Start more OBJECTIVE news stations?
(I don't think it would be wise to start a CONSERVATIVE type of media because MEDIA is suppose to just REPORT, not SPIN in ANY direction.)

One option that I use is to avoid them, do we push that?

The bottom line is the MSM are pathetic liberal cheerleaders, that is now crystal clear. No more crying about it, it is fact..

It's time to ACT!!
WHAT are/can we be DOING about them!!??

Where are the MSM stories o... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Where are the MSM stories on Obama's fake birth certificate, Michelle's racist rants aka the Whitey tapes, Ashley Todd, Obama's secret girlfriend in the Caribbean and on and on?

Sadly this doesn't surprise... (Below threshold)
just me:

Sadly this doesn't surprise me at all, although I would suspect the "which party controls congress?" and the questions about house and senate leadership would have gotten similar results from McCain supporters.

And I also wonder if they wouldn't have gotten some of the stuff specific to Obama but wasn't really covered in the media wrong as well.

I think the one thing this election proves is if you have the media in your pocket and cheering your candidacy you are very unlikely to lose.

I love pieces like t... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

I love pieces like this that show insight into the character of the authors and how they handle defeat. In Priestaps case, as was predominate in the "conservative" movement, the great motivator was fear and the rational was to blame someone else.

This is why the conservative movement failed. It refused to accept reality or to take responsibility.

Oh please, Adrian. Keep ig... (Below threshold)

Oh please, Adrian. Keep ignoring that many of us disregarded the "whitey tape" and the "fake" birth certificate. Keep ignoring that we were cautious about Ashley Todd and other wild claims. I have no idea about any "secret girlfriend". Keep trying, with all your might, to paint us all with the same brush. Your efforts are not just misguided. They're completely disingenuous. Does it really go against all your base instincts to just be intellectually honest for once? I certainly hope you do not wonder why I and others don't take you seriously.

Ryan:You mi... (Below threshold)


You missed the point completly.

You can find uninformed idiots on both sides.

I agree. The world is full of ignorant people. That was NOT the point. Note that they knew Palin's daughter was pregnant. Note that they did not know who was in control of Congress.

They knew what the source of their information wanted them to know. Was it an important piece of information upon which to make a buying decision that Palin's daughter was pregnant? Note that over 30 reporters went to Alaska, which is 30 more than went to Chicago.

And on top of the ignorance, it was a multiple choice survey! I mean really, would you want your daughter to date a guy the average person knew so little about as Obama?


You missed it too!

This is why the conservative movement failed. It refused to accept reality or to take responsibility.

The conservative movement is in revolt as you so obviously didn't notice. The base didn't turn out to the level of the margin of victory for Obama. Many, many conservatives are totally disgusted with the antics of the Republican Congress, the bailout and some of the positions that McCain took trying to be more centrist.

I do hope that you continue to believe that Liberals have converted all those folks though. For about a hundred years, Liberal true believers have represented less than 25% of the population and conservatives about 36%.

The balance of the population votes with their pocket book like this time or out of fear, like in 2004. This means that if Obama doesn't get it right, he is out of there, no mercy. Yet you guys on the left are going to try to get him to do things that will drop his approval ratings through the floor, just like with Clinton and just like with Bush.

If you know anything about history, you will know that ever time in the past hundred years the Liberals have taken over, they screw things up so badly that they have to change their name. They used to be called "progressives," then "Liberals," and now back to progressives.

In spite of all of the attempts by the Libs to take over education in this country, in spite of the simple fact that the vast unwashed with a short memory will put them in power from time to time, reality has a way of pouring cold water on Liberal conviction. And there is a reason for this.

Conservatives do their best to think about things as they are, not like Liberals, who want to think of things as they want them to be.

Thanks Larry. That is it. T... (Below threshold)

Thanks Larry. That is it. The conservatives did not wholeheartedly get behind McCain. Most voted, as our civic duty dictates, but we held on to most our money.

Obama was appointed by the MSM. All knows it. Even the Washington Post is writing about how it is starting to get creepy, this worship of Obama before he has done anything. I mean for years he has not done anything. This is the fool the uninformed lefties voted in. In our heart of hearts, we know this is going to go bad. ww

dr lavaThe conserv... (Below threshold)

dr lava

The conservative movement failed because it has no ideas, no diversity, no leadership, has run the course with its divisive social/secularist boogie man arguments, has little if any appeal to young educated voters, is trivialized, has bot reached out to hispanics or other minorities, has no minorities to speak of within the republican party, has no ability to look within and honestly see why it has failed, is populated by wackos like wilie and self-righteous judgmental people who think they know what's best for another's faith, has moderate intellectual conservative thinkers leaving in droves, thinks a nit wit like Saarah Pallin is the savior, has failed miserably in governing for the past 8 years, thinks the solution to world problems is guns, guns and more guns and is utterly and absolutely out of touch with the majority of americans and the rest of the world.

So the go ga ga over some put up piece of nonsense like this silly video. It's proof positive that folks like Priestap et al believe they know all the answers when in fact they know few. It's a joke and she should be embarrassed she posted it.

What would you prefer, Kim,... (Below threshold)

What would you prefer, Kim, that the media, tows the party line and peddles the lies of Bush, by publishing stories of fear?

Again, I ask you to stick to writing about babies, because your political insight is hazy to say the least.

RyanAre you really j... (Below threshold)

Are you really jp2? You attack the women that post here too much. You can disagree, but you are disagreeable. And pathetic.

jp2 = ryan = FOOL.

I've got seven years of col... (Below threshold)

I've got seven years of college, run six businesses in my lifetime, and manage a fairly large estate that includes substantial real estate properties, stocks, etc. and I both voted for Barack Obama as well as contributed to his campaign because I wanted to see a stronger economy. For example, I lost $130,000 on just one property this year because of the current poor state of the real estate market under Bush. And I watched the main residence, which is listed in Wikipedia as a historic home created by famous architect Francis Marion Stokes lose some value as well due to the declining real estate market despite around $44,000 in improvements this year.

In fact, of those earning $200,000 or more dollars year or having advanced college educations, Obama led among these voters.

Are these the "uninformed voters" you're talking about?

Every candidate had a few voters that supported them for shallow reasons. But I think those higher income earners and better educated had some pretty sound reasons to want to change direction in Washington. George Bush was our first MBA president, and certainly didn't deliver. If he was a CEO he would have been fired. And that's what the voters did.

One thing Conservatives can... (Below threshold)

One thing Conservatives can do is try to find one liberal you can convert.

Simply asking them questions and demanding answers to the questions (don't let them rabbit trail) you can show them that they may vote democratic but they are really conservative.

Questions to ask:

Do you think it is right for doctors to puncture and scramble a baby's brain with scissors, crush the skull and rip it from a mothers body as is often done in partial birth abortion?

Do you think that the government should take money from one person who has some just to give it to another who doesn't?


A little thinking and you can come up with more questions but one on one and on at a time conservatives can double their numbers

That's odd, Paul. I though... (Below threshold)

That's odd, Paul. I thought President Bush was term-limited out of office. If the voters thought they were voting for or against President Bush, then they really are that stupid.

Tim, John McCain supported ... (Below threshold)

Tim, John McCain supported Mr. Bush 92% of the time in recent years, and both McCain as well many Republicans who lost this year largely failed because they did not make a strong enough case with the voters how they would support policies substantially different than Bush.

Paul, first of all your rec... (Below threshold)

Paul, first of all your reciting your boring resume numerous times is tiring to say the least. If you went through several businesses, maybe you were not a good business man?

Secondly, the housing market has been for some time overly inflated, which corrected itself in some areas. In other states, where the housing market appreciated at a slower rate did not have any problems.

Thirdly, you hate GW so much you forget he did not even run. Plus this current economy problem is only that, current. You think, (like lefties do) the from day one of GW's great presidency the economy tanked. Not true and you know it. In fact, even after 9/11 the recovery was great. Even with the Clinton recession in place. Now if you were really honest, (which you are not) the current failing is on the hands of the democrats that left their social engiineering project get out of hand because they did not want to risk losing a vote.

JFO, you are some racist fella! It's all color with him. How is your sheet? Starched? ww

Details on the poll at my n... (Below threshold)

Details on the poll at my name's link.

The problem isn't just the MSM. It was also BHO's opponents who incorrectly stated that he said that he'd "bankrupt the coal industry". In fact, what BHO said was different, and pointing out problems with the arguments made by BHO's opponents was how the MSM was able to dodge a lot of issues.

For instance, "palling around" was a mistake, because the MSM was able to point out that they weren't close friends. If a better phrase had been used - you know, one that was accurate - they wouldn't have been able to do that.

I don't think too many of BHO's opponents who have megaphones are capable of understanding that.

WillieHere's a sim... (Below threshold)


Here's a simple question for a simple man. What % of minorities voted for the GOP presidential candidate? How many Republican minorities are members of the Senate and House? How many Republican minorities are governors?

You call these questions racist? I call them support for my statement that the GOP is no longer the "big tent" party.

Never mind Willie, you don't have enough fundamental honesty to answer the questions. You're too busy thinking about unleashing terrorists in San Francisco.

Paul,Blah blah bla... (Below threshold)


Blah blah blah - Bush wasn't running, much as you'd like to think he was.

"What would you prefer, ... (Below threshold)

"What would you prefer, Kim, that the media, tows the party line and peddles the lies of Bush, by publishing stories of fear?"

Yeah, let's talk about fear. How many times before the election did Obama peddle fear invoking the "Great Depression"? How many times did he use that phrase? Too many to count. Next up was "the markets after 9/11", another one oft repeated to instill dread and foreboding.

Yes, I was skeptical... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Yes, I was skeptical of the Ashley Todd story but I don't have a problem believing that thousands and thousands of people in the media conspired to elect Barack Obama.

"This is why the conserv... (Below threshold)

"This is why the conservative movement failed. It refused to accept reality or to take responsibility." ~ dr lava

The responsibility of failure lies at the feet of corrupt politicians. The reality of that is widely accepted by many conservatives and they've been quite vocal about it. It has nothing to do with the "conservative movement" or the fear factor.

Ted Stevens just got shown the door. This wasn't a rejection of conservatism and it wasn't based on some interpretation of who is trying to scare who. It was a rejection of corruption expressed in voting for the other guy.

Murtha just got re-elected. William Jefferson is about to be re-elected. Can I now say, because they haven't been rejected, that corruption is a base tenet of the "progressive movement"?

what is obvious to m... (Below threshold)

what is obvious to me (after perusing too many sites and forums to count) is that the Liberal/Left electorate do not care.

informing them is a wasted effort. an entire parade of drum majors can blow 500 whistles directly into the ear of the deaf and the recipient of said noise won't hear a note.

we need to quit trying to INFORM the deliberately ignorant and spend our time, money and resources in organizing a braver majority of conservatives.

One of the reasons conserva... (Below threshold)

One of the reasons conservatism is in trouble - the arrogance of the above comment. Remember the lady who was sure Obama is an Arab? Remember ALL those who think he's a Muslim? Which side are they on?

OysterThe world is... (Below threshold)


The world is on the cusp of a major financial upheavel, unlike anything that we have experienced before. Recession is around the corner; in fact several countries in Europe are already in recession. A depression is more than likely.

Obama is right to tackle these issues as the last administration has paid the economy scant regard.

Bush played the fear card regarding national security and the Islamic Threat for long enough whilst he should have been look after the housekeeping, literally!

Obama is not guilty of anything yet, give him time to see how he performs. Bush deserves all that he gets and will go down in history as one of the worst presidents of all time. Maybe some revisionists might change that, but revisionists also clain that the holocaust was a lie.






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