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Chris Matthews Criticizes Obama's Selection of Hillary for SOS

Chris Matthews just doesn't understand why Obama has picked so many Clinton people for his staff, especially Hillary as Secretary of State:

An avowed Clinton lover who was sitting next to Matthews reports: "He was in business class wearing a red baseball hat that said Penn on the back, and the fat [bleep] fell asleep on the train and snored with his mouth open."

During the ride to DC, Matthews awoke from his nap. A fellow passenger asked him, "What's the news tomorrow?" - to which Matthews loudly started talking about President-elect Barack Obama possibly picking Hillary as his secretary of state.

"I don't understand it," Matthews bellowed. "Why would he pick her? I thought we were done with the Clintons. She'll just use it to build her power base. It's Machiavellian. And then we'll have Bill Clinton, too. I thought Obama didn't want drama. He's already got [chief of staff Rahm] Emanuel and [transition team leader John] Podesta. He'll have even more drama with her.

"She's just a soap opera. If he doesn't pick her, everyone will say she's been dissed again, we'll have to live through that again."

Geez, this isn't rocket science. Considering Obama has very little experience doing much of anything, including lawyering as the LA Times just now points out, the only Democrats with any experience what so ever in government are Clinton people.


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Comments (9)

That thrill up your leg dis... (Below threshold)

That thrill up your leg disappear Chrissy?

He met her during the campa... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

He met her during the campaign, he doesn't know any other people.

Perhaps Matthews is now fee... (Below threshold)

Perhaps Matthews is now feeling a tingle tinkle down his leg.

apparently the strike throu... (Below threshold)

apparently the strike through 'tingle' above didn't work (although it did in preview)

Don't forget, Matthew's lif... (Below threshold)

Don't forget, Matthew's life mission is to make Obama's administration successful. Perhaps Chris can get Obama to agree that Chris must grant approval on all future appointments.

at this point im really dou... (Below threshold)

at this point im really doubting obama picks hrc. he still has to play the vetting game with her and give her the impression that shes recieving due consideration

Wasn't it just last week th... (Below threshold)
Sean P:

Wasn't it just last week that Matthews said his "job" as a journalist was to support the President? (Well that and getting shloshed before going on the air and making an ass of yourself, but I digress)

Sheesh! I'm no Clinton fan... (Below threshold)

Sheesh! I'm no Clinton fan by far, but Chris Matthews must be going through "man-e-pause" or something. Give him a Midol and fast! Talk about a drama queen. That being said, I have started trying to think like Hill: "Okay, I'm in! Now all I have to do is have Obama exterminated and J.B. eliminated (shouldn't be hard--it's a small task to have him declared mentally incompentent) and I'll run the country! Yeah!"

The LA Times is just helpin... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

The LA Times is just helping to lower expectations .... it's a mind game being played on The Messiah's adoring throngs.

There's an advantage for Obama picking well-known Clintonistas ... the blame game if things turn to shit!






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