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Cold water

I'm skeptical about The Guardian's reporting that Hillary Clinton plans to accept the post of Secretary of State. Here's why-

What is the newspaper's source? The news article makes no mention of even an anonymous source.

Why would a newspaper in the United Kingdom be privy to this information? If someone wanted to leak it, wouldn't they start with AP, The New York Times or The Washington Post?

Michelle Malkin is skeptical but doesn't give her reasons. Allah Pundin at Hotair gets it too-

Exit question: Er, why would the Guardian know this when American news outlets don't?
I'll much more inclined to believe this story when a major US media outlet starts reporting it.


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Exit question: Er,... (Below threshold)
Exit question: Er, why would the Guardian know this when American news outlets don't?

Frequently during the recent election campaign, you had to go to the foreign press for information, particularly about Obama's background and questionable associations, that our media was notably incurious about.

The foreign press: doing jobs that American journalists just won't do.

I'll believe it when the pa... (Below threshold)

I'll believe it when the pantsuit lady says so.

I think someone leaked it s... (Below threshold)

I think someone leaked it so people won't whine too much when his real Secretary of State (someone really objectionable) is announced...

The Brits broke the news th... (Below threshold)

The Brits broke the news that Obama's aunt was living in a slum only a mile or two from the Boston Globe's HQ.

Rumor has it Bill Clinton i... (Below threshold)

Rumor has it Bill Clinton is already scoping out various positions on the cabinet (take that however you like).

The rumor mill has gone hay... (Below threshold)

The rumor mill has gone haywire lately. Gee, I wonder why. The Guardian could "know" something, but it may not be the truth. Why are we so obsessed with rumors and gossip anyway? Aren't we tired of this yet? The media illuminati (at least they believe they are) have us running around with our hair on fire. I'm rebelling. No more rumors!






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