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Obama's Inauguration Could Break DC Bank

Barack Obama's inauguration is going to be so big and expensive that it could break Washington DC's bank when it comes to security. One commenter, Grant, had a great idea to cover Obama's inauguration costs:

the obvious answer is corporate sponsorship. Philly got corporate sponsors to help defray the cost of the Phils victory parade. Since the news networks were in the bag for Obama the entire election, i suggest we have "The Obama inauguration, sponsored by CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN


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Of course The Chosen could ... (Below threshold)

Of course The Chosen could be a real LEADER and say no to a big splash. Unfortunately, his ego will not allow that.

Ya got my vote for MSM sponsorship. They've been beating his drum all along. Now let 'em pay.

What Obama Inauguration??? ... (Below threshold)

What Obama Inauguration??? Not to fast! You gotta hear this 90 minute blogradio on why the media has a blackout of the looming Obama Birth Certificate Constitutional Crisis:


Ted, you and your friends h... (Below threshold)

Ted, you and your friends have to realize one thing, the SOS of Hawaii has certified that Obama's birth certificate is honest/legal. All of your BS position and words on this will not change the fact. ACCORDING TO THE STATE OF HAWAII, HE WAS BORN THERE.

Get over it, and start addressing the problems this country is now facing, or are you so dense that you can't realize it? Talk about BDS, man you people sure have got ODS. There is a cure for it, it's called cranial/rectal surgery.

No, Allen, ODS hasn't struc... (Below threshold)

No, Allen, ODS hasn't struck yet. Give it about 6 months of 'income redistribution', throw in the still pending bailout of the Big Three...and whoever else lines up to follow them. How long before "reparations" rears it's ugly head again? Obama has a big list of folks holding IOU's.

shoes on the other foot now... (Below threshold)

shoes on the other foot now allen,dont like it do you.we had to listen to that kinda stuff for the last 8yrs,lets see how you handle it.

I have ambivalent feelings ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

I have ambivalent feelings about the birth certificate-thing. It's kinda funny . . . yet sad too.

Seems to me Obama corporate... (Below threshold)
just me:

Seems to me Obama corporate sponsorship would be a good idea. Or perhaps asking for volunteers from police forces in the surrounding areas to take on some of the crowd control stuff (although my guess is that union rules would prevent this).

Maybe He can keep AVS turne... (Below threshold)

Maybe He can keep AVS turned off on His website and have foreign contributors pay for the inauguration. They paid for His campaign, they can pay for His inauguration.

All hail Ob-ma, praise be unto Him!

The left would never demand... (Below threshold)

The left would never demand proof of a republicans birth certificate if there was a question. Never I tell you. ;) ww

Garandfan - "Obama has a bi... (Below threshold)

Garandfan - "Obama has a big list of folks holding IOU's."

Makes me wonder how many of them are going to find they're not worth the paper they're written on...

Hey guys, I told y... (Below threshold)

Hey guys,

I told you a while back, after the whole fiasco of his campaign not making payroll after the election, "What next? Use half the national treasury for his Inauguration?"

This is close enough...

Remember, it's not his inauguration: it's his coronation as Emperor Obama I.

(Don't laugh!)

NEWS about B.Obama birth ce... (Below threshold)

NEWS about B.Obama birth certificate :


God Bless United States !






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