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Surf and Turf

Florida style of course.

A Stuart man who tried to steal porterhouse steaks and shrimp from Publix grocery store had to be detained by store employees Monday afternoon, according to a report released by Martin County Sheriff's Office Tuesday.

According to the report, Eugene Jarrett Metts, 35, was confronted by a loss prevention officer after he was seen stuffing $75 worth of steak and a package of shrimp in his pants and trying to leave without paying.

Metts shoved the officer, according to the report, and a scuffle ensued. Metts lost his shirt in the struggle and fled but was "subdued" in the parking lot by store employees.

One question remains- Did the supermarket employees return the pilfered food to the shelf? Would you want to buy it? Probably not.....

Hat tip- Rick at SFDB


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They have to hold the pilfe... (Below threshold)

They have to hold the pilfered items as evidence, so the possibility is they will only be eaten by worms... after the trial... and that's only if they freeze it so it doesn't spoil in the lab refrigerator.... or it doesn't get eaten accidently on purpose by the night shift.

Anymore, I believe they jus... (Below threshold)

Anymore, I believe they just photograph the items, and in the case of food items, just toss 'em in the dumpster.

I'm sure the crook will plead that he's "just trying to feed my family in these hard economic times".

The short answer to your qu... (Below threshold)

The short answer to your question is no. I am the Grandson of George Jenkins (founder of Publix) 1st employee, and the Son of "Mr. George's" Godson. I worked for them for a while and have seen my share of shoplifters in my life. I can assure you that the perishable items will never be sold. Publix will ask the judge for compensation though.






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